How To Unblock Or Unfreeze Your Opay Account

To unblock or unfreeze your OPay account, first contact the OPay customer care service. When you contact them through their available channels, explain the problem to them. Next, listen carefully and follow the instructions that you will be given. You would be reading in detais about how these steps can be carried out. In this article, you will read about how to unblock or unfreeze your OPay account. Let’s get started.

How To Unblock Or Unfreeze Your Opay Account

To unblock or unfreeze your OPay account, follow the three simple tips outlined below. Here they are:

Step 1. Contact OPay Customer Care

The first thing to do when you notice that your OPay account has been blocked or frozen is to contact OPay customer service. The customer service is always ready to help you solve whatever problems you may have. Whatever the reason behind the account block may be, they would offer you tips on how to go about restoring your account.

To see the various channels to contact OPay support, see here.

When you contact the OPay customer care service and offer your complaints, follow the next step.

Step 2. Follow The Instructions Carefully

To fully bring your account to its normal state, you would need to follow the instructions carefully. Listen or read carefully to the helpful tips offered by OPay customer care and carefully apply them.

When you follow the tips and they do not work, there’s no need to worry. Just contact the customer care service again and tell them whatever the problem may be.

Step 3. Corporate With The Customer Care

When you are instructed to follow as regards the restoration of your OPay account, follow the instructions carefully. You do not want to prove stubborn by asking meaningless questions, instead, you want to be humble and accept guidance from the relevant official.

You can be helpful when you don’t shout, or speak rudely with the OPay customer care service. Another way you can cooperate is by typing or speaking in an acceptable language that can be understood by the OPay staff responding to you. These are just some helpful tips that can help you get your account restored in a short period.

So far, you have read the procedures to take on how to unblock or unfreeze your OPay account, however, have you wondered some reasons why many get their account frozen or blocked. The next subheading explains why.

Reasons Why Your Opay Account May Be Frozen Or Blocked

In this section, you will be reading the top reasons why your OPay account may be frozen or blocked. Here they are:

1. Fraudulent Transactions

One of the main causes of OPay account blocking is as a result of fraudulent transactions. When you perform a suspicious transaction on your OPay account, your account can get blocked immediately. Fraudulent transactions may be transactions that are illegal to carry out with fintech apps in Nigeria. This cause of account block can only be rectified when you contact the OPay customer care service to help out.

2. Security Reasons

Another reason why your account may end up being frozen could be as a result of a bridge in security. A bridge in security during login is a major reason why many get their account blocked. The fact about this is that, when there is a clear and intentional attempt to bridge the security measures of OPay, you may get your account blocked.

3. Technical Issues

Another top reason why your OPay account may be blocked is due to issues from the technical department of OPay. Sometimes, there might be a breakdown in the OPay server, and as a result, you may be unable to log in. However, when this happens, be assured that this problem will last only for a short period. This problem usually gets resolved within 24 – 48 hours. So, you would have to wait and it would get resolved automatically.


How do I get my OPay account back?

To get your OPay account back, first, contact OPay customer care support. When you contact them, do well to explain the situation you are experiencing with your OPay account. After that, listen and follow the instructions you are given carefully. Finally, be patient to gain results.

Can my OPay account be blocked?

Your OPay account can be blocked when you carry out a fraudulent transaction. When the transaction is suspicious or goes against the OPay rules, your OPay account will be blocked.

Why did they disable my OPay account?

Your OPay account may be disabled for security reasons. This may be a result of an infringer trying to gain wrongful access to your account. As a security measure, your OPay account may be disabled to prevent further trial.

How long does it take for OPay to reverse money?

To reverse money usually takes 24 hours. However, it is good to note that you should notify the customer care service of it so that it can be worked on.

Can I use OPay to pay DStv?

You can use your OPay account to pay bills such as cable subscriptions, light bills, and the rest.


As you have read in this article, restoring your OPay account is quite simple. To do this, follow the tips by first, contacting OPay customer care. After this, carefully follow the other tips outlined above to successfully get your account unblocked.




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