How To Sell Or Convert Airtime To Cash On PalmPay Recharge2Cash

Almost everyone in Nigeria at one point in their lives, has mistakenly recharged more than what they intended to by mistake. When this happens, some, may leave it and choose to use the airtime gradually until it eventually finishes. For others, they may seek other means to convert their airtime to the cash value. If you’re like the latter mentioned above, then the Recharge2Cash feature on Palmpay is for you. The Recharge2Cash platform by Palmpay provides an easy way to convert your airtime to cash without hassle. This article will focus on how to sell or convert airtime to cash on Palmpay Recharge2Cash. Let’s jump into it:

What Is Recharge2Cash On PalmPay?

Recharge2Cash platform on Palmpay is a feature on Palmpay that allows users to convert airtime in a fast, easy, and stress-free way. This feature is one of the most used features on Palmpay because of the ease at which operations can be carried out by users of the app.

This feature is not entirely free to use. You get charged a small fee (about 12% of the converted amount) whenever you want to convert airtime to cash. Unlike every other airtime-to-cash platform in Nigeria, with the Recharge2Cash feature on Palmpay, no amount is too small or too big to convert. You can convert from as little as 50 naira to as much as you want. Isn’t that amazing?

However, what does one need to be eligible to convert airtime to cash using the Recharge2Cash feature on Palmpay? The next subheading would be going into detail on that.

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Requirements On How To Convert Airtime To Cash Using Recharge2Cash By Palmpay

The requirements required to convert airtime to cash on Palmpay are not too tasking. Let’s check them out.

1. Palmpay App

The Palmpay app is the principal app where you can find the Recharge2Cash feature. So, if you haven’t downloaded the app and you wish to use this feature then you should download it.

2. Have An Unused Airtime

You should have an available airtime balance to be eligible for this operation. If your account balance reads zero, it may not be possible to use this feature on Palmpay.

3. Transition Fee

Earlier in this article, you read that for using the Recharge2Cash feature, you’ll be charged an amount for every operation you carry out using this feature. So, before you attempt to use the Recharge2Cash feature, make sure you have a small amount available which would be deducted as a fee.

Now that we’ve checked out the requirements needed to be eligible for the Recharge2Cash feature in Nigeria, let’s consider the main subject of this article, which is: How To Sell Or Convert Airtime to Cash on PalmPay Recharge2Cash.

The next subheading focuses on that.

How To Sell Or Convert Airtime To Cash On PalmPay Recharge2Cash

In this section, you’ll be reading step-by-step details on how to sell or convert airtime to cash on Recharge2Cash by Palmpay. Let’s get started:

Step 1. Download and Install The Palmpay App

If you don’t have the Palmpay app already installed on your device, it would be wise to download the Palmpay app on your device to be able to fully use the Recharge2Cash feature.

Step 2. Upgrade Your Account For Higher Transaction

Sometimes, you might not be eligible to carry out some transactions on Palmpay because your account has not been upgraded. So, upgrading your account before carrying out any transaction or operation on Palmpay is important.

Step 3. Click On Recharge2Cash Icon

Tap on the Recharge2Cash Icon shown on the home screen of the Palmpay app.

Step 4. Select the Network Of Your Choice

You would be asked to choose the network of which you intend to deduct the airtime. So, if you use a dual SIM, be careful to select the correct SIM so that you don’t end up messing it all up.

Step 5. Enter The One Time Password

A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your device. Do well to enter the OTP in the required space to get access to the next step.

Step 6. Choose The Amount You Wish To Convert

You will be asked to select the amount you wish to convert to in this step.

Step 7. Tap Convert

The last step would be to convert airtime to cash. Once you tap on the Convert button, your request to convert your airtime to cash will be immediately processed.

Note: As you’ve read earlier, 12% of the converted amount would be deducted. This means that if you intend to convert an airtime worth 5,000 naira to cash, 12% of 5,000 would be deducted leaving you with the remaining cash.

12% of 5,000 = 600 naira.

So, 5,000 – 600 = 4,200 naira.

So, if you convert an airtime of 5,000 naira worth, you should expect 4,200 naira as cash in your account.


How do you convert airtime to money?

To convert your airtime to money, use the Recharge2Cash feature on Palmpay. Follow the instructions to successfully convert your airtime to money:

Step 1. Download The Palmpay App

If you haven’t done so already, download and install the Palmpay app. That’s the only way you can access and use the Recharge2Cash feature. Without it, you can not use the Recharge2Cash feature.

Step 2. Upgrade Your Account

Sometimes, you may not be able to run transactions without upgrading your account. So, to be on the safe side, it is advised that you upgrade your Palmpay account to enable you to do all kinds of transactions easily.

Step 3. Tap On the Recharge2Cash Icon

On the home screen of the app, you will see an icon labeled, Recharge2Cash. So, click on the icon to enable you to convert your airtime to money.

Step 4. Select Your Network

The next step would be to select the network in which the airtime is contained.

Step 5. Tap Convert

Change your airtime to cash by tapping the convert button.

Is Recharge2Cash legit?

It is very legit. Recharge2Cash is featured on Palmpay. As you know, Palmpay is a very legitimate platform for making all kinds of financial transactions.

Which app can I use to sell my airtime to cash?

Palmpay is the best app to convert your airtime to cash. With the Recharge2Cash feature, you can even convert airtime as low as 5,000 naira to cash.

Is it possible to convert airtime to cash?

Yes, it is very possible to convert airtime to cash. With the Recharge2Cash feature by Palmpay, you can convert airtime to cash in no time. It is very fast, reliable, and legitimate.

Is Palmpay legit?

Yes, Palmpay is legitimate. They are a financial platform that provides financial solutions to users. They have been in the banking sector for a long time.


This article no doubt has gone in-depth on what you need to know about how to sell or convert airtime to cash on Palmpay Recharge2Cash. This method has been proven to be one of the fastest ways to get cashback on excess airtime purchases. Don’t sleep on it!

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