How To Become MTN Momo Agent and Make Money – How To Locate MTN Momo Agent Near You


To become an MTN Momo agent, first, you need to have the required documents available. This includes a valid means of identification, passport photograph, and working capital of 20,000 naira, to mention just a few. In this article, you will be reading a thorough guide on how to become an MTN Momo agent, and the requirements needed for that. Let’s begin by considering the requirements to become an MTN Momo agent.

Requirements On How To Become an MTN Momo Agent

To become an MTN Momo agent, you would have to meet certain requirements. Here they are:

1. Have An Existing Business

To become a Momo agent, you would need to have a business that is doing well. It is not possible to start an MTN Momo agent business as a long business. However, you can do that if you are willing to invest in agency business. You might be considered.

2. Have A Retail Shop

You should also have a retail shop to be able to become an MTN Momo agent. Having a brick-and-mortar shop is important in starting an MTN Momo business. It shows that you are serious about continuing the MTN Momo agency business for a long time.

3. Means Of Identification

Another important is having a valid means of identification. You need to show proof of Nigerian citizenship. This can be in the form of a National ID Card, Drivers License, International Passport, or Voters Card. It is pertinent that you provide at least one of these requirements to be eligible for MTN Momo.

4. Passport Photograph

You would be asked to submit a passport photograph too. Do well to provide a clear photograph showing your face in it.

5. Working Capital Of 20,000 Naira

If you can provide a working capital of 20,000 naira or above, it would be great. So, be sure to be able to provide this before getting the form.

So far, you’ve read the requirements that are to be met before you apply to become an MTN Momo agent. Let’s proceed with the steps to take to achieve this.

How To Become MTN Momo Agent

To become an MTN Momo agent, follow these steps:

Step 1. Make Sure All The Requirements Are Available

The first step to becoming an MTN Momo agent is to make sure all requirements are available. If you don’t have these documents complete, it would be difficult to have your request to become an MTN Momo agent granted. The requirements to become an MTN Momo agent have been outlined in the previous subheading.

Step 2. Visit MTN Outlet And Get the Form

The next step to take after confirming that you have all the documents and requirements available is to visit the MTN office. When you visit any MTN office around you, declare your intention to the staff that you wish to obtain the MTN Momo form.

Step 3. Submit Your Details

After getting the form, fill out the form correctly and submit photocopies of the documents required. When you have done this, submit the form to the staff.

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Step 4. Wait For A Response

After submitting your details, you may be asked to wait for a short time for you to be called. This call back is to ascertain your suitability and whether indeed you have met the criteria required for an MTN Momo agent.

How To Become an MTN Momo Agent By Self-Onboarding

To become an MTN Momo agent by self-onboarding means that you can become an MTN Momo agent even without going to the MTN office to pick up the form. Here are the steps required:

Step 1. Dial *502# With Your MTN Phone Number

Step 2. Accept The Terms And Conditions To Become an MTN Momo Agent

Step 3. Create Your 4-digit MTN Momo PIN

Step 4. Reconfirm The 4-digit MTN Momo PIN

Step 5. Get USSD and SMS Confirming You As An MTN Momo Agent


How do I create a MoMo agent account?

You can create a Momo agent account by self-onboarding. First, dial *502# and follow the prompts.

How do I register my MoMo account?

To register your Momo account, dial *502# and accept the Terms And Conditions.

How do I get my MoMo account number?

To get your MoMo number in Nigeria, follow these steps:

Step 1. Dial 671# on your phone.

Step 2. Enter your NIN (National Identification Number).

Step 3. Create a 4-digit PIN.

Step 4. Confirm your PIN.

How can I reset my MoMo PIN?

To reset your Momo PIN, dial 182 to contact the MTN Momo helpdesk.

Is MoMo legit?

MTN Momo is a legitimate financial platform that helps you carry out transactions with ease. Dial *502# to get started.


To become an MTN Momo agent is quite easy. It can be done at home or by walking to the MTN office with the required information and documents. This article has provided information on how to go about it either way. Now, the ball is in your court!


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