Palmpay Customer Care: Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address And Palmpay Contact Address

With Palmpay, you can transfer, deposit, buy airtime, and pay utility bills at super fast speed. However, sometimes, these operations may become difficult to operate. When this happens, the first thing to think of is to contact the Palmpay customer care line. There are many ways you can reach out to Palmpay customer care service. In this article, you would be reading about the various Palmpay customer care channels. In addition, you would be reading about the benefits of the Palmpay customer care service.

Palmpay Customer Care Phone Number

Palmpay care phone number is 018886888. By following the prompts you would listen to when you dial the number, you could speak to a live customer care personnel.

It is advised that the Palmpay customer care phone number is saved on your mobile phone. This is to ensure quick action when you feel your account is being customized.

Unlike other methods of contacting Palmpay, this is easily one of the fastest ways to reach Palmpay. Depending on the kind of issues you may have with your account or POS, you can always find the solution when you call the Palmpay customer care phone number.

Palmpay Customer Care Whatsapp Number

To connect with Palmpay via WhatsApp, dial and save this number: 018886888.

When you save this number on your smartphone, you can get access to Palmpay’s Whatsapp handle and chat with their customer service representative whenever and wherever.

Sometimes, your message may take some time before it gets a response.

Palmpay Customer Care Email Address

Palmpay email address is This email address should be used when the WhatsApp channel does not respond.

Through the email address, you can apply for a service, make inquiries about the latest offers, and also lay complaints.

While writing an email to Palmpay through its email address, ensure to use the proper English language to avoid delay in response. The intention of your message needs to be clear to get a fast response.

Here’s a format you can use:


Subject: Deactivation Of Palmpay Account

I hereby write this letter to….”

Thank You.”

Palmpay Contact Address

Palmpay office is located at 20 Opebi Rd. Ikeja, Lagos State. There, you can get all the information you need to know about Palmpay and its special offers.

In addition, you can visit the Palmpay office to see how operations are run. Also, you can get to meet one-on-one with top officials of Palmpay there.

So far, you’ve seen the various contact channels of Palmpay. Now let’s look at the benefit of Palmpay customer care service.

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Benefits Of Palmpay Customer Care

Palmpay customer care has many benefits. In this section, we would be examining two crucial benefits of Palmpay customer care.

1. Tracks Fraudulent Activities

When fraudulent activity is noticed on an account, the Palmpay customer service is capable of restricting such activity. When you place a call or a message explaining what has been noticed in your account, the customer care service would begin operations to secure the account.

Take, for instance, your smartphone where you have your Palmpay account has been stolen. By placing a call or email to Palmpay customer care, you can restrict the account from unauthorized transactions that may occur.

2. Gives You Information About New Offers

Another role that the Palmpay customer care service play is that it can give you information about my new offers. They can give you information about deals and packages that may suit you whether as a business user or otherwise.

Regardless of whichever method you decide to reach them on, they would be glad to offer their services to you.


How do I contact PalmPay on Whatsapp?

You can contact Palmpay on WhatsApp by dialing and saving the WhatsApp contact which is 018886888. When you send a WhatsApp message to that number, do well to include your account number and other details for quick intervention.

How do I contact PalmPay by email?

You can contact Palmpay by email by sending your complaint to this email address: When you send a message, do well to state clearly your intention of the message.

What is the name of the owner of PalmPay?

Palmpay is owned by Transsions in collaboration with NetEase.

Can Palmpay customer care block my account?

Customer care is responsible for getting feedback from you. In some cases, when you request to deactivate your account, customer care can also begin operations to deactivate it.

Can I earn on Palmpay?

You can earn on Palmpay by taking part in their referral campaign. You can make up to 2,000 naira daily.


Palmpay customer care is ever ready to provide solutions to your Palmpay queries. Through the several channels highlighted above, you can reach out to them and be sure that you would receive a reasonable response.

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