Flypay Pro Loan App, Customer Care Number, is Fly Pay Legit

Flypay Pro is a money lending app that gives customers loans. The company provides loans to those in need of urgent cash to solve their problems. You don’t need collateral to qualify for their loan. Also, their mobile app is user-friendly and the application process is quite easy.

One of the features of this app is its flexibility, depending on the amount you need, whether the small or large amount, they have you in mind with a low interest rate and no hidden charges involved. So regardless of where you stay, as far as you are a citizen, then, you are eligible to apply. You can give it a try.

Keep scrolling down the page to learn more about this loan app and all you need to know before applying for a loan. Believe me, it will be pleasant. That mess you find yourself in, it’s time to get out of it.

Interest Rate

The loan amount on flypay pro starts with a minimum of N5000 with a maximum of up to N600000 (this a huge sum). The loan term takes a period of 91 days to 180 days maximum to refund their funds with an interest rate of 0.08% daily or an annual interest of 36%. Paying back debt on time opens more opportunities for borrowing a high sum of money.

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Loan Requirement

To qualify for a loan on the fly pay pro app, you must agree to their terms and conditions and also, some criteria must be met before the application process. If at the end of the day, one of the criteria is not met, it leads to disqualification. To qualify, you must be;

Must be a Nigerian.

Must be 18 years and above (not more than 55 years)

Must possess a BVN and a valid national ID.

Then an account number is to receive the funds once disbursed.

Paid all debts owed by other loan institutions.

If you have all this in place, you can start your application process immediately, stop waiting, and stop procrastinating.

How to Apply for Flypay Pro Loan

Similar to other financial institutions, applying for a loan on Fly Pay Pro is very easy and fast. So, no need to waste your time on registration. You can choose to get the loan either through their website or through their mobile app. It’s all the same as far as you have a reliable internet connection. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Install the Flypay pro App

Download the app from the Google Play Store (for Android users) and App Store (iOS users) or better still, visit their website.

Step 2: Fill the form

Fill in the registration form. Make sure you fill in all information correctly to avoid disqualification. Any information you are inserting must correspond with all you have on your BVN. Once successful, you continue to apply for the loan.

Step 3: Submit the Form

All you will submit when applying for the loan includes your BVN, mobile number, and account number to receive the loan once disbursed.


Is Flypay Pro Legit Or Scam?

I don’t need to say much about this. YES, it is legit. Since the day they commenced their business in Nigeria, there’s no record stating any financial misconduct on the flypay pro loan. Your bank information is safe with them.

Their support team is well dedicated to keeping a nice atmosphere between the financial institution and its customers. So, you don’t need to be worried about anything. They are trustworthy. Can I tell you something? Their customer’s satisfaction comes first over anything else

What Is The Loan Period On Flypay Pro?

Whether you owe a large or small debt, paying on time strengthens the relationship between the loan app and the customer. Therefore, there’s increased opportunity.

The loan term on the Fly Pay Pro loan app is between 91 days to 180 days depending on the loan amount. You don’t expect the loan term for a customer who borrowed N20000 and another customer who borrowed N100000 to be the same. You pay along with interest based on the percentage stated.

How Much Am I Paying As Interest On Flypay Pro?

The interest rate on this loan app is quite different from that of other counterparts, as a customer of Fly Pay Pro; you will pay an interest rate of up to 0.08% daily and 36% yearly. To keep a good reputation, pay on time.

What Is The Maximum Loan Amount On Flypay Pro?

The maximum amount you can borrow on the flypay pro loan app is N600000 with a minimum of N5000 to be paid to your bank account once your application is approved by their team.

How Can I Contact Flypay Pro If I Didn’t Receive My Fund?

If you have any issue you need to discuss with Fly Pay Pro Loan’s support team, you can easily connect with them through the Contact Us icon on their website or their app. For those residing in Lagos, you can visit their head office at 7 Ibiyinka Olorungbe Close, Victoria Island Lagos State, Nigeria


I know after reading this article, that you are now exposed to all you need to know before applying for a loan on Flypay pro loan app. But if any customer refuses to pay his debt on time, their action is not pleasant at all. Wish you good luck.

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