List of Loans Without ATM Card

How To Apply For Loans Without ATM Card

No doubt, an ATM card is very important for almost all financial transactions. However, because of the rate at which scammers and other unscrupulous elements operate lately, it may be wise to limit the number of times we expose the details of our ATM cards. In the case of obtaining loans, we might want to keep the details of our cards with us and that may affect the application of the loan request. The good news here is that you can request loans without your ATM cards. In today’s article, we would be showing you how.

All that is needed on your part is to read this article and apply what you learn. Don’t sleep on this information. Let’s get into it:

Palmpay Loan

Recognized nationwide as one of the best fintech apps, Palmpay within a short while has made a name for itself in the Nigerian fintech market. Palmpay has made it possible that with just simple details about you, you could open an account that resembles a real bank account. Palmpay is also one of the platforms in Nigeria where you can get a loan without also having an ATM card.

All you need to access loans on Palmpay is just your mobile phone. Along with your mobile phone, you need a stable data connection. With these two, you can also get access to loans and other packages on Palmpay without having an ATM card. Getting loans there is also fast and easy using Palmpay too.

Opay Loan (Okash)

Along with Palmpay, Opay has established its name in the Nigerian fintech market. There’s no corner of Nigeria where you’ll find yourself where you wouldn’t see either an Opay POS, Opay Shop, or something related to Opay. Opay too is one of the fintech organizations in Nigeria that not only requests loans but also carries out other transactions using the app.

Inbuilt with the Opay App is the Okash Loan. With the Okash Loan feature, you can get loans in just some simple steps. You just need a smartphone with data to do this. With your data connection switched on, and with your phone logged into the Opay App. You can go to the Okash section where you can get loans of any amount you wish. Don’t worry, these loans would be credited to your account in just minutes if all steps are taken properly.

Branch Loan

Along with Opay and Palmpay, Branch also includes apps that can be used to get loans without the use of an ATM card. Many people use the app to run other transactions such as selling of airtime, transfer, and deposit of funds, paying for cable television and so much more. So, there are a lot of things you can do with the Branch platform without having an ATM card asides from taking a loan.

Just like the other two mentioned above, a smartphone with a proper operating system is needed for this. Download the branch app from your app store. After that, sign up and register as a user. When you’re done, request for a loan. In all these processes, an ATM card would not be required from you nor would it be demanded.

FairMoney Loan

The FairMoney Loan App is commonly used mainly because of this feature. This is what makes this loan app stand out. The FairMoney Loan App helps you collect loans at a fast rate without demanding the numbers or details from an ATM card. This is why it is one of the most commonly used apps for years and counting.

The FairMoney Loan App doesn’t demand too much. All that is needed is for you to have it installed on your smartphone. After that, you request a loan, and voila! You’ve gotten the loan you seek without using your ATM card in any of the processes.

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 Carbon Loan

The Carbon Loan App is also one of the apps that you can get a loan without the use of an ATM card. Your ATM card would just be required at any point in requesting a loan regardless of the amount you seek. All that would be demanded from your end is that you provide a few details about yourself.

To get started, download the Carbon Loan App from Play Store. After successfully downloading and installing it, go ahead to fill in your details. After that request for a loan. You’ll be asked to be patient while your profile is being reviewed. After a while, your loan would be credited to your account. Can you see it? You don’t need an ATM to request a loan from the Carbon Loan App.

Aella Credit Loan

Although not as commonly known as the rest of the apps mentioned above, the Aella Credit App ranks high amongst apps that can give loans easily. They also just like every other app mentioned here, do not request an ATM card before granting a loan request. With the Aella Credit app, you get a good interest rate and a good payback period for loan repayment among other things.

It is not hard to find the Aella Credit app. Just go to your app store and search “Aella Credit”. The first suggestion that comes up is the authentic Aella Credit app. After installation, you can request a loan. This is so fast and easy to do. The app would only request a few details about you and would give you access to loans. You would not be asked for an ATM card pin.


Can I get a loan without an ATM card?

It is very possible to get a loan without having an ATM card. All that would be needed from you would be a few details such as phone number, name, and other details.

Which app can borrow money without an ATM card?

Apps such as Palmpay, Opay, Branch, and Aella Credit are just a few of the apps where you can borrow money without having an ATM card.

What is the USSD code for Lendme?

You can get access to Lendme by dialing *100*3*7#

Can I borrow from PalmPay?

Yes, you can borrow from PalmPay. It is very fast and easy. With Palmpay, you can get your loan within hours of the request.

Is Opay safe?

Opay is safe to use. It is used by thousands of Nigerians. So far, it has been legit in its operations.


One advantage of taking loans from fintech apps is that you would not be asked to provide details of your ATM card. This can be difficult to do because it can expose your account to thieves and other scrupulous elements. Thanks to this article, you have been able to see the loan applications that do not require ATM card details and you’ve seen how to go about it. Keep your account protected by going for these apps mentioned.

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