Moniepoint News Today: What Is Wrong With Moniepoint today; Is Moniepoint Having Issues Today

Moniepoint News today: what is wrong with Moniepoint today; Is Moniepoint having issues today Is Moniepoint having issues today would be our topic for today. You can learn the latest from Moniepoint from this desk. Additionally, you would also learn about solutions to some problems on Moniepoint.

What is wrong with Moniepoint today?

Users of the Fintech organization have been complaining about a lot of things regarding the organization. Here are issues they face:

Report of Problems

1. Slow Transaction

This has become a issue recently with users of Moniepoint. The slow transaction hinder businesses and individuals to proceed with their transactions as they would. They might also not want to use the organization again after experiencing such development.

2. Failed Payment

This is another problems that has been on the uprise for days. Transaction are not always going through. This would always leave the clients in the dark as to the next line of action to take.

3. Issue of Server

Some clients are getting server issues whenever they want to authenticate a transaction. This ‘server down’ message is discouraging especially when you want to complete a transaction. This most times prevent the clients from accessing their account. Furthermore, preventing them from carrying out a transaction.

Reasons likely to be:

Concern about Cyber security:

The reason being that the issue of cyber security has made it easy for the Fintech organization to stop operations for a short while. However, there has been no official memorandum about this. But it can be a factor.

Technical Glitches:

The failed performance of transaction can be failed by network. Sometimes, network can hinder the failed transactions by people. However, it can also be within the network itself.

Maintenance Work

Also, it is possible for Moniepoint to be going through some maintenance. This maintenance usually take a short while. In some cases, few hours. This routine maintenance maybe cut short if glitches still continues. This would explain the short term problems.

According to news report, Moniepoint now handles about 1.6 million transactions worth an average of $12 billion every month. This has gone to show how much Moniepoint desire to grow big in the market.

Also, Moniepoint has move into personal banking business. With this, you can use Moniepoint to access banking services.

Although Moniepoint hasn’t made an official statement as to the cause of these issues. If they have, it would be uploaded on their social media handle. As of now, they have given any feedback as to the cause of this glitch.

Also, Moniepoint has also bought Kopo Kopo, a Kenyan company that offers Payments option. The Kenyan Government has given them a go-ahead to buy the company. It is a good sign for Moniepoint because it would make them more competitive in the African Fintech market.

What is wrong with Moniepoint today?

There are no reported issues on Moniepoint. However, if you have any issues in Moniepoint,do well to contact the customer care of Moniepoint. But, before then, do well to possess the updated version of the Moniepoint app. This is done in order to prevent any bugs and enhance overall performance of the app.

If the issues still continues, here are some potential ways to solve some issues:

1. Transaction Delay

Clients might experience delay in transactions. Also, there might be failure in carrying out a particular transaction.


Do well to ensure a steady internet connection. Double check the Details

2. POS Connectivity Issues

Clients may experience network connectivity with the Moniepoint POS transaction.


Check signals strength. Do well to also check the SIM card connection. Check if you have active data bundle to carry out transactions.

3. Transaction failures

Users may experience failure in carrying out transactions. This may be due to technical glitches or network issues.


Check transaction details for accuracy and retry.

4. App or Website Error.

Users or clients of the platform may experience app or website error.


Update the application to the latest version and clear cache.

5. Customer Care Response

Clients or customers may experience delay in the customer care responding to them. In this way, they can opt for this solution.


Do well to ensure that your query includes all concerns and complaint. Also, make sure that you politely remind them.

6. Limited Agent Availability

This is a challenge because users might find it hard to connect to agents around their locality.


Moniepoint is working on making their agent around Nigeria. In the meantime, you can go to any local supermarket and find out if they use Moniepoint.


How do I wipe my POS machine?

Step 1:Tap Settings

Step 2: Scroll down to Reset

Step 3: Click Factory Data Reset

Step 4: Reset Device

Step 5: Erase Everything

How do I get the moniepoint POS?

In order to get the Moniepoint POS, you need to pay N21,500.

What is another name for Moniepoint?

TeamApt Inc), is a financial technology company founded by Tosin Eniolorunda and Felix Ike in 2015 focusing on providing financial solutions for businesses.

How can I contact Moniepoint?

You can place a call by inputting this number on your dial pad +23418889990 or send an e-mail to

Does Moniepoint have an in-app customer care representative?

Yes. They do. You can contact them when you want to make an enquiry.


To conclude, it is important to note that the platform allows people to contact their customer care representative. You can contact them through message, email and in app. All in all, there is a big chance that you could get solution to your issues as soon as possible.


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