How To Get OPay ATM Card, Debit Card, And Account Number


To get your OPay ATM whether the virtual card or the physical card is quite simple. First, you need to log in to your OPay account. Then, click on the Cards option just on the down navigation. After that, choose the type of card that you want. When you are done with that, proceed to pay. However, you would need to follow some details to get this successfully done. In this article, you will be reading in detail how to carry this out.

How To Get OPay ATM Card (Virtual Card)


To get your OPay ATM debit card, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Login To Your Opay Dashboard

The first step to follow is to log in to your OPay account. If you are yet to sign up, create an account by installing the OPay app on your smartphone. Input your OPay phone number and tap on Login.

Step 2. Click On Cards

On the navigation bar located just below, tap on the Cards option. If you find it difficult to locate the option, just look down on the dashboard, it is located among the list of buttons when you log in.

Step 3. Click on Virtual Card

When you have clicked on the Cards option, you will see two options available to you. They are Virtual Cards and Physical Cards. When these options are displayed to you, click on the Virtual Card option.

Step 4. Tap On Get It Now

After you have clicked on Virtual Cards, another button will be displayed to you. The button is labeled Get It Now. Tap on this option. You would then be asked to pay N500 as an issuant fee.

Step 5. Confirm and Pay

You would then be allowed to pay the fee of N500. To pay, you would need to confirm your details and pay by inputting your details in the required space.

Step 6. Choose Method of Payment

This step entails that you choose the method of payment that is suitable for you. Regardless of whether you wish to add a bank card or not, it is pertinent that you pay the issuant fee to enable you to get the OPay ATM card easily. When you have selected your means of payment, click on Pay to successfully pay for the ATM card.

Step 7. Wait For the Card

This step requires that you wait for OPay to deliver the ATM to your preferred destination. You are assured that wherever you live, the card will be delivered to you.

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How To Get OPay ATM Card (Physical Card)

To get your OPay physical card, you would need to follow a slightly different route to the one above. Let’s examine the steps:

Step 1. Click on Cards

To get your OPay physical card, click on Cards. This is after you have successfully logged in to your OPay account dashboard.

Step 2. Select Physical Card

After tapping on the Cards option, you will then be displayed two options. Choose the Physical Card option to obtain an OPay physical card. After you have selected it, wait for the next page to load.

Step 3. Choose Methods of Collection

To obtain your OPay card, you would need to choose the method you wish to obtain your card. This can be either by Home Delivery or Nearby Merchants. Anyone convenient for you should be selected.

Step 4. Click On Confirm

After you have chosen the method that is suitable for you, click on Confirm to confirm your option.

Step 5. Choose Method Of Payment

The next step that can be done is to choose your method of payment. Whether you decide to use your bank card or another method is left to you. However, you must pay for your physical card to receive it.

Step 6. Click on Pay

After the above processes have been carried out, the next step would be for you to click on Pay. The Pay option allows you to pay for your OPay card which in turn would go a long way in you receiving it successfully.

How To Get OPay Account Number

Your OPay account number is your phone number. It is the phone number that you use in linking your OPay account that is your account number. So, once you can recall your phone number, that is your account number.


How do I get my OPay debit card?

To get your OPay debit card, you can select the Home Delivery option and have the OPay debit card delivered to your house. You could also select Nearby Merchant and walk down to any OPay agent near you to get your OPay debit card.

How can I find my OPay account number?

Your OPay account number is the phone number you used in registering your OPay account. However, you would have to omit the first digit to have your account number.

Can OPay cards be used for online payment?

Yes. Your OPay card can be used for online payment. You can pay for bills, fees, and subscriptions online.

Where is CVV located on the OPay ATM card?

On your OPay ATM card, the CVV is located on the back of your credit card.

Can I get my OPay card on the OPay app?

When you log in to your OPay account, locate and click on the Cards button. When this is done, select the kind of card you want and follow the prompts to get your OPay Card.


Getting your OPay ATM card can be done with the OPay app. Just follow the steps outlined here to get the OPay ATM card at your doorstep or the nearest OPay merchant.

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