How to Remove Easybuy Security Plugin On Android Phones

EasyBuy is one of the most popular platforms where you can buy gadgets without paying immediately. People often get sad or angry whenever they don’t pay on time. EasyBuy knows this. However, to let you pay on time, you need to be notified every time. EasyBuy notifies you by inserting a plugin in your screen display so you can pay on time without hassle. As a result, many clients do not like this as this would reveal Thur current financial state by merely looking into their phones. Also, many do not like it as the security plugin make some application disabled. It is pertinent to note that this write-up is to show How to Remove the Easybuy Security Plugin on Android Phones

How to Remove Easybuy Security Plugin on Android Phones

Step 1: Assess your Payment Status

Before you remove the security plugin on your Android phone, you should consider the payment option before removing the plugin. However, you should have fulfilled your payment obligations.

However, if you have considered the payment options for the service, you should pay them first before removing it. On the other hand, if you have payment problems or issues it is better you have to settle them first to avoid any problem.

Step 2: Contact EasyBuy Support

For you to ensure faster removal of your EasyBuy plugin, you should make sure you contact them first. Moreover, if you want to contact them it will speed up the removal of the EasyBuy plugin in Nigeria. The question then arises: How do you contact them?

Reach out to their Customer Care Representative and tell them of your intention to remove the EasyBuy plugin from your phone. They would assist you with the necessary steps and grant you some required assistance.

Step 3: Heed the Instructions

Once you have contacted them, do well to heed the instructions you are given thereafter. EasyBuy would provide you with detailed information on how to remove the security plugin from your device. These detailed instructions may vary depending on the specific phone you make use of. Also, another factor they would consider is the version of the security plugin installed on the device.

Do well to heed the instructions given by customer care. Also, the information given by the EasyBuy representative is very timely. It should be repeated that if the information is not followed step by step you may find it hard to remove the security plugin.

Step 4: Verify the Removal

After following the instructions given in step 3 do well to verify that the security plugin has been successfully removed. Do well to turn off your phone and check if there are any traces of the plugin remaining on your mobile device.

On the other hand, if there are no traces of the plugin on the top of your device, it has been successfully removed. Check every app on your phone, if it has been eradicated. If you have any complaints visit the EasyBuy office or contact them with the information provided above.

Step 5: Additional Measures

If you do not want to use EasyBuy service anymore, you can easily consider a total reset of the phone. However, do well to be cautious as a reset would remove all data on your mobile device. These would include all photos, files, folders, and apps.

It is advised that you store all of your important information in another database before resetting the phone.

Disadvantage of Removing EasyBuy Security Plugin

When you remove the EasyBuy plugin illegally, it may come with certain risks and it is essential to be aware of the risk before proceeding. Here are some of the disadvantages

1. Attract some Legal Wrath

The EasyBuy security plugin is to notify the user that you are still indebted to the service. Regardless of the time, as long as you have not paid your debt within the stipulated period, there’s still some debt you owe. However, removing the plugin without authorization may lead to some legal wrath. It might also lead the person to some legal action regarding debt collection.

2. Loss Tracking

Although the Plugin may be so intrusive, it serves as a constant reminder of your debt. If you remove the EasyBuy plugin, it may not be possible for EasyBuy to track you. This may pose a difficulty in reaching them to settle your obligations. Your financial situation may also affect your credit score.

3. Credit Score

Your credit score may be significantly reduced. Unresolved debt may indeed pose problems regarding your ranking in collecting another loan. Also, when you request another loan, it may be hard for you.

4. Communication Issues

When you remove the plugin without authorization, it might lead to a communication breakdown with EasyBuy. The communication should be top-notch for you to repay your loan.

5. Repossession of Device

In some scenarios, if you do not repay your loan, it could result in repossession of the device or collateral provided during the loan arrangements. When you remove the plugin without settling your debt, it could potentially result in the situation being unresolved and increase the risk of asset repossession.


What is the security plugin on my phone?

A security plugin is a software component that is inputted on your Android device to provide important security characteristics. These plugins can be utilized to check and run your phone for malicious viruses, stop unauthorized access to your device, and much more.

How do I stop the Palmpay security plugin?

To temporarily stop the Palmpay security plugin, you can follow these procedures:

Navigate to your phone’s settings.

Click “Security”.

Click on “Device administrators”.

Look for the Palmpay security plugin in the list of device administrators.

Click on the Palmpay security plugin and then tap on “Disable”.

Click “Disable again” to authorize.

What is EasyBuy known for?

EasyBuy is known for giving gadgets out on credit to clients.

What are the disadvantages of removing the EasyBuy plugin?

1. Attract Legal Action

2. Loss Tracking

3. Credit Score

4. Communication issues

5. Repossession of device

How does EasyBuy work?

Easybuy is a platform that offers you the opportunity to buy your desired mobile device and pay for it in monthly installments rather than paying the full settlement upfront.

If I remove the EasyBuy plugin illegally can it attract Legal offense?

The EasyBuy security plugin is to notify the user that you are still indebted to the service. Regardless of the time, as long as you have not paid your debt within the stipulated period, there’s still some debt you owe.


You have seen how to remove the plugin easily without problems. However, to avoid any consequences by removing it illegally, you should pay up and then follow the instructions provided by EasyBuy. The different results that may come from illegally removing the EasyBuy plugin are not easy to get out of. Regardless of the best things you can easily do, it is advised you pay up immediately without delay.

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