Palmpay vs Opay: Which is Better?

The effort to increase a company’s customer base has been one of the most engrossing tasks any company can embark on. As a result of increasing their customer share, many companies have tended to make accessing their operations limited. For example, when a company increase to a point, satisfying a customer may not be its major aim. It only aims would be to make a profit. Enough of the chatter, however, today’s article would be discussing the effort of Palmpay and Opay in satisfying their customers.

Palmpay vs Opay has been one of the most talked about conversations in recent months. Probably, because of the cash crunch many got access to these platforms. When looking at both companies you can’t help but ask yourself – Palmpay vs Opay: which is the best? Both are seemingly good and offer almost the same service. As discussed earlier, these companies’ major aim is to satisfy their customer. Let’s look at how they do that below:

Palmpay vs Opay: Coverage

All the states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) accept Palmpay. Apartment from that, the platform accepts payments in a variety of currencies, including the Yuan, Dollars, and the Nigerian Naira. In addition, Palmpay has partnered with several Nigerian service and retail organizations to provide clients with special offers and discounts.

Although Opay is also accessible in every one of the 36 states in Nigeria, its extensiveness isn’t as broad as Palmpay. Why? According to research, the services offered by the app are only currently available and limited to a few cities within the country, such as Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, and Akure. However, Opay intends to soon extend its coverage to additional regions of the nation.

Palmpay vs Opay: User Interface

Palmpay’s design is simple and clean, with large fonts and text that is easy to read. The platform layout is coordinated coherently and clearly, making it simple for clients to explore and find what they need. That is not all, Palmpay offers a way whereby payment to clients feels seamless. Palmpay also allows clients to make payments fast and effectively without hassle.

On the other hand, Opay has a design that is a little bit complicated. This is because it offers a wider range of services and features. Even though the app’s interface is well-organized, some clients may initially find it confusing. However, once clients get used to the application layout, they might find it comfortable to have all of their services and transactions in one place.

Palmpay vs Opay: Feedback and Customer Support

Both platforms have reliable and accessible customer service. When talking about the feedback both platforms provide you with fast responses when you tender a complaint to them.

Opay, for example, offers different kinds of options for communicating with them. They have the live chat, email support, and review attachment. Also, has a physical customer support system where clients can go and meet the Opay representative for in-person assistance.

Palmpay is not left out too. Palmpay offers a free number that you can use to talk to them. Their services are free and you won’t be charged anything if you want to lay a complaint to them. Also, they have a live support system. This customer support enables a client to communicate with a representative live without hindrance.

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Palmpay vs Opay: Loan

Talking about offering credit facilities, these apps can both grant you credit.

Opay for example has a service called Okash. As a registered user of Okash, one can easily get a loan of up to 500,000 naira without much documentation. This loan can be granted almost immediately. However, this highly depends on the interest charge associated with it. Also, your credit rating is a factor in giving you loans.

On the other hand, Palmpay has a service called Flexi fixed. With this Flexi Fixed, getting loans is almost as simple as ABC. Yes! When you register as a Palmpay registered client, you are automatically qualified for loans. The only demerit of this app is that you can access any loan facility if you haven’t been using the app for some time. Usage of the app regularly plays a big factor in obtaining loans.

Palmpay vs Opay: Security

Opay and Palmpay are both PCI DSS compliant, making them extremely secure in terms of making securitized operations. They have provided means to guarantee the safety of your funds at all times, both on their end and on yours. As a user, make sure that only you know your PIN for the mobile app and associated platforms. As a user, you can also set up a fingerprint protocol so that no one can touch your account except you.

The Nigerian deposit insurance commission (NDIC) makes sure that Palmpay and Opay are safe for deposits. As a result, nobody can abscond with your funds. So when it comes to security, Opay and Palmpay both are highly protected.

Palmpay vs Opay: Transfer Fees

For transfer charges, nobody beats Opay in this regard.

Although, Palmpay charges zero naira for all transactions, it would not last forever. For Palmpay, the first three transactional transfers for the day are free. However, for your fourth and subsequent transfers, you’ll be charged 10 naira for all transactions.

Using the Opay app, on the other hand, is free. You can make up to hundred transactions in a day without getting charged. You’ll be charged zero naira as transfer charges for any transaction.


Which app is better than Opay?

Opay app offers a digital application for payment, transfers, and credit facilities. Opay develops a one-stop mobile app for transfers that are Fast and more Convenient than other platforms. There are other apps that are similar to Opay.

Which bank owns Palmpay?

Transsion company is a co-owners of Palmpay. It combines with another Chinese company, NetEase, and had a higher capital in setting up the company. It broke into the Nigerian market with a capital of $40 million. Subsequently, other Chinese companies started investing more cash in the setup of the company.

Which bank owns Opay?

After concluding the sale of Nanobank for $127 million last year, 2022. Opera, a Norwegian brand purchased the company and increased the share percentage from 6.4% to 9.5%.

Is Opay the richest bank in Nigeria?

Due to its $2 billion market value, OPay, which holds a license as a microfinance bank (MFB) from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), becomes Nigeria’s second-largest bank.

Which country owns Opay?

Opera Norway AS Group founded OPay Digital Services Limited, which operates in emerging markets in countries like Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt, and Pakistan in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


Having discussed the importance and features of both platforms. It would be surprising which platform you’ll decide to pitch your tent on in the debate – Palmpay vs Opay: Which is the best? However, in doing so, one should be careful not to downgrade the ability of the other. Palmpay and Opay are both interesting platforms, that offer great customer service and security. More action is required, you should install the platforms on your device and leave your feedback here.

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