Easybuy Phones And Prices List 2023 – (iPhone, Tecno, Samsung, Infinix, Nokia, Itel, Oppo, Etc)

If you do a survey among Nigerian youth and ask them the easiest means of possessing a phone without spending much, most of them would tell you by using EasyBuy. However, EasyBuy is a very nice option when considering buying a phone, yet people still go out to spend large sums of money to obtain a counterfeit phone. EasyBuy phones are always straight from the make-company. The beautiful thing about EasyBuy is that you don’t need to have the full sum of money when buying the phone. With a seamless payment option, most people find the medium very lucrative and reasonable. Read below some details about EasyBuy.

How does EasyBuy Nigeria work?

EasyBuy Nigeria is a customer financing platform that helps consumers with access to cheap mobile phones and electronics in general with flexible payment plans. This platform allows customers to buy electronics and phones on credit without payment immediately. This enables customers to get the phone of their choice without having to task themselves on how to pay them immediately. You may receive high-quality devices at a cheap rate.

EasyBuy Nigeria is based in the center of excellence, Lagos, and focuses on technology startups in Africa. This platform is in joint partnership with top retailers of phones and electronics to offer a wide range of products to customers. Nowadays, Customers can apply for credit through the ever-stable EasyBuy application or by simply walking into their office nationwide.

However, many people know EasyBuy because they serve to sell cheap phones at cheap rates. This is not surprising because they keep their promise by delivering the phone to you and then within a stipulated period you give them back their money.

If you are not conversant with EasyBuy, here is an illustration of how EasyBuy works in Nigeria.

Firstly, If you intend to buy a phone say, Itel P15 which originally goes for N45,000. With EasyBuy, at first payment, you would pay N13,500 (i.e., 30% of the cost). Then, the remaining 70% can share the payment within any specified period (e.g., 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year).

EasyBuy Nigeria Phone Requirements

Just like in any credit facility, you would need to fulfill all requirements before being granted the loans. Here in this article, we would see the requirements needed for receiving a phone from EasyBuy.

1. Bank Verification Number

2. National Identity Number

3. Surety or Guarantor

4. Phone Number of your guarantor.

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What Happens If You Don’t Pay Their Loan?

Of course, there’s always a consequence for every action. For EasyBuy Nigeria, if you don’t pay back their loan, a huge pop-up text would be at the top of your phone saying:

“Dear Customer

Your EasyBuy payment is overdue kindly make a payment today to avoid phone lock”.

This text would be pinned at the top of your phone for 3 days. When the three days ultimatum is over, some apps on your phone would disappear. The apps that would be remaining would likely be the bank app and the EasyBuy application. You wouldn’t be able to log in to the internet or play games. You would also not be able to make calls and text messages.

How To Purchase A Device on EasyBuy

EasyBuy is a very easy platform to get devices. Most of the time it is as simple as you would think. Here are the simple steps to follow when purchasing your phone on EasyBuy

Step 1: Search for an EasyBuy agent in Nigeria

Step 2: Provide the important details. Your name, financial state, and others would be required

Step 3: Choose the mobile phone you wish to purchase

Step 4: Register for your EasyBuy Credit

Step 5: Pay a first-time payment (30% of the cost)

Step 6: Set a convenient Repayment plan

EasyBuy Phones Price List

Easybuy prices list for iPhones 2023

iPhone 6: N140,000

iPhone 6s: 100,000

iPhone 7 Plus: N190,000

iPhone 7: N160,000

iPhone 8: N210,000

iPhone 8 Plus: N339,000

iPhone X: N229,000

iPhone XR: N270,000

iPhone Xs: N330,000

iPhone XS Max: N368,000

Easybuy Prices for Techno Phones 2023

Tecno Spark 3: N46,000

Camon 11: N58,000

Tecno Camon 11 PRO: N85,000

Camon CX: N59,000

Camon X Pro (CA8): N88,000

Tecno POP1 F3: N50,000

POP 2 Power: N35,000

POP 2F: N32,000

Tecno Pouvoir 2(LA7): N52,000

Pouvoir 2 Pro (LA7 Pro): N67,000

Pouvoir 2 Air: N48,000

Tecno F1: N29,000

F3 Pro (Pop1 Pro): N40,000

Spark Youth(KA6): N37,000

Tecno Phantom 8: N90,000

Droipad 7D: N49,000

Spark K7: N59,000

Easybuy Prices for Samsung Phones

Samsung Galaxy A10: N47,000

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: N259,000

Samsung Galaxy A30: N80,000

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018): N82,000

Samsung Galaxy A2 Core: N40,000

Samsung Galaxy A20: N66,000

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: N600,000

Samsung Galaxy S9: N198,000

Samsung Galaxy S10: N290,000

Samsung Galaxy A50: N110,000

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: 265,000

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: N90,000

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: N125,000

Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus: N115,000

Easybuy Prices for Infinix Phones

Infinix Hot 6: NGN50,000

Hot 6 X: NGNN60,000

Hot 7: NGN44,000

Hot 7 Pro: NGNN54,000

Hot 4 Lite: NGN43,000

Hot 4 Pro: NGN50,000

Hot S3X: NGN80,000

Hot 5: NGN53,000

Infinix Smart 3: NGN42,000

Smart 2: NGN51,000

Smart 2 HD: NGN53,000

Smart 2 Pro: NGN55,000

Infinix Note 3: NGN72,000

Note 4 Pro: NGN74,000

Note 5: NGN82,000

Note 5 Stylus: NGN91,000

Infinix S4: NGN82,000

Infinix Zero 4: NGNN72,000

Infinix Zero 4 Plus: NGN79,000

Zero 5: NGN109,000

Zero 6: NGNN110,000

Infinix Zero 5 Pro: NGNN115,000

Easybuy Prices for Itel Phones

Itel P32: NGN23,000

Itel P33: NGN25,000

Itel P33 Plus: NGN26,000

Itel A33: NGN19,000

Itel A14: NGN16,000

Itel A16: NGN17,000

Itel S13: NGN29,000

iTel A60: NGN52,000


What would happen if I fail to pay the EasyBuy loan?

If you fail to make your Easybuy loan repayments on time, it will incur extra fees, which will mean you will then have to pay more than you usually would. It will accumulate and you wouldn’t pay it back on time

What is the highest amount on EasyBuy?

As long as you meet up with the requirements, you are allowed to get a loan of up to N50000

How is EasyBuy loan interest?

Easybuy loan interest rate depends on the repayment plan you want or chose. The repayment plan on Easybuy is usually between 6% and 9% per month.

How much is Infinix Smart 3 on EasyBuy?

Infinix Smart 3 goes for about N43,000 on EasyBuy.

How much is Tecno Camon 11 PRO?

Tecno Camon 11 pro is 85,000 on EasyBuy.


With EasyBuy purchasing a phone is easy. With the advent of EasyBuy, you can buy phones at a discounted price and it is very genuine. Also, it is pertinent to note that if you don’t pay back their loan you would be restrained from using their services. This would entail blocking some apps from displaying on your home screen.

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