How To Verify Plate Number In Nigeria 2023

How To Verify Plate Number In Nigeria 2023

Verifying your vehicle Plate Number will save you from police and other government agencies.

If you want to drive freely without any problem in Nigeria then registering and verifying your plate number is the first thing you need to do immediately after buying a brand new car.

How to verify Plate Number In Nigeria

As a vehicle owner who wants to register his plate number, you have to be very careful in the process. There are different fake Marchants who will give you fake plate number which will no doubt land you into police custody.

Remember using an unverified plate number on your vehicle is against the law, as Such, you need to go through the best plate number registration sources to get yours once and for all without any issues.

After getting your plate number, the next step is to verify the plate number which is Very important as well.

In Nigeria, driving a car without a verified plate number on highway is very risky, you will be charged huge cash by police or other officer’s on the highway.

Thinking of how to verify your Plate Number In Nigeria? Do not panic, the verification is very simple and straight forward.

In this post, I will be guiding you through the process of Verifying your plate number within 5 minutes.

How To Verify Plate Number In Nigeria 2023

There are two steps to get your Plate Number verified, the first is Via FRSC Website Or Via SMS.

1. Visit the official website of FRSC plate number verification

2. On the homepage, you will see a space to input your Plate Number, now, type in your Plate Number correctly with no mistakes

3. Now click on the verify Icon and wait for a response.

After that, you will receive a message saying, verified Successful or Failed. If you get failed, please check your number correctly and try again, it should work perfectly.

Verification Via SMS

To verify your Plate Number Via SMS, Below are steps you should follow to get it done instantly.

1. On your mobile phone, go to SMS or Message

2. Type “VerifyPlateNo” (Your Plate Number) and send to 33324.

3. Your message should look exactly like this, VerifyPlateNo AFR584AA

Congratulations you have successfully verified your vehicle Plate Number.

How do I know if my Nigeria plate number is real?

To know if your plate number is real and original visit Verify Plate Number now enter your number in the space provided with no hype and click on Verify

Apps To Check Plate Number In Nigeria

Here are apps you can use to check your Plate Number

1. Comfirmme

2. Infocar

3. Naija Plate Number Verification

The above mentioned apps are all available on Playstore.


Now that you have learned how to verify your Plate Number, what are you waiting for? Go and get yours verify immediately.

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