Eco Bank Transfer Code – Ecobank USSD Code for Transfers, Check Balance, Airtime Purchase, Loans, BVN, Data Purchase, etc

Can you think of a bank meant for West Africans? Undoubtedly, your guess is as good as mine: ECO BANK! This bank has been in existence for so many years. Ecobank has served its customers very satisfactorily. However, amidst all of these, people still wonder if they have a USSD code to complete a transaction. Today’s article center majorly on the Ecobank transfer code and Ecobank used code. But, what are the steps in signing up for an Ecobank transfer code? What are the Ecobank requirements? What if your sim is not linked to the bank, is there a way around it? As stated earlier, this article gives a comprehensive view of this topic and more.

Ecobank Transfer Code and USSD Code

The code used for Ecobank is *326#. This code is very important and unique because it gives clients the opportunity of making transfers and offering customers numerous options. After inputting the code on your dialpad, one is directed to the Ecobank platform which makes it seamless to access most of its banking services from the comfort of your home.

Requirements for Registration of Ecobank Transfer Code

Having considered the Ecobank transfer code in the previous subheading, it’s time to see the requirements for the Ecobank transfer code

1. A smart device for registration.

2. An Ecobank account holder ( It could be a Savings or Current Account)

3. A phone number connected to the Ecobank platform.

4. An Ecobank ATM card that can transfer money.

How to Sign Up for Ecobank Transfer Code By Yourself

The requirements above would set the pace for you. Meanwhile, these are the steps for registering for the Ecobank using the code by yourself

Step 1: Enter your dial pad. Dial *326#. Make sure you dial this code with the phone number the bank recognizes

Step 2: Select the debit card that best fits your category.

Step 3: Enter the required information and tap Enter

Step 4: Ecobank would ask you to verify your details to confirm your Identity

Step 5: Input the necessary information and hit the Enter button.

Step 6: The next onscreen Information would be for you to input your PIN. This PIN would help you verify your transaction when carrying out a transfer. Make sure this PIN is one you can’t easily forget

Step 7: Click the Enter button. You would be asked to wait for some time. After which you would receive a text message from the bank. However, if your request was successful you are good to go.


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How to Obtain the Transfer Code at any Ecobank branch

This method is mostly preferred if you don’t have a smartphone or you probably lost your phone. Also, most clients prefer to always register for the Ecobank USSD code at a normal banking hall. When a client does not have his phone number connected with his bank, a client may want to register for his code via a physical branch. Here are the simple steps when registering with an Ecobank branch nationwide

Step 1: Go to any Ecobank branch close to you. Make sure you bring any means of identity. Most times, National Identity Number or Vehicle Drivers License is considered highly.

Step 2: A customer care agent at the Ecobank branch would collect your mobile number and link it to your bank account manually.

Step 3: Make sure you are with the required documents before coming to the banking hall. The whole sign-in up process should not be more than 30 minutes if you arrive early at the bank. Punctuality is important because the queues at the bank might make the task tiring for you.

If you do not have a debit card or a linked phone number, the Ecobank USSD code activation process will take longer because a customer service representative will need to verify that you meet all requirements as stated earlier.

Why should one rely on the USSD code to transfer funds to Ecobank users?

You can transfer funds to other Banks without using the USSD code. However, most customers use the mobile app in sending funds. The USSD code has a lot of functions. The benefits include the following:

You can use the service anytime because it doesn’t require any internet connection

It is very secure and fast.

The transfer code is unique. It can be used for cable TV and network subscription.

It works on every mobile device.

It is usable across all mobile network


How do I get my Ecobank mobile transfer pin?

On the mobile application, tap Forgot PIN. Then, you click on the contact center to reset your PIN.

What is the Eco bank USSD code for Transfer?

The shortcode is *326#. This code gives clients many options when transferring money from their account to another account.

What is a bank code?

This is a code issued by the Central Bank or the Apex Union of Bankers in a country to all banks or Financial institutions in a country. The rules are different because of countries’ supervisory bodies.

What bank code is 001?

Bank of Montreal uses that code.

How can I transfer money?

You can use any of the following methods.

1. Use a mobile app

2. Use a USSD code

3. Try an ATM/POS terminal

How can I activate USSD mobile code?

Dial *326# and follow the onscreen instructions.


Access to Ecobank transfer and USSD codes is now made possible through their owner. Adeyemi who is the group owner has made it possible for people to access their services with a snap of their fingers. Eco Bank can compete with top brands in terms of their customer base. More to this is that, although being accessible in Western Africa, their branches are all over Africa.

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