Palmcredit Loan App Download, Sign Up, USSD Code To Apply, Interest Rates, Is Palmcredit Legit And Approved By CBN?


Palmcredit is a loan app that allows you to get loans from at least N2000 and above. With the Palmcredit loan app, when you request for loan, you can get your loan approved in minutes. However, that’s not all that you need to know about Palmcredit. In this article, you will be reading all you need to know about getting loans from Palmcredit, how to sign up, interest rates, and other information about the platform. Let’s get started!

Palmcredit Loan App Download

The Palmcredit Loan app can be installed on your Android phone. First, launch your Google Play Store, and on the search bar, type, “Palmcredit Loan App”. After that, tap on the app that comes first and is verified.

When you tap on it, tap Install. If you have the required space and your smartphone is compatible, you will get the app installed on your smartphone.

Palmcredit Loan App Signup

To register for the Palmcredit loan app, follow these steps:

Step 1. Launch The Palmcredit Loan App

After you have successfully installed the Palmcredit loan app, the next step would be to launch it. Tap on the Palmcredit app and wait for the app to complete launching.

Step 2. Tap On Sign Up

You will be given access to the login page when the app launches. Tap on the signup button and a new page will be opened to you. Follow step 3.

Step 3. Enter Your Details

On the new page, a place where you can enter your information will be opened. Input your correct details such as your name, phone number, and simple details in the required space

Step 4. Agree To The Terms And Conditions

Palmcredit’s terms and policy will then be shown to you. If you agree with their mode and terms of operation go ahead and tap on the Confirm button to agree.

Palmcredit Loan Requirements

1. Evidence Of Nigerian Citizenship

Palmcredit would grant your loan request if you show proof of Nigerian citizenship. This can be in the form of a National ID Card, National Identity Number, Driver’s License, International Passport, etc.

2. Active Phone Number

The phone number you input will be used to send the verification code and other information to you. So, to get the loan without hiccups, make sure you enter a correct and active phone number.

3. Bank Account

Your bank account would be used to send the funds to you. So, be sure you have a valid bank to be able to use your loan without stories.

4. Bank Verification Number

The Palmcredit Loan app requires you to submit your Bank Verification Number to verify your identity.

5. Source of income

For a Palmcredit loan, it is essential to possess a stable and good source of income to prove your capability to repay the loan amount. Palmcredit may also require any other proof of your income statement.

How To Obtain a Loan From Palmcredit

To apply for a Palmcredit loan, you have to follow the necessary steps. Here are the steps to obtain a loan from Palmcredit loan.

Step 1: Install the Palmcredit Loan App

To install the Palmcredit loan app, you have to go to your Playstore app and follow the instructions already stated earlier in this article.

Step 2: Register the Account

Once you have installed the app, do well to create an account with a Palmcredit loan. You would be asked to input your name, email, and other information.

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Step 3: Provide your information

Also, in the registration form you would be asked to fill in your important details.

Step 4: Apply for a Loan

Once you have registered your important information, you can request a loan.

Step 5: Wait for approval

Palmcredit Loan will review your application and then decide on your request.

Step 6: Receive your Funds

After your loan has been approved, your money will be sent to your account.

Palmcredit USSD Code To Apply For Loan

As of the time of writing this article, Palmcredit does not have a recognized USSD code for loans. With Palmcredit, you can use the app to get loans in a fast and easy way. Just install the app from your app store, sign up, and request for loan. It is super fast and easy.

Palmcredit Loan Interest Rates

When you obtain a loan from Palmcredit, you are expected to pay back with an interest rate that ranges between 14% to 15% of the borrowed amount. That is, if you obtained a loan of N2000, for example, you are expected to pay N2000 + (14% of N2000).

Is Palmcredit Legit And Approved By CBN?

Palmcredit is recognized and approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). It has been licensed to operate as a loan organization.


Is the Palmcredit loan app legit?

Palmcredit is a licensed financial company that offers financial solutions. They have been in existence for years in Nigeria and have had no case of fraudulent activity in recent times.

Which loan apps are banned by the Nigerian government?

Some of the loan apps banned in Nigeria are:

Hen Credit Loan App, Cash Door App, Joy Cash-Loan, Swiftkash app, and many others.

What is the interest rate for a Palmcredit loan?

The interest rate for Palmcredit loan ranges between 14% to 15%.

How long does the Palmcredit loan take to approve?

At most, it takes 24-72 hours for Palmcredit loan to approve your loan. In some cases, it takes 24 hours to get approval on a loan request.

Can Palmcredit loan out N100,000?

Palmcredit loan can give loans of up to N100,000 to its customers. If you meet the requirements and prove to be eligible, then you can get that loan amount.


Palmcredit is a platform that is recognized by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). This means that they are under the sight of the CBN and would carry out operations in a legal way. So, feel free to use the platform for loans and other transactions.

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