How to Become Opay Aggregator and Opay Agent

Opay is one of the best Fintech companies around. Although, having forever competition from similar brands.

The legitimacy of Opay cannot be questioned because they have over 500,000 aggregators and agents nationwide. They operate a check and balance system. Being an agent does not cost anything. It serves as a means by which individuals earn a living. Today, one of the most searched questions on the web is How to become an Opay aggregator and agent? Seem like a big deal, isn’t it? Thanks to this article we would answer the questions.

Before moving further, who is an Opay aggregator?

An Opay aggregator is someone or an organization whose major objective is to provide a platform for people and Opay agents to accept payment and discharge their duties.

To increase our knowledge on How to become an Opay aggregator and agent, we can say an aggregator serves as a mediator between the Opay company and the agent. He provides them with access to Opay infrastructure and facilitated the collection of funds from individuals to the company.

An overview of what we have been saying so far is that Opay aggregators are responsible for the distribution of Opay products to a verified Opay agent.

How to Become Opay Aggregator

Step 1: Visit the Opay official webpage.

Step 2: Fill out the form on how to become an aggregator with your details such as your phone number, contact information, and business information.

Step 3: Once your application is processed, Opay would grant you access to managing and paying the agent’s commissions when due.

Requirements on How to Become Opay Aggregator and Agent

• Utility bill ( That is, not older than 6 months)

• Surname

•  Active Email Address

• Bank Verification Number

• Local Government of Residential Area
Government Valid ID card ( voter’s card, NIN, Driver’s License).

• Recent photo of your business place.

How to Become Opay Agent in Nigeria

Step 1: Install the Opay mobile application on your device or visit their webpage to create an account.

Step 2: Fill out the agent form with your personal information. This personal information may include your name, surname, and address.

Step 3: You’ll be invited to attend the Opay training seminar. This training would enable you to learn how to use the Opay platform very well.

Step 4: After completion of the training, you would receive certifications and the necessary kits to start your operation.

Benefits of Becoming An Opay Aggregator and Agents

1. Trusted Service

Anybody conversant with Opay would know that one of the ways how to become an Opay aggregator and agent is their trusted service. When talking about the trusted service of Opay Microfinance, one cannot help but mention Opay. Opay is a Central Bank of Nigeria Fintech platform that offers low charges and a disturbance-free way of handling their service.

Opay makes sure their agents are satisfied and offers one of the best commission rates for their agents. Also, another point to show Opay’s trustworthiness is that its POS is located in every part of the country.

2. Instant Transaction

When transacting with Opay, your mind is at rest because they easily confirm your transaction immediately. With the speed of the light network, they do not clog and are not sloppy. Their services are very reliable as stated in the previous heading.

You can be able to receive funds to your wallet immediately and offer customers historical data in case of any query.

Also, Opay offers a powerful dashboard for users to see their business transactions today. This dashboard would help you understand their features better.

Instructions to Get OPay POS Machine as a POS Agent

Step 1: When applying for a POS device, you must upgrade to level 3 if you have previously upgraded to KYC level 2.

Step 2: Go to the “Me” section in your OPay app.

Step 3: Click the image symbol (upper left) to go to Account details.

Step 4: Upgrade to Level 3 by clicking Upgrade.

Step 5: Upload your picture.

Step 6: Upload a valid government ID, such as an international passport, voter’s card, national ID, or driver’s license.

Step 7: Input your Bank Verification Number.

Step 8: And Tap Send.

The OPay group will survey and review your KYC upgrade within 24 to 72 hours. You will also receive notifications in this regard via SMS and email.


Who is an Opay aggregator?

An Opay aggregator is a person who sets up an organization or business with the major objective of distributing Opay products to agents and merchants.

How much does it cost to become an Opay agent?

The price of the Opay terminal is 50,000 naira for Opay Android device POS. It would also cost 35,000 naira for Opay’s traditional POS. Lastly, it would cost 8,500 naira for Opay mini POS. This money is only required for the device.

How do Payment Aggregators make money?

The payment aggregator onboards the merchant. Thereafter, they give them a sub-merchant account. The aggregator obtains money on behalf of the agent.

Which bank controls Opay?

Opay can and only be controlled by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Opay is a platform that offers low charges and a less stressful way to run its affairs with customers.

What are the benefits of Opay aggregator?

The first benefit of being an Opay agent is that you get access to a POS machine and get it delivered to an agent nationwide.

The second advantage is that you can earn a commission rate as soon as an agent makes a transaction.

How many Opay agents are in Nigeria?

There are over 500,000 Opay agents in Nigeria. Opay as often said is a platform meant for transfer, loan, and other services essential for producers. Opay serves as a means for agents to earn a living.


An aggregator is like a mediator between the service provider, Opay, and the agent. When looking at the steps to become an aggregator, you find that it is very easy and in fact can be done in the comfort of your home. So whenever someone asks: how to become an Opay aggregator and agent in Nigeria, you know what to say.

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