MTN Momo Login With Phone Number, Email Address, Online Portal, Website


MTN Momo is one innovation by MTN that has helped customers complete transactions and make transactions safer. They have also made their platform very accessible to customers in a way that they can log in to their accounts using various methods. In this article, you will be reading how this can be done. This article is going to be focused on how you can log in to your MTN Momo account using your phone number, email address, online portal, and website. This article promises to be insightful, don’t fail to read it.

MTN Momo Login With Phone Number

Luckily for its customers, MTN Momo is one of the platforms in Nigeria that allows its customers to get access to their accounts using their phone numbers. Let’s see the steps required for this:

Step 1. Download The MTN Momo Agent App

If you haven’t done so already, then you need to have the MTN Momo Agent application installed on your device.

All that is needed here is to navigate to your app store (Android or Apple store) and search for the keyword “MTN Momo App”. After you’ve about this keyword in the search bar, the first app that appears on your screen should be the real MTN Momo app.

Step 2. Tap “Sign In” Button

On the MTN Momo app, you would see a Sign-in button just on the home screen. Click on this button to begin the process of getting access to your account.

Step 3. Enter Your Login Credentials

If you are a registered customer on MTN Momo, then you have received your login credentials by now. Input your correct login details as received to begin your login process.

In the space provided, enter the phone number associated with your MTN Momo app.

Step 4. Verification

The last step after inputting your phone number is verification. To verify your identity as the owner of the MTN Momo account, an SMS code will be sent to you. The code should be entered correctly as received. If it contains letters, you should write it correctly if it contains upper case and lower case letters.

Step 5. Entry

If the details provided are correct, you should have no issues logging in. By now, you should be successfully logged in to the account.

In this article so far, you’ve read the steps required to successfully log in to your MTN Momo account with your phone number. At this point, let’s consider other available methods of logging in to your MTN Momo account.

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MTN Momo Login With Email Address

MTN Momo does not support logging in to your MTN Momo account using your email address. On the app, there is no option for that.

If in subsequent times, the use of an email address in logging in becomes available, we would be the first to let you know. So, you know what to do, keep checking out this website to get updated information about that.

MTN Momo Login With Website

MTN Momo has an official website where you can get the latest updates regarding offers, updates, and the latest packages offered by MTN.

On the website, however, you cannot find a button that would help you create an MTN Momo account or to log in on it.

All signing-up and logging-in activities are done on the MTN Momo official app. So, if you are an agent or customer, do well to install the app.

MTN Momo Login With Online Portal

MTN Momo has an online portal that allows the signing of MTN Momo accounts. On the MTN Momo online portal, you can log in to your MTN Momo account easily. Let’s examine the steps involved:

Step 1. Open Your Browser

Your browser be it of any kind is suitable for accessing the MTN Momo online portal. In considering a browser to use, look out for the faster one. The faster the browser, the better.

Step 2. Visit The MTN Momo Online Portal

Only on the MTN Momo online portal, you can get access to your account. The MTN Momo online portal link ( is the best way to log in to your MTN Momo account without hassle.

Step 3. Provide Login Credentials

On the MTN Momo online portal, the next step after clicking on the link above is to provide your login credentials. Your primary login credentials in this regard is your phone number. The phone number you should provide should be associated with your MTN Momo account.

Step 4. Verification

After you have provided your phone number, the next step is verification. As an MTN Momo customer, you are supposed to have your PIN. Use the PIN in the provided space to access your MTN Momo account. Make sure the PIN is inputted correctly to make the login process smooth.

Step 5. Successful Entry

On your MTN Momo account, once you have correctly filled in your details, you should be automatically logged in. If your details come out as incorrect, try again with the correct details and log in.


How do I earn as an MTN MoMo agent?

As an MTN Momo Agent, you earn when people send and receive money through you. You also earn when you register new people to MTN Momo packages.

Can I register new Mobile Money users MTN MoMo agents?

Yes, You can register new Mobile Money users as an MTN MoMo agent. As long as you are recognized by MTN, then you are good to go.

What services can I offer as an MTN MoMo agent?

As an MTN Momo agent, you serve as a link to which people can send and receive money, pay utility bills, and perform other operations that require going to the bank.

Is MTN Momo secure?

MTN Momo is secure and has been in existence for years now. They have given employment to several youths and are recognized under the appropriate bodies in Nigeria.

Can I send money to MTN Momo?

You can send money on MTN Momo and perform other operations using the app.


MTN Momo is one of the best innovations done by MTN. With MTN Momo, you can get access to your account using the online portal and also on the MTN Momo Agent app. This article has done well in guiding you on how that can be done.


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