Forgot My Palmcredit Password And PIN – How To Reset, Change And Recover Palmcredit Password And PIN

Resetting your Palmcredit password and PIN can be done in simple steps. If you have the Palmcredit app, even better! With your Palmcredit app, you can reset or change your Palmcredit password when you want to. In this article, you will be reading how that can be done. This article will go into detail on how to reset, change, or recover your Palmcredit password and PIN. Let’s consider the steps involved:

How To Reset Your Palmcredit Password And PIN

To reset your Palmcredit password and PIN, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go To The Login Page

The first step in resetting your Palmcredit password and PIN is to go to the login page of your Palmcredit account. If you can’t do it on the app, you can use the same procedure for the website version of the Palmcredit platform.

Step 2. Click On Forgot Password

The next step that you would be required to do is to tap on the Forgot Password option just below the space provided for inputting details. When you tap on that option, a new screen will be opened to you.

Step 3. Input Your Email Address

When the new page completely launches, a space will be provided to you. When the new page is opened, input your email address. Be sure to enter the email address that is associated with your Palmcredit account. Inputting another email address may result in denied entry.

Step 4. Check Your Email

In your email, you will have a reset link already sent to you. When you see this link, tap on it. It would lead you to a page where you would have your account reset and you can put in your new password. It is good to note that when you check your email, be sure that the link that you received was sent by Palmcredit. Clicking on just any link would result in your details getting compromised.

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Step 5. Input Your Password

The link will take you to a field where you can input your new password. When you input your password, be sure to enter the same password in the next field provided.

Step 6. Tap Reset Password

After you have inputted your password, tap Reset Password. This would automatically reset the inputted password to your new password.

Now that you’ve seen the steps needed to reset your Palmcredit password, and how you can change your Palmcredit password, let’s consider that.

How To Change Your Palmcredit Password

To change your Palmcredit password, you just have to follow some simple steps. Here are the steps.

Step 1. Login To Your Palmcredit Account

The first step to changing your Palmcredit account is to log in to your Palmcredit account. Input your email address and password, then tap on Login.

Step 2. Tap On Profile

On your Palmcredit dashboard, you will see a new page labeled Profile. Tap on this Page. Here, you would be able to access Settings on your account such as security settings and more.

Step 3. Tap On Change Password

The next step would be to change your password. Tap on the Change Password option that will be displayed to you among the list of options. From here, you will be able to make changes to your account.

Step 4. Enter Old Password

As a means of trying to get the original user of the account, you would be asked to enter the old password to your Palmcredit account. Input the old password without making a mistake.

Step 5. Enter New Password

After you have entered your old password, you will also need to enter your new password. Your new password should contain both letters and figures to make it a strong one. So, be sure that you have that already prepared before attempting to change your password to your Palmcredit account.

Step 6. Tap Confirm

After your new password and old password have been entered. Click on Confirm. Immediately after you tap that, a notification will be sent to you stating that you have successfully changed your password. When this is done, then the operation is complete.


What is the account number for Palmcredit?

The account number for Palmcredit is 0772692676 (Transsnet Financial Nig Ltd). You can repay your loan here using this account number. Don’t fall for scams, this is the recommended account details of Palmcredit.

Does Palmcredit call contacts?

According to Palmcredit, they may call your contact or may decide to use any information you provide to their interest.

How can I open a Palmcredit account?

To open a Palmcredit account, download the Palmcredit app from your Play Store. Then, click on the Sign Up button. After that, fill up the required details in the filled provided and tap on Sign Up.

Is Palmcredit the same as PalmPay?

Palmcredit is mainly a loan app. However,. Palmpay is a fintech platform that carries all fintech transactions which may include offering loans and making transfer and withdrawal services.

Is Palmcredit legit?

Palmcredit is a legitimate app that allows users to get loans from 2,000 to 200,000 naira. With Palmcredit, you get a low-interest rate when you borrow money. It is often used by many when they are in urgent need of money.


Palmcredit is a known app for obtaining loans. However, it can also be used to perform several functions. You can reset your Palmcredit password, change your password, or even recover it using the Palmcredit app.

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