How To Check Jaiz Bank Account Number And Account Balance On Phone With USSD Code And Online

Jaiz Bank is among the best commercial banks in Nigeria that offers the best banking activities to its customers. This bank always leaves its customers with no other option than to come back for more appointments because of their trustworthiness and customer relationship.

More often, new customers do find difficulty in locating their account number as well as tracking their account balance; if you’re one of them, then keep reading to know how to check Jaiz bank account number and account balance on your phone which can be done either through their mobile app or USSD (acronym to unstructured supplementary service data)

Jaiz Bank Overview

Similar to other banks, Jaiz Bank is a financial institution that offers customers financial opportunities such as depositing and transferring funds, making payments, keeping treasuries, giving loans to businesses, and lots more.

Interestingly, Jaiz Bank differs from other commercial banks as it does not impose interest on loans it gives out to its customers. If you collect a loan or perform other related transactions with this bank, you will pay the exact amount with no hidden charges. You see why you should be a customer in this bank.

Importantly, it’s a Muslim bank that operates under the Muslim sharia; so every activity carried out in the bank is a representation of that sharia. So, you don’t need to be scared about any interest on the loan.

How to Check Jaiz Bank Account Number and Balance

This is what some new customers find challenging; you don’t need to be frustrated about that. This write-up will guide you through the process. Whether you are using the bank mobile app or through USSD, follow the guides below.

How to Check Account Number and Balance Online Through Mobile App

If you are using a smartphone (with version 5.0 and above) or iPhone, you should follow the steps below to check your account balance and account number.

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The first step is to install the mobile app from the Google Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for iPhone users). You need a strong internet connection to install the app.

After installing the app, you will proceed with the application process by clicking on Create Account for new users.

Fill in the required information such as your ATM card number; they have your contact info already since you have created your account.

The next step is to create your login ID (the phone number you used while registering the account) with a strong password (it should be a mixed password where you have a combination of numbers, alphabets, and symbols. It tends to be stronger)

Once you follow the instructions, then you submit and wait for confirmation.

Once approved, you will have access to your dashboard showing your account number at the left side on the top, your account balance, and links to performing other transactions like buying recharge cards, data, utility bills, and lots more.l this process takes place within a short while.

How to Check Account Balance through Mobile Phone

If you don’t have access to a smartphone to use the Jaiz Bank mobile app, you don’t need to worry as you can perform transaction transactions. It’s fast and simple to check your account balance and account number. Once you register an account with this bank, you need to create a PIN you will be using for your transaction. Here you only need to create 4 4-digit PINs (must be numbers) to activate each transaction.

To view your account balance, you should dial *773# and follow each instruction provided in their prompts. You will need to activate this process for the first time. The prompt will lead you through the process.

To check your account number after registering your account, you should dial *389*301#. Importantly, you must do so using the number you used for the account registration.


I know you will need answers to some key questions about Jaiz Bank as a new customer. Below are answers to some important questions most customers find challenging.

How to Check My Jaiz Bank Account Number ?

It’s easy to check your Jaiz bank account number depending on whether you want to do so using their mobile app or USSD. If you want to do so using USSD, you should dial *389*301#. For smartphone users, you should download their mobile app and register; once you register, you will see your account number at the top of your dashboard.

Can I Check the Jaiz Bank Account Number through USSD?

Yes, you can do, so by dialing the code above. It will be sent as an SMS to you after confirmation.

How Can I Open a Bank Account in Jaiz Bank?

If you want to be a Jaiz bank customer, visit any of their banks’ branches close to your location or use their mobile app to do so. Make sure you meet the criteria for account opening.

Can I Open a Domiciliary Account in Jaiz Bank?

Yes, you can open a domiciliary bank account with Jaiz Bank to save your foreign currencies. However, opening a domiciliary account is more complex than a savings account.

How long does it take to Receive Alert for Transactions?

Once the transaction is successful, you will receive an alert immediately; unless there a network glitches. If you are not receiving alerts for transactions, you should visit their branch to make a report or make use of their mobile app to track your transactions because your account may be credited without your awareness.


After going through my write-up, I know you are acquainted with how to check your Jaiz bank account number and account balance either through their mobile app or through USSD. What are you waiting for? You should begin transacting.

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