Opay Registration: How to Open an Account with Opay, How To Use Opay App for Payments, Sending and Receiving Money

Opay Signup and Registration

In some banks, opening an account with them is very difficult. The stress, unprofessionalism, and too many formal rules make this process cumbersome. Some people neglect this process and use the traditional way of storing money. Despite the risk involved in this process, they don’t mind. Unlike these organizations, Opay has made it possible for everybody to operate an account without a problem. Opening an account with the Opay app even make things much easier. With just a few touches on your phone screen, you can become a verified account owner.

The benefit of opening this account is that you can enjoy the same merits a local bank gives you. Yes! That is to say, you don’t need to ask the question: How to use the Opay app for payment? How to use the Opay app for receiving funds? These questions can be answered with just a few touches on your mobile device. Also, the app is so impressive that you can open an account without documents of any kind. This article touch on this and many more.

Opay Registration: How to Create An Opay Account

Here is the procedure to follow in order to open an account with the Opay app.

Step 1: Download the Opay App

Just like any other online platform, you need to install the Opay App. If you are an Android user, you’ll need to locate your Google Play store and search for the word “Opay”. The Opay App would be the first image to pop out. Do well to install the app for you to progress to the next stage of your registration. After it has completed downloading, open the app and then click ‘ Register’.

Step 2: Fill In Your Information

After installing the app, the next step is to fill in your correct details. The details required may include your personal information like your mobile number, name, and residential or office address. Also, when putting your information you’ll see a space for a referral code. Do not fret! Getting a referral code shouldn’t be something to worry about

You can get your referral code by simply using an existing customer number. An existing Opay registered user’s number would serve as your referral code. Also, when using the referral code (existing user number) always remember to eliminate the first zero (81*******7) when registering. Do not alter any information during the registration process as this would be used to verify your account.

Step 3: Confirm Your Identity

How would it feel if you were interviewed and your documents were not scrutinized? Verification allows the intending Opay user to confirm his identity with the organization. Opay as an organization is a very reputable company that allows for transparency in its transaction. So after verifying your information and identity, Opay would make sure they confirm their user ID. They do this by sending a One Time Password (OTP). This OTP helps confirm the contact details of a user.

After receiving the OTP via sms, users are encouraged to input this code in the space provided in the registration form. However, if you don’t receive the OTP via sms immediately after requesting, you can easily wait for 5 minutes and then request another one.

Step 4: Wallet Set Up

Yes, this step is one of the most important in the setup. After you have finished registration and verification, you are allowed to set up your wallet. Your wallet should be set up well if not it would not be able to receive funds. The first instruction is to create a six-digit PIN. This pin should be an unforgettable number. The reason for this pin is for your transactions to be successful.

Step 5: Add Money to your Account

To enjoy the Opay App, you can simply add money to your account by way of bank transfer or bank deposit. However, when depositing or transferring funds into the Opay account make sure you follow the onscreen instructions. Also, you can easily link your debit card with the Opay App. How’s this possible?

You can add money by clicking the button ‘Fund Account’

Top up by using your ATM card

Enter your CVV

Tap ‘Add Money’.

Enter the OTP that was sent via SMS.

Enter your PIN and tap ‘ Done’.

Step 6: Start Using Your Opay Account

After the Opay account has been fully registered and verified, you can easily use it to make transactions such as sending, receiving, and transferring funds. Apart from this you can pay for cable networks, transfer funds, and shop for goods or services on the platforms.

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How to Use Opay App for Payment

Many newbies have found it difficult to make payments with the Opay App. Thankfully the app has made it possible for people to use the Opay App to make transfers to another account. The following highlights the steps to follow when making payments.

Step 1: Launch the app on your Android, IOS, or Windows platform.

Step 2: Tap the “Payment” tab on the monitor or screen

Step 3: Choose the kind of payment you want to make (Cable TV, Airtime, Bill payment, etc)

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to input your details. The details may include the amount, account number of the recipient, amount, etc.

Step 5: Cross-check your details and then verify your payment. The verification may include an OTP message or fingerprint authorization.

Also, you can use the USSD code to make payment. The USSD code is *955#.

How to use Opay App for Sending Money

Step 1: Launch the app.

Step 2: Tap the “Transfer” tab on the screen of the Opay app.

Step 3: Select the recipient’s phone number from your contact list.

Step 4: Enter the amount to be sent

Step 5: Confirm the transfer by inputting your PIN or placing your fingerprint.

How to Receive Money Using the Opay App

Step 1: Launch the Opay app

Step 2: Tap the ‘ Receive ‘ section on the home screen.

Step 3: Enter the amount of money to be received. Also, include the sender’s details and other associated information.

Step 4: Share your Opay app account number (81*******98) with the person sending you the money. Better still, you could ask the person to scan your QR code provided in the app.

Step 5: Wait for a few minutes so that the sender can access the information and send the money. Immediately after scanning or inputting your details, your account would be credited.


Do you need BVN to open an Opay account?

No. However, if you finish creating your account using the app, you can send an email to to request a merchant form. Your BVN would be needed to create an account as an Opay merchant.

Which bank is Opay under?

Gtbank. Guarantee Trust Bank.

How much can Opay account receive?

After registration, one can begin sending and receiving money at any time of the day. The amazing part is that you only need an existing Opay account customer phone number to complete the transaction. You can transfer and receive up to 5 million nairas every day as an Opay merchant.

Can I withdraw money from Opay?

Customers can withdraw money from the Opay account to directly transfer to a physical bank account. After that, you can then withdraw money from that account from the ATM.

Can I receive a dollar with my Opay account?

Opay has a partnership with World Remit. This partnership would foster Nigerians with a rapid, easy, and less costly way of receiving money from more than 30 nations of the world. Therefore currencies such as dollars and pounds can be received using Opay.

Which app is better than Opay?

Opay is an organization that has top competitors such as Moniepoint, Chippercash, Nomba, and so on.

What is the full name of Opay?

Opay Digital Servïces Ltd shortened to Opay. It operates as a mobile money platform.


As you know, Opera is the owner of Opay. The unique characteristics of the app make the process of making the transfer of funds possible from one country to another. As a person, you would be missing out on the many advantages of the Opay app if you don’t know how to use the platform.

An overview of the write-up explains the procedure for how to open an account with the Opay app. This is very easy if you follow the steps above. Downloading the app is the first process then you register for the account. For the payment and receiving of funds, you could do a lot for yourself by reading the write-up under the subheadings ‘How to use Opay app for payment’ and ‘How to use Opay app for sending of funds’. A benefit of Opay is that customers can even be paid cash back by using the app to save and receive money.

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