How To Create UBA Transfer PIN Without Debit Card In 2023

How To Create UBA Transfer PIN Without Debit Card In 2023.

The United Bank For Africa which is Popularly known as UBA is one of the top Commerical Banks in Nigeria offering it’s customers the best Banking services.

With UBA, you don’t have the worry when it comes to making transfers to other Banks, network problems, and failed transactions because your money will be refunded within 24 Hours.

How To Create UBA Transfer PIN Without Debit Card In 2022

That being said, do you want to create UBA transfer Pin? If Yes, then you are lucky because this post will be guiding you throughout the process of creating a New transfer Pin With just your Smartphone or mobile device.

What Is UBA Transfer PIN?

A transfer pin is a secret number which enables you to make successful transactions on your account. This pin should be kept secret and personal to you Alone.

Without the Transfer pin, you can’t make any payments talk more of purchasing Airtime with the account.


1. A Mobile Device

2. The phone number you used during your BVN and account Registration.

3. N100 Airtime In the Sim Card.

How To Create UBA Transfer PIN Without Debit Card In 2023

Here are steps you should follow to successfully create a transfer pin immediately without Debit Card.

1. On your mobile device, Dial *919*0#

2. A list of services like transfer, Airtime, Bill payments will be displayed on your screen.

3. Now tap on the number representing ” Create Pin”

4. Enter the 4 digit Pin of your choice

5. Provide all the necessary information required like your Phone Number, account number and BVN.

6. Finally, click on create Pin and your UBA transfer pin will be created successful.

You can now use the pin for each transaction on Your UBA Account without stress.

How To Transfer Money With UBA Bank

Transferring money with UBA Bank is very simple, you can use the official mobile app to make the transfer, or better still use the USSD Code.

1. Dial *919# on your mobile device

2. Select transfer to Bank

3. Insert the account number and the name of the Bank

4. Choose the amount

5. Enter your UBA Transfer PIN and tap on Send.

6. Boom, the money will be sent to the provided account number

How To Set Up UBA Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is one of the coolest banking services offered by UBA. With Mobile Banking, all you need is a smartphone and data connection to send and receive money.

Below are steps you should follow to set up UBA Mobile Banking.

1. Go the Playstore

2. On the search bar, type UBA Mobile App

3. The UBA Mobile App will be displayed on the homepage

4. Click on the install button

5. After installing the app, the next step is to register on the App

6. Registration is in the App is also simple too, just tap on the register Icon

7. Enter your account number

8. A Verification code will be sent to the number you used when creating the account for authentication.

9. Provide the number and tap on Register. Congratulations, you have successfully set up your UBA Mobile Banking. Now you can the your account number, account balance, transfer money and also buy recharge card from your account.

How To Open UBA Account Online

Gone are those days when people go to the Bank to open account, as of 2023, opening an account with UBA has been made very simple. You can now open an account both online and offline.

Below are detailed guide to open account with UBA online.

1. Visit the official website here

2. Tap on open account

3. Click on the icon showing “I Have A BVN”

4. Select the type of account you want

5. Enter your information like the your Name, BVN, date Of Birth, nation identity card, address correctly.

6. Lastly, click on create account

7. Your account number will be sent to your email address or phone

8. That’s all, you have successfully created UBA Account Online.

9. Go ahead and start making transaction with your account.

Can you open UBA Bank account online?

Yes, the process is simple

What is required to open a UBA Bank account?

The requirements to open a UBA Bank Account are A valid ID (International passport/Driver’s license/National ID/Voter’s card), Passport photograph, Utility bill.

Do UBA do zero account?

Yes, you can open an account with UBA with zero balance

What is the minimum balance for UBA savings account?

The minimum balance for UBA savings account is from N2000 upward. You can also deposit any amount of your choice too.


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