Palmpay OK Card, How To Repay, Deactivate And Unfreeze Account

The Palmpay OK Card is a feature developed by Palmpay to make transactions easier for its users. It also helps users get interest-free loans to run other operations in the app. There is more to this feature you may not know. In this article, you would be reading all about the Palmpay OK Card, and how to repay, deactivate and unfreeze your account. Without wasting much time, let’s delve into it!

Palmpay OK Card

The Palmpay OK card is a feature on Palmpay that allows users to take interest-free loans to purchase anything on the Palmpay app. These loans are only interest-free as far as you pay them back on time. If you fail to pay back on time, then you would be charged interest on your loan.

The Palmpay OK card helps users only purchase or go for products within the Palmpay app. You can’t use this feature to purchase anything outside the Palmpay app.

To pay these loans on time, you’ll agree that first, you need to know how to repay loans using the Palmpay app. In the next subheading, you’ll be reading how that can be done.

How To Repay Palmpay OK Card Loans

To repay loans gotten from the Palmpay OK card is quite easy. It just requires following the steps that would be listed below accordingly. Below are detailed steps on how to repay Palmpay OK Card loans:

Step 1. Install The Palmpay App

The first step in repaying the Palmpay OK card loan is by first, installing the Palmpay app. You can do this by visiting your app store and then searching for the keyword “Palmpay”. After you’ve searched for it, then you tap Install.

Step 2. Login To Your Palmpay Account

Another thing you want to do is to log in. After inputting your phone number, you want to wait for a One Time Password (OTP) that would be sent to your line. This OTP should be entered in the required space after it has been delivered. After entering the OTP, you should be automatically granted access to your Palmpay dashboard.

Step 3. Click OK Credit

Once you’ve gained access to your account, the next step you should do is go over to the service section of the Palmpay app. When you get there, tap on “OK Credit”. After you’ve tapped that button, a new page would be displayed to you.

Step 4. Check Out Your Debt

The new page that would be displayed to you would contain information about your balance, outstanding balance, and credit limit. The outstanding balance is the debt you owe. So, the information under the outstanding balance is the amount you are required to pay to cancel your debt.

Step 5. Repay Your Debt

Just tap on the “Reply” button that would be displayed to cancel your debt. After you’ve tapped on that button, a new page showing options you can repay with would be displayed.

So far, you’ve read about the steps required to pay your debt and what Palmpay OK Card is all about. However, if after you’ve paid your debt, you wish to deactivate your Palmpay OK Card account, then the next subheading is for you.

How To Deactivate Palmpay OK Card

Deactivate Palmpay OK Card can be done with the Palmpay app. Just follow the steps that would be outlined below and you’re good to go. Let’s check out the steps involved.

Step 1. Select “Finance” Option

Right after you’ve gained access to your Palmpay dashboard, the next step to take is to select the “Finance” option on the app. It is right there on the homepage of the app, so you don’t have to scroll too high or too low to access it.

Step 2. Click On The Hamburger Icon

After you’ve selected the Finance option, the next step is to look at the top right corner of your screen. There, you would find an icon that closely resembles a hamburger. Click on it and go where it leads you to.

Step 3. Tap Deactivate

The next step at this point is to tap the “Deactivate” icon on the screen. After you’ve tapped on it, automatically, your account would be deactivated from the Palmpay OK Card feature.


Note that, if you’re yet to repay your debt, you would be allowed to deactivate your Palmpay OK Card feature. So, you need to clear your debt to ensure that you have a successful deactivation.


What then happens after you’ve deactivated your Palmpay OK Card feature, Do you then wish to open a activate it back? Is it possible? Let’s find out in the next subheading.

How To Unfreeze Your Palmpay OK Card Feature

It is possible to unfreeze your Palmpay OK Card feature if you’ve deactivated it. Well, you need to follow some protocols to enable the feature. Let’s consider some steps you needed to enable the Palmpay OK Card feature ok your account.

Step 1. Use Palmpay For All Transactions

To enable the Palmpay OK Card to feature on your account, you need to be a frequent user of the Palmpay app. This means that the Palmpay app should be your number-one option for all kinds of transactions. When you spent time using the app, in time, your account would be enabled to the Palmpay OK Card feature.

Step 2. Contact Palmpay Customer Service

If after making Palmpay your number one transaction portal, you still find it difficult to enable the feature on your account, then you need to contact Palmpay. You can reach Palmpay through their email, or their live chat portals on social media or their website.


How do I pay my debt on PalmPay?

To pay your debt on Palmpay, first, go to the “Loan Repayment” section. Then, select the means you wish to pay through. After that, click Repay and you’re done.

How can I convert my OK card to cash on PalmPay?

You can convert your OK Card to cash by tapping the “To Bank” tab. When you click that, a page would be displayed asking you to fill in your bank details.

How can I deactivate my PalmPay account?

You can deactivate your Palmpay account by writing an email to Palmpay stating that you wish to deactivate your account and the reasons behind it.

How do I contact PalmPay customer care in Nigeria?

You can contact Palmpay customer care in Nigeria through email at: or through call at 0700 PALM HELP (0700 7256 4357).


The Palmpay OK Card feature is one of the reasons why the Palmpay app is one of the most used apps in Nigeria. However, to enjoy the packages that come with it, you must make sure to make timely repayment to the loans that you’ve been given.

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