How To Check First Bank Account Balance Without ATM Card

How To Check First Bank Account Balance Without ATM Card.

One of the most frequently asked questions by First Bank customers is how to check their account balance.

It’s obvious that some of the Bank users don’t even know how they can check to see how much is actually in their account.

How To Check First Bank Account Balance Without ATM CardIf you are one of them, welcome to this interesting post where I will be sharing with First Bank customers how they can actually check their account balance even without ATM Card.

So even if you don’t have A working ATM Card, I will put you through the whole processes to see the exact amount on your account.

How To Check First Bank Account Balance Without ATM Card

1. First Bank USSD Code

Each and every Bank in Nigeria has it own USSD Code, but First Bank has the best and unique code which helps customers Perform numerous transaction like making transfer, checking account balance, buying Airtime and paying bills using just a mobile phone.

To check your First Bank account without ATM Card, you will need to register on the USSD Code platform by Dialing *894*0# on your mobile device.

Please make sure you are Dialing the code from the Sim card used during your account opening.

Select your preferred pin for making transaction and then click on the submit button to finalize your registration.

After completing the registration, the next step is to check your account balance, to do this, just Dial *894*00# and boom your First Bank account balance will be displayed on the screen of your mobile device instantly.

2. First Bank Mobile App

The first Bank Mobile App is another sure way to check your Account Balance. This method requires an Android Phone.

If you have a smartphone Phone, then using the App should be the best option for you. To get started, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Go to playstore and download the First Bank Mobile App

2. Install the App

3. Turn On Your Data Connection

4. Click On the register Icon to start the registration process

5. Input your account number and BVN

6. An sms will be sent to the number you used when creating your Bank Account

7. Get the code and insert on the App

8. Select a 4 digit Pin

9. Lastly, click on Register and that’s all, you will be taken to your account dashboard where the Account Balance will be displayed on the Top.

10. So each time you want to check your account account balance, Just login to the App.

Asides checking balance, you can use the App for different transactions like Buying Airtime and paying for bills.

3. Internet Banking

First Bank internet Banking Allows you to buy airtime, transfer money, and make payments easily.

Have you registered for First Bank internet Banking? If No, then I will strongly advise you do so. This is the most popular and easiest way to check account balance.

Remember, you have to register and Activate the internet Banking service in other to use it. Registration is also very simple. Here’s how to sign up.

1. Visit the first bank internet banking Registration Page Here

2. A registration Page will be displayed to you

3. Now fill in the required information and tap on Register

4. You have successfully Open an internet Banking service with First Bank

5. With this, you can perform several transaction ranging from Airtime Purchase, transfer, checking balance, tracking transfers, and downloading your Bank statement.

3. Through SMS

The last step is through SMS. 50% of first Bank customers don’t know this method. With this method, all you need is send “ACCOUNT BALANCE” to 894.

And Boom, a message containing your account balance will be sent to your official number immediately. Note, this only works on the Sim card link to both your account and BVN.

How can I check my FirstBank account balance with my phone?

You can do that By Dialing *894*00#

How do I find my FirstBank account number on my phone?

Checking your account number is simple, just Dial *894#, click on the number showing Account number and it will be displayed.

Can I check balance without ATM?

Yes you can.

Why is my First bank USSD code not working?

It’s not working because you haven’t Activated the USSD Code, or maybe problem from the Bank network.

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