OPay News Today: What Is Wrong With OPay Today; Is OPay Having Issues Today?

Recently, there have been speculations about the legitimacy of the OPay app. Some blogs have reported that OPay is about to shut down while others have denied the report. However, what’s the true story about OPay? In this article, you will be reading about the recent updates about the OPay app and what has been going on recently with the platform.

Opay News Today

The esteemed Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) has named OPay the winner of the Consumer Choice Award for Best Fintech in 2023. OPay was recently commended by the World Economic Forum for its contribution to financial inclusion. This accolade highlights OPay’s steadfast commitment to client happiness, its innovative leadership in the sector, and its significant role in forming the fintech scene in Nigeria.

Major marketers in Nigeria have no collective voice other than ADVAN, a highly respected authority in the field. Since its founding in 1992, the association has led the way in the development of the marketing sector by supporting ethical marketing principles, encouraging collaboration, and advancing worldwide best practices. With more than 200 brands represented by more than 70 of the biggest companies in the country and an annual marketing budget surpassing N200 billion, ADVAN’s impact and reach are indisputable.

Unwavering dedication to cooperation and international standards. OPay was declared the recipient of the prize following an extensive screening and selection procedure conducted by ADVAN. This acknowledgment from ADVAN shows how much OPay has contributed to the Nigerian finance scene and how much consumers trust the company.

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The Consumer Choice Award is a potent illustration of OPay’s unwavering commitment to developing innovations that put customers first. OPay has given people’s demands top priority and provided a wide range of financial services, empowering both businesses and individuals in Nigeria. This honor serves as another proof of OPay’s influence on the lives of tens of millions of people as well as its dedication to building a robust, inclusive, and accessible digital economy in Nigeria and elsewhere.

What Is Wrong With OPay Today?

According to social media sites, OPay Digital Services Limited has refuted the claim that it is asking naive and interested parties to apply for loans through the OPay app.

The digital service provider made it clear that it does not give out loans to customers or offer any other kind of lending service.

The company describes it as a digital financial institution that offers a wide range of services, including free transfers, bill and utility payments, debit cards, and transaction rewards.

“OPayDigital Services Limited is a leading mobile money operator platform in Nigeria that allows Nigerians to perform transactions that meet their daily needs.


“The app allows users to conveniently make payments for goods and services. OPay is the preferred platform for payments for Consumers and SMEs in Nigeria today due to our reliability, fast transactions, and safe payments.

The digital services provider stated that it is an institution that complies with regulations, holds a complete license from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and is dedicated to offering customized financial services that are pertinent to various market segments, promoting financial inclusion, and fostering shared prosperity in Nigeria.

Benefits Of Using OPay

1. Speed

OPay is surpassed in speed by only very few other finance platforms. You can conduct a transaction using Opay, and it will be finished in a matter of minutes. For instance, you would receive the money shortly after confirmation when transferring money to another account. Thus, in terms of speed, OPay is exceptional.

2. Promotion And Offers

Customers of the site can take pleasure in using it with incentives like OPay’s Cash Back offers. This implies that if they are devoted users of the site, they will also be able to profit from it. What is preventing you from opening an Opay account, then?


What is the issue with OPay?

Nigerian payment and financial service company, OPay, has denied opening any account without an individual or its customer’s consent.

Is it true that OPay has been blocked?

Opay has not been blocked. However, Fidelity Bank, a Nigerian commercial bank, has blocked neobanks like OPay, Palmpay, Kuda, and Moniepoint over concerns.

Why is my OPay transaction failing?

Your OPay transaction is failing because you may have an insufficient balance in your OPay wallet or linked bank account.

What is the real name of OPay Bank?

The real name of OPay is OPay Digital Services Limited.

Is OPay affected by the new memo?

Opay is not affected by the new memo released. Opay has debunked rumors of it shutting down anytime soon.


By winning the ADVAN award as the Consumer Choice Award 2023, OPay has displayed reliability and consistency. This involves letting their customers be aware of every move they make and debunking false reports about the platform. This means that as a user of OPay, if any is going to be wrong with OPay, OPay would be the first to let you know.





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