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List Of Reliable Loan Apps In Nigeria 2023

List Of Reliable Loan Apps In Nigeria 2023.

Let us talk about the reliable loan apps in Nigeria, today.

Loan-taking may be very time-consuming and straining. Especially when one has to write some statements and sign some kind of form. To many, the traditional means or face-to-face means of taking a loan is very tedious and difficult to go through. But today, we thank Goodness for the advancement of technology and the internet – as a result of this, there are loan platforms all across the internet.

Gone are the days when we need to go to the neighborhood in search of a guarantor that could help pledge to stand in for us in case we are unable to pay loaned money.

List Of Reliable Loan Apps In Nigeria 2022

The days when loaners will follow people to their houses and places of work to know what that is worth before getting a loan grant are gone. Right now we can now request for a loan, get it approved, and use any amount we are granted, lying in bed.

Today, there are numerous loan apps out there waiting for people to borrow money. It would have been a really good thing and as a matter of fact, a different story entirely if all of these apps are reliable.

It is cool to sit at home and command money into your account, but you have to be careful of the means through which you intend to order it. When we are broke and in need of money to do certain things, we tend to seek loaning platforms without thinking of the aftermath. This is a bad habit you want to stop right away.

Without any more introduction, I shall now take you on a tour through the list of reliable Loan Apps in Nigeria.

22 Reliable Loan Apps In Nigeria 2023

1. Money In Minutes 

2. Fair Loans 

3. FairMoney

4. OKash 

5. GTWorld 

6. Starloan

7. CreditAll

8. Aella Credit

9. Alat by Wema

10. Lendigo 

11. Carbon

12. Migo 

13. Access More

14. Umba

15. QuickCheck

16. Renmoney 

17. Branch

18. Page Financials

19. Xcrosscash 

20. PalmCredit

21. iCredit

22. CashCredit

How do we mean Reliable? 

Saying that some loan apps are reliable and others are not, is not enough if we don’t have a mutual understanding of this concept.

By reliable in this context, we mean to say that you should not trust all loan apps because some can be so tricky and dubious at times. With ‘Reliable loan apps in Nigeria,’ we mean these are the trustworthy loan apps in Nigeria.

What You Should Know Before Taking Loans Online

1. Avoid Bad Credit: 

Although they cannot block your BVN, you should know that loan apps can prevent you from accessing loans on their platforms and elsewhere when you have bad credit.

Bad credit depicts that you have not done well with previous loans taken. This can affect you in ways you least expect.

2. Loan Interest Rates: 

The profit lenders get in turn is from the interest rate attached to every loan taken. Hence, it is almost impossible to find any loan app without an interest rate – you are to return more than you were given.

But how is the loan interest rate calculated? It depends on three elements, which are: the time, principal amount, and interest rate (percentage).

On the other hand, this solely depends on the loan platform. While an app might lend you $20 and take back $30 after three weeks, another may require $20 interest on the same principal loan and time.

3. Do not carry the mentality that you can do anyhow you wish with a loan granted to you because no one is standing as your guarantor and your home is not known to the lenders. When your account has been declared ‘Bad credit, you might be denied work in the future – and assumed an unfaithful person.

Furthermore, you might be reported to people on your contact list, which will not go well with you.

When worse comes to worst, you might be nabbed – when you are granted a huge amount of loan, though.

Why Do You Need to Go For a Reliable Loan App? 

If you have fallen a victim to internet fraud before now, you will have a better picture of this part of the article.

There are several reasons why you don’t want to go for loan apps that have not been tested and trusted.

Are you of the opinion that moreover after adding your details for the application for a loan, it is either you are granted or simply not? If yes, then you are getting it all wrong.

Internet frauds known as Yahoo guys have developed several strategies with which they could dupe people, over the years. More and more youths across the globe especially in Malaysia and Nigeria, have seen Yahoo as the easiest way to earn a living as a man. As a result of this, the world has become a place requiring people to be more fastidious and thrifty than ever. Applying for a loan on an unreliable loan app may result in:

1. Bank Account Insecurity: 

Your bank account might be at risk when you have exposes your bank account details to the wrong people. This might be unknown to you at first until you lost a huge sum of money you have in the account.

2. Some unreliable loan apps might go as far as threatening you to pay for what you have not taken. After they must have claimed to have sent you some money (which may indeed come to you, although as a fake alert), you will be required to pay for the debt. Failure to pay may affect your bank account.

In conclusion, with the true knowledge of the reliable Loan Apps in Nigeria, I am sure you can now go to the internet and get some money for your needs with peace of mind. Nevertheless, remember not to delay the payment of your outstanding loans on time, as soon as you have any.

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