List of Fake Loan Apps in Nigeria You Should Avoid

List of Fake Loan Apps in Nigeria You Should Avoid.

The world of fintech is growing at a fast pace. More and more financial services are being delivered through mobile apps and websites.

Now, you can borrow money from lenders without even leaving your home. Sounds great? Not necessarily so. There seems to be an increased number of loan applications that are available online and are designed to help you get a quick loan if you meet certain criteria.

List of Fake Loan Apps in Nigeria You Should Avoid

However, it’s important that you know the red flags when applying for any loan or credit service. Many scammers use fake loan apps as bait to steal your personal information, drain your bank account, or sell your data to third parties who will continue targeting you with spam emails and phone calls.

These scammers offer low-interest rates, no hidden fees, no personal meetings required, and fast approval process. We recommend you take a look at this list of fake loan apps in Nigeria below before taking out any loans from third parties:

What is the best app to borrow money in Nigeria?

The best App to borrow money from in Nigeria is Carbon. Carbon Loan App is currently one of the most Reliable Loan App with low interest. The App gives around 100k to 200k.

How To Borrow Money Online Instantly In Nigeria

To borrow money online instantly in Nigeria, you need to make research on the best platform to get the loan From. I recommend Carbon Loan App. This App will give you instant Loan immediately after Registration.

So to get started, Head over to Playstore to install the App on your Smartphone, Register and Apply for Loan.

Which loan app is best and reliable in Nigeria?

The best and relaible loan app in Nigeria are Carbon, Umba, Tloan, Xcross Cash, Quickcash and Branch.

Can loan app block my BVN?

No, Loan Apps cannot block your BVN. They can also report your account if you Fail to pay back the money you borrowed.

Which app can I borrow money without BVN?

FairMoney Loan App

List of Fake Loan Apps in Nigeria You Should Avoid

1. Cash Mall

2. CashLion

3. FastMoney

4. LendCash

5. BorrowNow

6. LCredit

7. NairaPlus

8. 9ja Cash

9. Cash Wallet

10. GGMoney

11. 9Credit

12. Sokoloan

13. Palmcash

15. Ease Cash

16. ForNaira

17. GotCash

18. NCash

19. GotoCash

20. GoCash

21. KashKash

22. Rapid Naira

23. EasyMoni

24. EaseMoni

25. AngelLoan

26. Speedy Choice

27. EasyCredit

28. OKash

29. CycleCash

30. CashRain

31. iCoin

32. Mikoloan

33. SuperCash

34. XCredit

35. LionCash

36. Ajeloan

37. CreditHall

38. GetCash

39. iCredit

40. PalmCredit

41. Aimloan

42. CashFarm

43. Oxloan

44. Lucky Loan

45. Ucredit

46. NowCash

List of 6 Best Loan Apps In Nigeria With Low Interest 2022

1. Umba

2. Carbon.

3. TLoan.

4. Xcross Cash.

5. QuickCheck.

6. Branch

7. AellaCredit


Now that you have known the list of Fake Loan Apps In Nigeria, I would advise you to stay far away from the above mentioned Loan Apps to avoid stories that touches the heart. Carbon Loan App is the best and would remain the most reliable platform to borrow money from, they are simple and straight forward with their Loans.

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