List Of Inverter AC (Air Condition) Prices In Nigeria (2024)


Inverters are very cool to have. When talking about inverters it is pertinent to note that inverters can work without electricity. Inverter stores current so that they can power other items in the event when there is no light. However, what the top inverter companies and prices are have proven to headache for some time now. This article provides a clue as to what price range it would be in the market.

Haier Thermocool GenPAL Inverter AC HSU-12NRG1

The Haier Thermocool GenPAL Inverter AC HSU-12NRG1 is an exceptional Inverter AC for nearly every home. This air conditioner might be the answer to providing a cool atmosphere for you and your family. With this Inverter Air Conditioner, you’ll have a speedier air conditioning system at home while using less power.

This air conditioner saves up to 60% of energy and can run on any size generator you have at home. It also cools the room faster, cooling it at least 50% faster than other air conditioners. If you want an inverter air conditioner that uses less energy, I recommend the Haier Thermocool GenPAL Inverter AC HSU-12NRG1. It is available for as little as 181,490.

LG 1HP Gencool Inverter AC

LG 1HP Gencool Inverter AC is a simple and small smart dual inverter split AC with a lot of reasons to acquire it. This AC is unique and, like the one described before, consumes less power and operates on a low-scale generator. LG 1HP produces less noise and self-cleans from dust clouds. If you’re seeking a clever Air Conditioner that cools a room in minutes, I recommend the LG 1HP.

This Inverter AC is available for purchase online for a price of 158,990. This is an inverter air conditioner that will provide you and your family with a cool and relaxing atmosphere.

The Scanfrost SFAC 9000

The Scanfrost SFAC 9000 is another fantastic cooling gadget that will leave your room or wherever you install it looking fresh and clean. This Inverter Air Conditioner is reasonably priced and, like the ones described above, filters dust. It also has a silent operation and consumes less power to store more power for later usage.

The Scanfrost SFAC 9000 can chill rooms up to 420 square feet and has 3-sided high-efficiency cooling pads. Its fan is rustproof and can throw air up to 17 meters. This is one of the best inverter air conditioners available, and the Scanfrost SFAC 9000 costs no less than 119,443 and is available in online stores.

Hisense 1HP

Hisense 1HP is the ideal Air Conditioner for a small living room, bedroom, or even a home office, and it comes with 1HP that will provide you with constant cool comfort for 12 hours. This AC is one of the most dependable Inverter ACs available, and it is reasonably priced.

It can self-clean itself of dust particles and comes with a smart remote that allows you to control the AC from a distance. This Inverter AC is available online for no less than 145,000. It’s one of the greatest inverter air conditioners to buy in Nigeria.

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Gree Inverter Air Conditioner

Gree is not the most well-known brand, but its inverter air conditioners are exceptional. Gree Inverter Air Conditioners are designed for tropical climates and provide continuous cooling without attenuation at temperatures as low as 54 °C. This is ideal for extremely hot areas with insufficient electricity.

Some of the fantastic characteristics of this AC include an inverter compressor, R410a refrigerant gas, which is healthier for the environment, and more efficient units, which save you money. The quiet design has received a lot of attention; it’s reported to have noise levels as low as 18dB, with standard units reaching up to 48 dB. The device can also work stably under a wide voltage range ranging from 145V-265V, making it suited for places with unpredictable power.

 Midea 1.5HP Split Unit AC Inverter-MSMA-12CRDN1

This Midea 1.5HP Split Unit AC Inverter-MSMA-12CRDN1 (Free Installation Kit) split unit air conditioner has AVS protection built in. With the new and enhanced edge-cutting technology, the airflow can be simply controlled so that it does not blow directly into the human body, resulting in healthy airflow and consistent cooling for your area.

It also has a detachable air filter that can be cleaned regularly. Midea’s normal voltage operation design is tailored to the Nigerian power environment. With its voltage, this split unit’s exceptional cooling performance may be enjoyed even in low-power settings. It goes for ₦229,000.00.


How long can an inverter AC last?

The average lifespan of an inverter split AC ranges from 12 to 15 years, but various factors can influence its longevity.

Why are inverters good?

Inverters are also more efficient at dehumidifying the air, which is important in high-humidity areas.

Does Inverter cut down electricity usage?

It doesn’t just cut down on electricity usage; it makes the AC run more efficiently.

How does Inverter work?

Since the compressor in an inverter AC runs the entire time, an underpowered unit will keep running at max capacity, resulting in higher power consumption and bills.

How much is Midea 1.5HP Split Unit AC Inverter-MSMA-12CRDN1?

The Midea 1.5HP Split Unit AC Inverter-MSMA-12CRDN1 costs ₦229,000.00.


To conclude, the list of inverter ACs in Nigeria is very cheap. When compared to the electricity bill in Nigeria you pay, you find that the inverter is more economical when it comes to the cost of maintenance and all that. All in all, this article has discussed the list of inverter ACs in Nigeria. Thanks for reading.

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