Swiftkash Loan Review, Interest Rates, How to Apply, Customer Care Contact Number

As they always say “we get you the lowest interest rate offers you will never get in Nigeria”. Swiftkash is a loan app that offers flexible and easy access loan to people to attend to their financial problems with a small amount as interest.

Regardless of the type of loan you want to have access to , they have you in mind. Once you have their mobile app, you are a step away from getting your loan request approved.

Some people have the mindset of enquiring about loan apps before submitting their bank account details. If you are one of them, keep reading to get exposed to all you need to know about Swiftkash loan app.

Interest Rate

When it comes to offering the best interest rates, Swiftkash falls among the top companies with very low amount as interest when paying back the loan amount.

Depending on the type of package you are choosing, they offer an interesting rate ranging from 0.5% – 5%, you are to pay back along with the interest to increase your chances of given another loan when the need arises.

Loan Requirements

Similar to other loan app, swiftkash also have some criteria an individual must have before applying for loan on their app. If this criteria aren’t met, a dime would not be given at all.

Interestingly, before your loan application would be approved, the following criteria must be met.

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Must be citizen of Nigeria

Must be 18 years and not more than 60 years of age.

Must have a BVN and an account number to receive the cash. The essence of collecting your BVN is to make sure all the information you fill are correct.

You must make sure you pay any pending loan debt with other loan app to increase your chance application been approved.

Once all these criteria are met, you need not to worry again.

How To Apply For Loan on Swiftkash Loan

Applying for loan is very easy, simple, and fast on swiftkash. If you still find issues with the application processes, follow these steps below.

You must download the mobile app from google play store or app store for iOS users. Make sure you have a strong and reliable internet connection.

Once your application is installed on your phone, you begin the application processes by filling the application form. Make sure all the information you fill are correct and correspond with your BVN.

After creating your account, then you move to the loan application were you will provide your mobile number, amount, and BVN (the BVN would be use to detect if all information you filled are correct. If it corresponds, you get approved. If it doesn’t correspond, your application would be disapproved)


How Legit is Swiftkash Loan?.

Swiftkash is legit as all its transactions are secured and monitored by their technical team. If you apply for any loan and didn’t receive your fund, then you need to contact their customer care support team to know what the reason for the delay.

If you check the reviews on play store, you will know that this loab app is a great money provider when in need of money to solve immediate financial issues.

How Long Does it Take to Receive Funds After Application?

After successful loan application on swiftkash, you will need to wait for after 24 hours maximum to receive your funds if your loan request is approved by their team.

But if after 24 hours you didn’t receive credit alert on the account number you provided, their customer care support team would of help. You can contact them either via their contact address at 17 castlereagh street Sydney NSW 2000 or through their mobile number 1300-179-438.

Which Android Version do i Need to Install Swiftkash Loan App?

Presently, all Android version available now can be used to download and install the app. Though, this app can’t be installed on Android with version less than 4. You need to upgrade if your phone’s version is not up the required version.

How Much is the Maximum Amount That can Be Given by Swiftkash Loan App?

There is something awesome about all these loan providing apps, the more you pay back your loan on time, the higher the amount you could be given as loan. Swiftkash is not left out. So try as fast as possible to pay back on time to increase your score rate.

The maximum amount that can be given on this loan app is N1,000,000 and I forgot to say something. The interest rate is dependent on the amount of money borrowed.

Do You Any Collateral to Qualify for Loan on Swiftkash Loan App?

No. You don’t need any collateral to borrow money on swiftkash loan. Once you submit your BVN, no need of any collateral again because your contact information is there already.


Among the most most reliable and trustworthy loan app, swiftkash must be in the list as they provide you with low interest rate.

Furthermore, once you applied for loan on this loan app, you get credited as their transactions are fast once approved. Go get the loan and solve your financial issue.

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