Forgot My 1xbet Password And PIN – How To Reset, Change And Recover 1xbet Password And PIN

Do you have a 1xbet betting account and wish to change your password? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. You wouldn’t only learn how to change your password on 1xbet but you would also be guided on how to reset your 1xbet password and PIN. This article will be centered on all of that. If that’s what you are searching all the net to learn, then you shouldn’t go any further.

How To Reset Your 1xbet Password And PIN

To reset your 1xbet password and PIN, you should need to follow these few steps. Let’s check them out:

Step 1. Visit the 1xbet Login Page

The 1xbet login page can be visited when you tap the 1xbet app. When you tap the app, you can proceed to Logout if your account is already logged in to the app.

Step 2. Click On Forgot Password

Right below where you have the fields provided, an option labeled Forgot Password is there. So, click on it. Immediately you click on it, a new page will launch.

Step 3. Input Your Email Address

When the new page is completely launched, input your email address in the space provided to you. Make sure that it is the associated email address that you input in the space provided. This is because if you input a new email address, you may not receive a response from Piggyvest on that email address.

Step 4. Check Your Email

After you have inputted your correct email address, the next thing to do is to check your email address. When you check your email, you will see a link already sent by Piggyvest. This link will take you to a page where you can reset your password to a new one.

Step 5. Click On Reset

When you have input your new password, the next step is to tap on the Reset option on the page. This means that you have reset your old password to a new one. Henceforth, you should use the new password along with your email when logging in to avoid denied access.

Now that you’ve read the procedures required to reset your 1xbet account, let’s consider the steps required to change your 1xbet password if you are not satisfied with the old one.

How To Change Your 1xbet Password And PIN

To change your 1xbet password and PIN, follow these steps:

Step 1. Login To Your 1xbet Account

Like always, to change your password, you would need to log in to your 1xbet account. When you log in to your account, you will be able to change your password.

Step 2. Go To Security Settings

On the dashboard, navigate to Settings on your 1xbet account. When you have done this, you will be able to make changes to the settings features of your account. To make changes to your password, you would need to select the Security Setting option. This would entail that you input your old password and your new password to change your account.

Step 3. Follow The Instructions

Instructions on how to go about changing your password will be outlined to you. Adhere to these instructions to successfully change the password of your 1xbet account.

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Step 4. Verify

To verify your identity on 1xbet, you would need to input your old password to your account. After that, you will also be asked to input your new password. This new password should be inputted twice to confirm that the original owner is about to change the password.

So far you’ve seen what it entails to reset and change your 1xbet password and PIN. Is it then possible to recover your 1xbet password? Let’s find out.

How To Recover Your 1xbet Password And PIN

To successfully recover your 1xbet password and PIN to your account, you would have to contact 1xbet customer care. The team will offer help on how to recover your account when you offer helpful details about your account.


How do I change my 1x password?

To change your 1xbet password, tap on Settings on your 1xbet app. After that, select Password Management. When you are done, type your old password and retype your new password in the provided fields.

How can I recover my 1xBet password?

To recover your 1xbet password, click on Forgot Password. When you do that, input your email or phone number to receive OTP. After that, copy and paste the OTP and begin processes to recover your 1xbet password.

Why can’t I log into my 1xBet account?

The reason why you can’t withdraw is mainly because you have inputted a wing password. Do well to double-check your details to ensure they are correct.

 Is 1xbet a betting platform?

1xbet is a betting platform that allows you to bet on games and other things as well.

Can I reset my 1xbet password?

To reset your 1xbet password is the same as recovering your 1xbet. The process to recover your 1xbet has already been outlined above in the previous question.


With what you have learned, you’ll agree that changing your 1xbet password can be done anytime you wish. You can also reset your 1xbet password thanks to this article. Do well to drop a comment if you’ve tried any of the methods above.

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