Hbagency Ads Review: All You Need To Know About Hbagency Ad Network

Hbagency Ads Review: All You Need To Know About Hbagency Ad Network.

Hbagency Ads Network is currently one of the fasting rising ad network for new Blogger to monetize their website. With Hbagency Ads, you will be making around $200 monthly from your blog provided you have enough traffic on the blog.

Do you want to know more about Hbagency? Have you been rejected by other ad network and wants to join Hbagency?

Well in this post, I will be sharing with you All You Need To Know About Hbagency Ads Network.

Hbagency Ads Review: All You Need To Know About Hbagency Ad Network

If you are a Blogger who want wants to join Hbagency, I would advise you to read this detailed review to the very end before proceeding to register on the website.

This review is mostly for Bloggers who wants to get another source of income on their own blog.

What Is Hbagency?

Hbagency is a renowned ad network for Publishers to monetize their blogs. The ad network which was founded in Italy have been in existence for 4 good years now giving small publishers the ability to make money from their blog by displaying ads.

The revenue models of Hbagency is CPM and CPC, this means they pay publishers for every single click and impression received.

Over 2000 publishers Uses Hbagency to monetize their Blogs, Advertisers can also use the ad network to reach out to customers too.

Hbagency Ads blends with every website layout, infact the ads look exactly like that of Adsense.

The more ad unit you place on your blog, the more click through rate and impression you will receive which means more money for publishers.

With Hbagency Advertising Program, your products or Services will reach millions of customers. As for Bloggers looking for other ways to make money from their blog, Hbagency is the way forward, this ad network is one of the best currently.

Hbagency will display high quality and related ads on your Blog which will bring in more revenue at the end of the month.

Types Of Ads Display By Hbagency?

Hbagency displays Banner and Video ads format on publishers website. The ad network also use header bidding format on every site to fetch publishers more revenue. Below is a screenshot of how HBAGENCY Ads look like.

Hbagency Ads Review: All You Need To Know About Hbagency Ad Network

HBAGENCY Ads Features

1. Publishers on this ad network can earn up to $10 or more from their blog provided your visitors are from tier 1 countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe..

2. The ads display by Hbagency are clean and responsive, they adapts to every website layout both mobile and desktop.

3. Visitors can also skip the anchor and interestial ads by Hbagency

4. You can use more than 5 ads unit on the website.

Is Hbagency Ads Legit Or Scam?

The truth is, Hbagency is a legit ad network. I and many other bloggers have been paid several times by Hbagency. Here is a screenshot of my latest payment from Hbagency. The ad network is trusted by many and have been around since 2018.

Hbagency Ads Review: All You Need To Know About Hbagency Ad Network

Hbagency Requirements For Publishers

To get accepted by Hbagency, Publishers needs some certain requirements as stated below

1. Website hosted on Subdomains like, will not be accepted in Hbagency.

2. Blogs with Unlawful articles like Spyware, Malware, Viruses will be rejected immediately.

3. You won’t be accepted if your website has copyright claims.

4. Sites with very annoying ads format like Popup and Popunders will not be approve

4. Hbagency accept website with high quality contents

5. No traffic requirements Needed to join Hbagency.

Rules For Accepted Publishers On Hbagency Ads Network

If you website gets accepted by HBAGENCY, there are rules For every publisher on the ad network

1. Don’t click on your own ads or encourage friends to click on the ads

2. Stay away from bot traffic, Hbagency prefer High quality traffic from Google or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Publishers must not engage in pay per click program to increase clicks on Hbagency Ads.

Hbagency Registration Steps For Publisher’s

After Reading details reviews on Hbagency Ad Network, the next step is to try them out, here is how to register as a publisher on Hbagency website.

1. Visit registration page to create a publisher account for your website

2. Now Tap on the register Icon showing on your screen

3. A registration form will appear instantly on your browser

4. Enter all the required details on the provided form and click on Register. Boom, you have Successful register as a publisher on Hbagency.

5. The next stage is to verify your website using the code provided by Hbagency

6. To verify your website, either WordPress or Blogger, copy the code, go to your website header and place the code just before the closing tag <head/>

7. After pasting the code, you will need to get the ads.txt code too. Go get the ads.txt code and proceed to your website to paste it.

8. Lastly, create responsive ad unit to begin showing ads on your website.

Note, after completing the steps, you will need to wait for 2 hours before the ads come live.

Hbagency Payment Review And Model

Hbagency pays it’s publishers at the end of every month. To get paid, you will need to reach the payment threshold, and your Earnings will be sent directly to the payment information your provided. Currently, Hbagency has two payment method, Bank Transfer And PayPal.

How To Make $200 Monthly On Hbagency Ad Network

Making $200 on Hbagency is simple, all you need is good ad Placement and sufficient traffic to your website. Remember, more traffic more money.

So you have to drive high quality traffic from Google or other Platforms to your website to make $200 monthly.

I have an entertainment blog were I Make $200 every month from this same ad network we are talking about.

Hbagency Payment Proof

Here is a screenshot of my payments from Hbagency Ad Network.


Hbagency is a great ad network for both small and big publishers, the good thing about Hbagency is that it works with every niche be it Music niche, video niche, niche blog and any type of blog. To earn more from Displaying Hbagency Ads on your blog, I would advise you to get most of your traffic and visitors from countries like USA, UK, Canada, Although you can still earn with traffic from other countries but the earnings will be low if you don’t have enough traffic.

Do you have a question on Hbagency? Drop your comments below and do share with your friends.

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  1. My website just got approved by HBAgency and I’m so happy to see Google ads running on my site. Kindly, can you advise me on how to set inimage ads and floor ads, please? Where do I insert the codes?

    I sent a support ticket but unfortunately, the customer care agents are taking too long to reply.

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