How To Upgrade your Opay Account Easily (Online & Offline)

Opay is an interesting payment app to use for sending and receiving money. This app is well designed that even a teenager can easily navigate within the app and make transactions with ease.

Interestingly, opening an account with them is simple and straight; all you need to do is download the app from play store or app store to start your transactions with no charges. Especially for business owners, you will not be charged any fee for the transactions carried out.

Unfortunately, if you are a new user, not all futures can be accessible to you. So the question is how do i access those locked features other users are enjoying? Once you are here, you don’t need to ask yourself this question anymore. You would be exposed to how you can easily upgrade your opay account.

Why you need to Upgrade your Opay Account?

As a new user on opay, you will feel welcomed and overwhelmed using their app for your transactions. But the issue here is that, there’s limitation to what you can do on the app. On a contrary, other users are accessing those closed features.

So, if other users can access those features then you also can access those features, this call for an account upgrade. How will it be possible? That’s what we are here to show you because there’s no point if you are restricted from what others are benefitting from.

Some of these benefits includes higher deposit limit, more security to your account, higher incentives among others.

Steps On How to Upgrade your Opay Account

Whether you are a new user or an existing user on opay, the process is same because you must have a verified account before you begin upgrading your account. From today, you will enjoy the benefits other users are enjoying. Follow the steps below to upgrade your opay account with ease.

The first step to get this done is having an account with opay. If you are a new user, you have to download the app from play store or app store to create your account. Once your account is successfully created, you are set for the next step.

Navigate to the upgrade button on your dashboard to start the process of upgrading your account. You don’t have to worry, the app is user friendly.

This step is where you will begin the process of upgrading your account; make sure you have all your contact information at hand. It’s also compulsory to submit your BVN and any valid national ID to complete the process.

Once you click the upgrade button, you will be prompted to submit your BVN, so your account will be linked together. The essence of requesting this is to ensure all the information you submitted are correct. If any of the information on your BVN mismatch with what you have on your opay account, then you will be disqualified. If correct, you are good to go.

The next step is submitting you valid national ID to complete the verification process. This ID could be your NIMC card, voter’s card, international or ECOWAS passport, and probably, driver’s license.

Note: you have to take the picture of the national ID you are submitting (both front and back)

The sixth and the final step is where a snapshot of your national ID would be requested. Once you have submitted all the information required by their team, you will have to wait for them to review.

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Interestingly, once successfully your account will be automatically upgraded to another level, but if any issue is found along the process, you will be notified about the error.

After this, the entire closed feature you can’t access earlier will be at your fingertips, no restrictions, no hidden fee all for free. Also, to avoid any kind of issue, make sure you cross check the information you are submitting.


How Can I Increase My transfer Limit on Opay?

It’s quite annoying to see that your account can only take a small amount when another customer can deposit amount higher than your threshold. Don’t worry; it’s very easy to do that here.

All you have to do is upgrade your account, from there you can deposit as much as you want with ease. You can check the steps for that at the top section of this article.

What is the Requirement Needed to Upgrade an Account to KYC Level 3?

The need to upgrade an account arises when some features can’t be accessed, so you need to upgrade your account to unlock those features. All you need for upgrading your account is your BVN and valid national ID card among other contact details.

While submitting, cross check multiple times before clicking the submit button.

What is the Highest Amount Opay Can Receive?

As a customer on opay, you can receive a maximum amount of Five million naira as a merchant. Also, as a new customer who hasn’t upgraded your account, the highest amount you can receive is three hundred thousand naira.

Can I use My NIN to Upgrade My Account?

It’s even easier and simple to upgrade your opay account with your NIN (national identity number) as a Nigerian. Why? Because it’s the same ID you used when you registered your BVN. If you are a really a Nigerian, NIN should be your selected ID for your account upgrade.

Can I use Opay to Send Money Internationally?

We all know opay is licensed by the central bank of Nigeria CBN, but it’s not owned by a Nigerian. This payment app is not only used in Nigeria at the moment (it’s used in more than 50 countries). This makes it possible for that.

Apparently, the app is said to have partnered with a multinational bank named “WorldRemit”. This bank accepts payment across most countries. So with this, YES, you can send money internationally.


Upgrading your account on opay is pretty cool as you will have complete access to all features without any restriction. I know there’s no way you would be happy if you can’t perform some crucial transactions because you are restricted.

Interestingly, all you need to know about how you can upgrade your opay account with ease is stated here. Good luck!




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