How to Become Moniepoint Aggregator and Moniepoint Agent

When discussing lucrative jobs today, many seem to forget the benefits associated with Fintech companies. Working with a Fintech company like Moniepoint puts you in a good place financially. Not only would you be employed, but you would also be trained to become one of the vital members of the organization. In searching for jobs, many have wondered how to become Moniepoint Aggregators and agents. Well, you are at the right place as your answer is not far away.

Read below the easy steps in becoming a Moniepoint aggregator and agent in Nigeria.

Firstly, who is a Moniepoint Aggregator
Moniepoint Aggregators are people who distribute Moniepoint’s POS.

How to Become Moniepoint Aggregator

Step 1: Visit the Moniepoint official webpage and on the screen, you’ll see imprinted instructions boldly written ” Become A Partner” section. Tap that section.

Step 2: Make sure you fill out the application correctly and genuinely. Also, you would hr asked to provide legitimate information and do well to provide authentic information about yourself.

Step 3: Provide the correct documents. These documents may include a Tax Identity number, Company Registration Form, and other important documents.

Step 4: Once your application is reviewed and authorized, you would be granted permission to enter into the Moniepoint Aggregator platform.

Step 5: After you have been granted access, you’ll then be required to integrate Moniepoint API to start processing payments.

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How to Become a Moniepoint Agent

In the previous heading, we’ve seen how one can become a Moniepoint Aggregator. Now, it is time to see the steps required to become a Moniepoint agent.

Step 1: Visit any Moniepoint office. Request for authorization to become an agent.

Step 2: Fill in the form given to you correctly. Input your personal information and then submit your form with a government-registered ID card.

That’s all.

But if Moniepoint calls you for training on how to become a Moniepoint agent, you are required to attend the training.

You may be trained in how to become a verified Moniepoint agent in your area. If your pass the training and tests, you would be given the Moniepoint official kits and agent code. Once you are given everything you need, you can now start offering payment services to customers and receive a commission.

Benefits of Becoming a Moniepoint Agent

1. Instant Payment

Moniepoint has a very good relationship with its customers. Moniepoint knows that agents are human beings. They are very well aware that their agents need access to their earned allowances and commission. They know that they have a family to feed and bills to pay.

2. Good Commission

Unlike other mobile payment platforms, Moniepoint helps its users to get good rewards for offering services to customers. They have some of the best commission rates. While having the best commission rate, customers do not complain about the charges because they’re not so extortive. Because of the good commission in their rate, that is why they boast over 200,000 agents across Nigeria.

3. Customers Support

The customer support team at Moniepoint is something extraordinary. The support staff do not complain, rather they are ready to help you with your financial needs and complaint.

Sometimes, Moniepoint provides agents with their official Branch mobile numbers to assist them with issues arising from transactions. They have many platforms on which customers and agents can reach them. As an agent, you can reach them via email or even WhatsApp. They would instantly respond to you as soon as they see your message.

4. Reliable Network

I have benefited from the awesome network that Moniepoint possesses. Moniepoint has a good network that makes your POS work every time, 24 hours a day. Unlike, some mobile POSs that shut down by midnight, Moniepoint POS works every hour of the day and night too. A good network is very important to the success of POS devices anywhere. Poor or no network indirectly chases customers away. The customer would not be willing to bank with you as an agent. Moniepoint knows all this and that is why they don’t joke with their network. As an agent, you have nothing to fret about because Moniepoint got you covered.

How to Get a POS Device from Moniepoint

After you are done with the registration process, you need to get the POS. The POS is the main drive of your wanting to become an agent, isn’t it? To get your POS Device, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to any Moniepoint location convenient to you.

Step 2: When you get to the office, do well to ask for the “Cluster Manager” and make your request known to the manager.

Step 3: The manager would direct you on the final details you need to do before becoming a POS holder. Once you meet this requirement, a POS would be handed to you to start your operation.


How much does a POS cost?

Unfortunately, Moniepoint does not put its POS up for sale. It can only be leased to a merchant who is willing to work and meets the requirements. It can be leased for 20,000 naira. For merchants who are holders already of the POS, they need to make at least 20,000 naira each day.

How to become a Moniepoint POS distributor?

Step 1. Create a business record and sign in on their website (

Step 2. Instantly create a business account by providing the required information on the home screen of Moniepoint.

Step 3. Make a new POS request.

Step 4. Deposit to your account and pay for the terminal.

Step 5. Receive your POS within 48 hours.

Does Moniepoint pay commission?

For people who withdraw amounts between 1 naira and 20,000 nairas, Moniepoint charges 0.5% of the transaction. For transactions or withdrawals above 20,000 naira, Moniepoint charges 100 naira.

Who is the MD CEO of Moniepoint?

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Moniepoint is Tosin Eniolorunda.

How many Moniepoint agents are in Nigeria?

There are over 100,000 Moniepoint agents in Nigeria. Since its launch in 2019, it has gained ground as one of Nigeria’s top Microfinance Companies.


One can only wonder how easy the steps in how to become a Moniepoint Aggregator and agent are. If you’re a serious intending agent you can start this step now and finish the activities in the next two weeks. The steps are not difficult at all!
However, you should note that any falsified information given during registration would make your process null. Even if you have finished the steps on becoming a Moniepoint agent and Aggregator, your account may be on hold until the investigation findings are over.

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