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Dominion University School Fees, Admission Requirements, Hostel Accommodation, List of Courses Offered

Dominion University is one of the leading private universities when it comes to research and facilities. Unlike other universities, it boasts of the best lecturers. Here is some information to know about Dominion University.

About the Dominion University

Dominion University is located in the region of Ibadan, Oyo State. It boasts some of the finest learning and research materials. The mission is to provide interdisciplinary development of generational leaders. The school is renowned for its students’ academic excellence. The school has a robust academic curriculum that covers the needs of students. This school has been duly registered by the National University Commission (NUC).

Dominion University School Fees

The Dominion University is one of the top universities in Nigeria. The school fees of Dominion University are affordable. The school boasts of over 10,000 students consisting of both indigenes and nonindigenes. The school fees are usually dependent on the course and level of study. Additionally, the school fee has been posted on the school portal. Students are advised to visit the school portal and make payments.

Dominion University Admission Requirements

The following are the requirements to fulfill to gain admission into the school

O’level Requirements:

The O’level requirements for Dominion University are very important. You need to score above the 120 mark. Usually, the O’level results should be done in a maximum of double sittings. Applicants are advised to take either one or both of the WASSCE / NECO exams to stand a chance.

JAMB Requirements

The UTME score for the Dominion University is 160. Applicants are advised to choose the Dominion University as their first choice institution. Applicants are advised to work hard to obtain a score higher than 160. Applicants are advised to choose the Dominion University as their first choice. You can also be invited by Dominion University to take the post-UTME exam.

Age Criteria:

Applications are accepted for students at the age or above the age of 16 years. Applicants may be disqualified if they do not meet the age requirement.

Birth Certificate

Admitted students are encouraged to come with their Birth Certificates. This birth certificate would ensure that ascertain your age.

Application Requirements

The application requirements for the Dominion University is online. You should pay the required sum stipulated online to proceed with your Admission details.

Dominion University Hostel Accommodations

The hostel accommodation for the school is very convenient. The university allows students to pay for the hostel space. Unlike some federal universities, the Hostel Accommodation is comfortable. The school has provided facilities such as wifi, tables, and a study area for students to feel comfortable.

Dominion University List of Courses Offered

Here are the courses offered by the Dominion University:

Bachelor of. Cyber Security

Bachelor of. Computer Science

Bachelor of. Biochemistry

Bachelor of. Biotechnology

Bachelor of. Microbiology

Bachelor of. Software Engineering

Bachelor of. Physics with Electronics

Bachelor of. Industrial Chemistry

Bachelor of. Accounting

Bachelor of. Economics

Bachelor of. Business Administration

Bachelor of. Criminology and Security Studies

Bachelor of. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

Bachelor of. Actuarial Science

Bachelor of. Mass Communication


How much are the Dominion University School fees?

The Dominion University School fees range from N400,000 to N800,000.

Who is the owner of Dominion University?

The university is owned by the Victory International Church, Ibadan.

Is Dominion University a private university?

Yes. According to the website, it is a world-class University.

Which University is number 1 in Nigeria?

The number one university in Nigeria is Covenant University.

Is Dominion University NUC approved?

Yes. The Dominion University is approved by the NUC.


To conclude, Dominion University is NUC accredited. So, you don’t have anything to fear. Make sure to share this information. Thanks for reading.

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