How To Upgrade Your Moniepoint Account Easily (Online & Offline)


Asides Moniepoint merchants and agent who makes use of this app to carryout transactions, some businesses also make the use of this bank to carry out their transactions such as buying of goods, receiving payment and tracking their funds as well as keeping the record of their account.

Interestingly, creating account on moniepoint is easy and simple. The interesting part of it all, if you are creating an account for your business, you don’t need to submit any business plan or other information. Your privacy on this is ascertained.

Where the issue comes in is this, some features of this app are locked and can only be accessed by customers with an upgraded account. So, to enjoy these locked features, you need to upgrade your account. How can you upgrade your moniepoint account easily then? That’s what we want to expose you to here.

Why the Need to upgrade your Moniepoint Account?

As a Tier 1 account holder, not all you wish for on the app can be accessible on your dashboard, so you will be prompted to upgrade your account to harness those closed features.

That aside, why do we really need to upgrade our account? The answer is simple. To access some unique features like having access to a higher transaction limit, been recognized as a credible customer, for business owners, the credibility of your business will be known, and lots more when you have an upgraded account. This sounds cool right?

Interestingly, more security would be added to your account when upgraded, so you don’t have to be scared of any fraudulent activities and most importantly, best customer support when the need arrive. Your money and business information are in the safe hands.

Steps on How to Upgrade your Moniepoint Account

Since you already know the need and the benefits you stand a chance of enjoying when you have an upgraded account. Then, what step should you follow to get that done, follow the steps below to get that done.

Interestingly, with their app on your smartphone, you are good to go. You need to have equal access like every other customer with an upgraded account. Follow these steps to upgrade your account.

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First and foremost, you need to download the moniepoint app from play store or app store to get started. Once installed, you will create your account and verify the account to be functional. If you are an existing user, skip this step.

On your account dashboard, you should navigate to the upgrade tab and click (it’s easy to do that). This is where you will begin the upgrading process.

In this step, you will submit your most preferred national ID for verification. You can choose NIN, driver’s license, voter’s card, and international passport among others. You will be prompted to submit the selected national ID number and a snapshot of the ID (both front and back). Make sure the picture is clear (it should be showing all the information written on it).

The last but not the least, you should submit for verification and confirmation. If your request is successful after review, you will start seeing the changes in your account’s dashboard. On the other hand, if it’s not, you will receive a notification informing you what the reason was. If it can be reviewed, the tips for that would be shared.

All the benefits mentioned at the top section would be accessible to you once your application is successful. You can do that now.


Answers to some question you will definitely be looking for answers to once you are a member are provided below. You have been waiting for this I know.

How Much Can I Withdraw from Moniepoint POS per Day?

The maximum amount you can withdraw via moniepoint POS is N20000 daily where ATM only gives either a N1000 or N500 naira note. Although, the amount to be withdrawn, however, depends on your account’s tier. You can check more on your dashboard.

What is the Current Price of Moniepoint POS?

The current price of a Moniepoint POS is N21500 in Nigeria. But the location you are purchasing the machine terminal from determines the price you will be adding.

Let’s take for instance, if I’m staying in Kaduna and I purchase a moniepoint terminal at the rate of N22,000, then another customer purchasing same machine in Lagos might pay more than what I paid or even less than what I paid for mine. The location you are purchasing from matters.

Interestingly, moniepoint team sells their POS for the same price; your location will determine the added fee.

What is the Highest Amount a Moniepoint Account Can Receive?

The truth is this, as far as you have an upgraded account, there’s no limit to the amount you can receive on your account especially if you are using it for business purposes.

However, for Tier 1 users, the maximum amount you can receive on your account is N500000. That’s why you need an account upgrade to access other features.

How do i become a Moniepoint Merchant?

It’s simple to do that. Just create a moniepoint business account and you are done. Apparently, all you need for creating such account includes your mobile number, a valid email address, BVN, and a current utility bill (most customers’ use NEPA bill for this).

Can I Open a Personal Account with Moniepoint?

YES you can do that within a few minutes. Your Tier 1 account is a personal account; once your account is created, it will be automatically assigned Tier 1. If you need to upgrade your account, that’s where you will have to submit other information.


Using moniepoint is simple and easy. Also, it’s very affordable because they charge less than what a commercial bank will charge for a transaction. I know this sounds cool to you. So I recommend you make the use of moniepoint if you have any business you are running to track your funds with ease.

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