How To Get A Loan Without BVN In Nigeria

One of the major reasons why many shy away from using fintech apps for transactions is because they feel that their details may be exposed. Among the details many keep away from these apps is their Bank Verification Number (BVN). With just your Bank Verification Number(BVN), a lot of things could be done on your bank account without your knowledge. However, what if you’re told that you can carry out transactions such as loan requests without your Bank Verification Number? You’ll want to find out what can be done, right? Well, you’re at the right place. In this article, we would be uncovering all you need to know about how to get a loan without BVN in Nigeria. This would be done by listing the apps that offer such services and how they work. You’ve searched so hard for this information, so take your time to read this.

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FairMoney Loan App

If there’s one app in Nigeria where you get the luxury to borrow a loan without having a BVN, then it is the FairMoney Loan App. The FairMoney Loan App is one app that has been in existence for a while now. They have earned the trust of Nigerians over the years with their hitch-free services.

One thing that makes FairMoney Loan App stand out is its policy. You can get loans without a BVN or any sort of collateral. Isn’t that fantastic?
On your first request, you could get loans ranging from ₦1,000 – ₦150,000. You would be given an allowance period of 2 weeks to 12 weeks to pay back. Well, if you prove to be trustworthy in paying back on time, then you would enjoy the app more. This is because you would be eligible for loans of higher value and greater allowance periods for payback.

Carbon Loan App

Do you want to mention reliable loan apps without mentioning Carbon Loan App? Then you just be joking.
Carbon Loan App is one app that has been used by thousands of Nigerians nationwide in transactions of money. The Carbon Loan App also be used to borrow money that can be used for starting your business or carrying out other projects too.

One thing that makes Carbon Loan App stand out from other apps is its speed. The speed at which your account would be funded after requesting a loan would surprise you. It happens almost immediately. At the first trial, you could be eligible for loans ranging from ₦1,000 – ₦1,000,000. However, the period in which you would have to pay could be ranging from 7 – 180 days. It is advised that you try as must as possible to pay back your loan to be considered favorably for another loan next time.

Okash Loan

The Okash Loan is another app that you can take loans instantly without having a Bank Verification Number (BVN). As the name suggests, they are powered by Opay which is a Fintech platform already. You can access Okash Loan when you install the Opay App. They are also capable of providing loans to small business owners who need funding for their businesses.

They are a legit platform. So, you don’t need to be afraid of giving your information to them. Upon loan request, they would give you the funding you need. With the Okash Loan, you can borrow funds from ₦1,000 – ₦500,000. Of course, just like with every other loan app, you need to show accountability. You should make it a responsibility to pay back your loans to avoid being unable to get loans next time.

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Jumia Pay App

The Jumia Pay App is another outstanding app that has been known to lend money to its users without requesting your BVN. The Jumia Pay App as the name implies is powered by Jumia, the well-known e-commerce platform. Compared to the Okash Loan App, it has an app of its own and does not act as a subsidiary of the Jumia main app.

So, all you need to do is to download the app from your app store and begin to access it.
Just like almost all the apps mentioned in this article, the Jumia Pay App stands out for its speed. After requesting a loan, you just need to wait for a few minutes and your account would be funded. It may sound unreal, but it’s real. You can get a loan with the Okash Loan App without having a BVN. On your part, you need to make sure you pay back promptly so that you can be eligible for other loans.

Aella Credit Loan App

Aella Credit app is an app that enables users to borrow money with ease and speed. Yes, you can take loans from the Aella Credit app without having BVN. Aella Credit makes it easy for users to borrow apps with their simple-to-use interface. With it, even a novice in the tech world can take loans and pay them back.

With the Aella Credit app, on your first request, you can borrow money between the range of ₦2,000 – ₦1,000,000. That’s not all. These loans would be given to you very fast in fact, in minutes.


Can I get a loan without my BVN number?

Yes. You can get a loan without a BVN number. Now there are loan apps that offer such features. So, look out for them.

Which loan app does not ask for BVN?

Palm Credit, Okash Loan, and Branch Loan are just a few loan apps that do not ask for BVN.

Can I open FairMoney without BVN?

Yes. It is possible to open a FairMoney account without BVN.

Does PalmCredit require BVN?

No. PalmCredit does not need BVN to open an account.

Can I get a loan from apps in Nigeria?

It is possible to get a loan from apps in Nigeria. Apps like PalmCredit, Okash, Branch, and Baobab are just a few apps that you can get loans.


Sometimes, exposing your BVN to apps can lead to several consequences. So, it is wise that when seeking loans you look out for apps that do not require BVN before getting a loan. In this article titled ‘How To Get Loan Without BVN In Nigeria’, you’ve been able to see the apps that can give out loans without BVN. You’ll agree that this article has been insightful. You can do your part by sharing this article with friends and family who may need this information.

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