MTN Momo Signup and Registration: MTN Momo App Download, Agent Login, MTN Momo USSD Codes, MTN Momo Customer Care, MTN Momo Withdrawal, Airtime And Data


MTN Momo is a financial body under the umbrella of MTN to provide financial solutions to customers. With MTN Momo, you can recharge airtime, get data, and perform other transactions on it. In this article, you will be reading in detais about MTN Momo. You will read about the signup and registration, USSD codes, and customer care channels on MTN Momo.

Requirements On How To Become MTN Momo Agent

To become an MTN Momo agent, you would have to meet certain requirements. Here they are:

1. Have An Already Existing Business

To become a Momo agent, you would need to have a business that has already been established. However, if you are willing to invest in the agency business, you could be considered to be an MTN Momo agent.

2. Have A Brick/Mortar Shop

You should also have a standing retail shop to be able to become an MTN Momo agent. Having a brick-and-mortar shop is important in starting an MTN Momo business. It shows that you are here to stay and would not just be a time waster.

3. Means Of Identification

You should also possess a valid means of identification. If you are a Nigerian citizen, you need to have a document that shows that. One of either a Voters Card, National ID Card, Drivers License, or International Passport would be accepted.

4. Passport Photograph

You will be asked to submit a recent passport photograph. Do well to provide a clear photograph showing your face in it.

5. Working Capital Of 20,000 Naira

If you can gather a working capital of 20,000 naira or above, it would be great. So, be sure to be able to provide this before getting the form.

Now, let’s check out the steps in becoming an MTN Momo agent. The next section discusses that.

How To Become an MTN Momo Agent By Self-Onboarding

To become an MTN Momo agent by self-onboarding means that you can become an MTN Momo agent even without going to the MTN office to pick up the form. Here are the steps required:

Step 1. Dial *502# With Your MTN Phone Number

Step 2. Accept The Terms And Conditions To Become an MTN Momo Agent

Step 3. Create Your 4-digit MTN Momo PIN

Step 4. Reconfirm The 4-digit MTN Momo PIN

Step 5. Get USSD and SMS Confirming You As An MTN Momo Agent.

MTN Momo App Download

You can install the MTN Momo app from your app store. If you use an Android device, head to your Google Play Store and enter the MTN Momo App in the search bar. The first app that has the MTN Momo app design should be installed.

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MTN Momo USSD Codes

To access MTN Momo codes, dial *502#. You can load airtime, and data and make other transactions when you dial the code. The code gives you options that you can use to carry out different operations.

MTN Momo Customer Care

MTN Momo Customer Care Phone Number:

MTN Momo’s customer care phone number is 08032000150. By following the prompts you would listen to when you dial the number, you could speak to a live customer care personnel.

If for some reason, that number fails to connect, you can call the alternative number which is 08032000150. That number would be available if the first number doesn’t go through.

It is advised that the MTN Momo customer care phone number is saved on your mobile phone. This is to ensure quick action when you feel your account is being compromised.

Unlike other methods of contacting MTN Momo, this is easily one of the fastest ways to reach MTN Momo. Depending on the kind of issues you may have with your account or ATM, you can always find the solution when you call the MTN Momo customer care phone number.

MTN Momo Customer Care Whatsapp Number:

To connect with MTN Momo via WhatsApp, dial and save the number: 08032000150

When you save this number on your smartphone, you can get access to MTN Momo’s Whatsapp handle and chat with their customer service representative whenever and wherever.

Sometimes, your message may take some time before it gets a response.

MTN Momo Customer Care Email Address:

MTN Momo’s email address is This email address should be used when the WhatsApp channel does not respond.

Through the email address, you can apply for a service, make inquiries about the latest offers, and also lay complaints.

MTN Momo Contact Address:

The MTN Momo office is located at MTN Plaza, Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi 101233, Lagos State, Nigeria. There, you can get all the information you need to know about MTN Momo and its special offers.


How do I create a MoMo agent account?

You can create a Momo agent account by self-onboarding. First, dial *502# and follow the prompts.

How do I register my MoMo account?

To register your Momo account, dial *502# and accept the Terms And Conditions.

How do I get my MoMo account number?

To get your MoMo number in Nigeria, follow these steps:

Step 1. Dial 671# on your phone.

Step 2. Enter your NIN (National Identification Number).

Step 3. Create a 4-digit PIN.

Step 4. Confirm your PIN.

How can I reset my MoMo PIN?

To reset your Momo PIN, dial 182 to contact the MTN Momo helpdesk.

Is MTN MoMo legit?

MTN Momo is a legitimate financial platform that helps you carry out transactions with ease. Dial *502# to get started.


Along with being one of the most popular financial platforms in Nigeria, MTN Momo is legit in carrying out its operations. So, feel free to use MTN Momo to perform transactions of all sorts.

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