How To Retrieve Your Money If You Make A Wrong Bank Transfer In Nigeria

How To Retrieve Your Money If You Make A Wrong Bank Transfer In Nigeria

To retrieve your money after a wrong bank transfer bank transaction, first, you need to contact your bank. Report to your bank about the situation and include details of the transactions. Then, file for a court order for reversal. Submit the court order for reversal to your bank along with the details of the transaction. That’s not all. This article will give you a guide on how to retrieve your money after making a wrong bank transfer. Let’s begin!

How To Retrieve Your Money If You Make A Wrong Bank Transfer In Nigeria

If you make a wrong bank transfer in Nigeria, there are ways to retrieve your money. Here, you will be reading tips to carry out to retrieve your money. Let’s get started:

1. Report This To Your Bank

The first thing to do is to report the case of a wrong bank transfer to your bank. This should be done by writing. It should include every detail of the transaction including the time, date, account numbers, and banks involved. When this letter is successfully received and found to be tried by your bank, your bank may place a Post No Debit (PND) on the account. This action would then prevent the owner of the account from withdrawing any money from the bank for the given period.

2. Obtain A Court Order

After you have reported the issue to your bank, the bank may advise you to obtain a court order. When you are advised to go through this route, try as much as possible to get this done. The court order would be helpful in the reversal of the money to the appropriate bank account.

However, it is good to note that all evidence that supports your claim of a wrong bank transfer must be given to the court. You need a lawyer to do this. Submit all evidence, affidavits, and relevant documents. The court, on the other hand, would inspect and carry out their investigations and if the claim is true, would order a reversal.

3. Service Of Court Order To The Bank

The next stage after getting a court order of reversal would then be to submit the court order to the bank. It is important to note that you should exclude any detail in the documents. For instance, the date when the wrong transaction was carried out or the account number should not be omitted. This is because failure to include any important detail may render the court order meaningless to the bank.

So far you’ve read the steps on how to retrieve your money if you make a wrong bank transfer in Nigeria. However, more important is to understand how to prevent this occurrence from happening again.

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How To Prevent Making A Wrong Bank Transfer

In this section, you are going to be reading how to prevent making a wrong bank transfer in Nigeria. Let’s examine the tips:

1. Double Check The Account Details

To prevent making a wrong bank transfer, you need to be sure of the bank account you are sending the money to. You can do this by checking the name if it corresponds with the bank account you want to send it to. Also, it is important that when you send the money, confirm from the person whether he or she has seen the money. This would help you respond quickly if something goes wrong.

2. Make The Transaction Yourself

By all means necessary, make sure you perform any transfer transaction yourself. If your circumstances do not permit you to do so, meet a reliable finance merchant to help you perform the transaction for you. However, make sure you confirm the account details before going ahead to send the transaction.


How can I recover my wrongly transferred money in Nigeria?

To recover your wrongly transferred money in Nigeria, first, report to your bank. Take along with you all the details of the transaction such as the date, the wrong account number, etc.

Can I get my money back from the wrong bank transfer?

Get a court order of reversal. Take the court order along with order information about the transaction to the bank. Make sure everything about the transaction is carried along with you to the bank.

Can I get my money back after sending it to the wrong account?

Yes, you can get your money back. First, you need to contact your bank and let them know what the situation is like. From there, you can start making other arrangements to get your money back.

Can a bank recover money paid by mistake?

Yes, a bank can reverse a payment made in error only with the consent of the person who received it. Your bank and the recipient’s bank will need to cooperate to try to recover the payment.


Getting back your money after making a wrong bank transfer is not easy. However, you’ll agree that it is wiser if you learn how to prevent this. This article has helped give you tips on how to prevent and how to retrieve your money. So, use this information for your benefit.

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