New Code to Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan 2023

New Code to Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan 2023.

Airtel is one of the best Telecom Network in Nigeria With numerous Tariff Plan for it’s customers. As an Airtel Subscriber, if you are not on the Airtel Smart Connect Plan then you are left behind.

The Smart Connect Tariff Plan on Airtel is currently among the best plan to use. This plan comes with many Airtime and data Bonuses.

New Code to Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan 2022

Do you want to Know more about this Airtel Smart Connect Plan? Worry no more as I will be sharing with you the benefits and New Code to Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan 2023.

What is Airtel Smart Connect?

Airtel Smart Connect is a Tariff Plan for both new and existing customers on Airtel. The plan gives users Airtime and Data Bonus for each and every recharge made on the Sim.

If you are the type who likes making calls, browsing all day then I would strongly advise you to migrate to this plan immediately.

As a newcomer on the plan, that’s if you buy a Brand New sim card, you will enjoy all the benefits of Airtel Smart Connect for 6 good months.

Benefits Of Airtel Smart Connect

Below are some of the benefits of using this plan on Airtel.

Benefits Of Airtel Smart Connect

1. For every Recharge of N100 made on the sim, you will get the following bonus: FAF Bonus: N100, Social Bonus: N100, Airtel To Airtel call Bonus N150, Airtel to other network call Bonus N150. Data Bonus: N100

2. The plan also comes with cheap data Bonus, you can get 1GB for just N200 and 500 MB for just N100 all on the same smart connect plan.

3. Calls to other network is cheap if you migrate to this plan.

Remember, Bonus are valid for just 7 days only, so you are required to make use of all the Bonuses given to you within the range of seven days.

How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect

Existing subscribers can Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan by following the detailed steps below.

1. Dial *311# On your mobile device

2. A message like the screenshot below will be shown saying, Welcome To Airtel Smart Connect with two options 1. To Migrate 2. To Cancel

How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect

3. Click On Migrate to move to the next Stage. After clicking on Migrate, another message will be displayed with the caption “You are about to Migrate To Smart Connect, your current tariff plan will be forfeited.

4. Tap on continue

5. Congratulations, you have successfully migrated to Airtel Smart Connect

6. You can now enjoy all the benefits on the plan Each Time you make a recharge.

How To Check My Airtel Tariff Plan

Before migrating to any plan, you need to check the current on the sim card. To check your current tariff plan follow the instructions below

1. On your mobile device, Dial *121#

2. Options will be shown exactly like the screenshot below

How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect

3. Click on number 3 which represents “Manage my account”

4. Boom, your Tariff Plan will be displayed instantly on the screen.

How to Deactivate Airtel Smart Connect Fast

1. Deactivating the Airtel Smart Connect on your sim card is very simple, all you need to do is Dial *121#

2. Tap on the option with “Tariff Plan”

3. A list of all the available plans will be displayed

4. Now select the plan of your choice and click on submit, that’s all, you have opt out of the plan.

Which Airtel plan gives 1GB for 200?

Smart Connect is one of the few Airtel plans which allows customers to get cheap data like 1GB for N200 by Just Dialing *141*2424#


Migrating to Airtel Smart Connect Plan will be the best option for everyone who wants to enjoy unlimited data and Airtime benefits.With this plan, you will never run out of Talktime or Data for browsing and chatting.

What are you waiting for? Get your phone and follow the instructions mentioned above to start enjoying this benefits while it last.

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