Migo Customer Care Whatsapp Number, Phone Number, Email Address And Office Address

Migo is a platform that offers mobile banking solutions in Nigeria. Some of its services include savings, payment, and payment of bills. Whenever you think of Migo, there’s no doubt that the app brings about versatility. With the app, you do not need any Physical bank service since it covers a lot of jobs you would normally do in a bank. This article talks about how one can reach Migo through their customer care service. Also, it discusses the various medium you can use to reach them.

Migo Customer Care Phone Number

Migo is a platform that provides loans to people around Africa. The platform is designed to be very free to utilize. The most beautiful thing about Migo is that you can apply for a loan today and get approval instantly. Also, apart from the fact that it approves loans easily, it uses data analytics about the customers to rate them or loan collection. Yes, Migo is one of the platforms that does not need to look at your rating to give you a loan. Instead, the more you use the platform, the more you increase your chances.

Another factor that makes Migo easy to use is its repayment options. Whether you are paying bit by bit or larger, Migo wouldn’t mind. Instead, they want the full repayment of their loan. To further confirm this statement above, you can easily get in touch with them with their various customer care outlets. Here are some ways you can reach Migo.

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Migo Customer Care WhatsApp Number

WhatsApp has been a major app for communication in recent years. Over the years, the Meta Company has rebranded its company. Regardless of the competitors, WhatsApp is one of the most used apps in history. Also, apart from a means of talking with others, you can share files and documents with third parties using the network.

Migo customer care would be ever ready to communicate with you. Migo WhatsApp number is one you can call at any time of the day and anywhere. The customer care assistant would be ready to discuss with you and resolve your issue. Also, you can find out about issues regarding loan repayment, airtime payment, and others. However, there’s a constraint to how you communicate, with Migo you can reach them from 9 am to 5 pm.

Enough of the chatter, Migo’s WhatsApp number is +2349062544444. This number would help you get in touch with the Migo support team. As stated earlier, they are always ready to assist you.

Migo Phone Number

When discussing the most used service in any phone, unarguably it is the mobile call. The mobile call helps you express your feeling. It also helps you convey your thoughts about a particular problem. As you know, every mobile call can only be sent through a distinct set of codes called ‘Number’.

Talking about Migo, they have provided a means where customers can reach them. Knowing the value of communication prompts Migo to create a phone number so that everyone can get access to them without delay. Sincerely, it is the fastest way of reaching Migo when you have a problem. Also, they provide solutions too whenever they are being called.

Another additional point that makes Migo’s phone number unique is its phone number. It is easy to remember and also easy to code. The Customer Care number is 23417000000. This number is very easy to remember. Also, the number get you in touch with their technical team. This team would help you resolve any problem you find challenging.

Migo Email Address

Messaging through an email address is one of the top ways you can get in touch with an organization without having to waste your money in the office. Regardless of how far the distance to an organization may be, messaging through the email address gets you in touch with the customer representative of any organization.

About Migo, this email address helps you communicate with Migo easier and faster without having to go to the office. They provide up-to-date information as to how to resolve your issue with your platform. The email is so unique that you can even share documents, files, and a screenshot of any challenge you are facing and send it to Migo. You can also message them at any time of the day even at midnight. Although you may not get a response immediately, after some minutes you would be responded to. The customer representative’s email is

Migo Office Address

There’s no better feeling than expressing your thoughts physically to a person. The only disadvantage of going to the office address is when you go during the weekend. From experience, many finance organizations do not open on the weekends. However, you can go on weekdays during working hours. Here is the office address of Migo.

Address: 43, Montgomery Road, Sabon Gari, Yaba, Lagos State.

Live Chat

Migo provides a LiveChat section where you can communicate with them. Migo Customer Care representative would be able to chat with you about a particular issue. This is one of the best ways to get answers to your problems. It is one of the fastest ways of getting a response to your question.


What is the highest amount I can receive from Migo?

Migo loan amounts range from the lowest amount- N500 and the largest amount -N500,000. Migo will usually start with a little loan amount and increase your loan offers as long as you build trust with the platform

Does Migo have an app?

Migo does not have a loan app. However, you can get a loan from Migo using the Migo loan USSD code which is *561#.

What organization owns Migo?

The organization that owns Migo is called SUPPORT MICROFINANCE BANK. It owns Licensing Right to the Migo in Nigeria. It has authorized Nigeria Ltd to use THE MIGO BRAND NAME IN THE LENDING SERVICE.

Who is the CEO of Migo?

Ekechi Nwokah is the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Migo. Migo is an embedded lending platform that enables people & companies to extend credit to consumers and small businesses in their apps.

Is Migo registered by CBN?

Migo Loan is registered with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), although the central bank does not directly regulate the activities of the loan platform.


This article has greatly elaborated on the ways you can get reach Migo. Although it is easy to use Migo, some users find it challenging to carry out transactions with the app. This article has greatly touched on the fastest means to reach them. Personally, the LiveChat section allows you to reach this person at any time of the day.

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