POS Machine With No Target In 2023

In Nigeria, starting a POS business is very easy. However, getting a POS machine that doesn’t work with daily savings is not all that easy. Many POS machines insist that their customers reach a particular daily target before being eligible to use the POS machine, while others do not. In this article, however, you would be reading about POS brands that do not demand daily targets from users of their POS machines.

Baxi POS

Baxi POS is a POS brand that is easily becoming a mainstay in the banking and finance industry. With its technology-based approach to banking, it sets itself apart from other POS brands in Nigeria.

Baxi POS helps its users by eliminating the set target. This way clients can get focus on providing seamless services to their customers rather than focusing on meeting the target.

With Baxi POS, you can easily work because of its nice user interface and sharp operating features.

You can use any bank card in the Baxi POS and be sure of having a smooth experience when you use it.

Palmpay POS

Palmpay POS is one of the most commonly used POS brands in Nigeria. It has gained popularity as one of the best POS brands in Nigeria and even Africa as a whole.

Whether you have a small or big business, Palmpay is suitable for all kinds of business. You also get access to other features such as flexible card payment and biometric authentication when you use Palmpay POS.

Palmpay includes organizations that have scraped out the daily target feature. Just like with Baxi, it enables users to focus on providing to their customers rather than on reaching a target.

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Moniepoint POS

Moniepoint remains one of the most used POS machines in Nigeria. They are commonly used by shop owners, businessmen, and other entrepreneurs to run their businesses.

One of the reasons why it is mostly used is because it doesn’t encourage the daily savings target for its clients. With Moniepoint, you can get access to all the features that make banking easy.

Above all, fast network coverage enables clients to receive cash within seconds of sending it. This POS machine is very enjoyable to use.

Opay POS

Opay POS is a top financial platform that provides financial solutions to customers. They help by aiding faster transactions in payment of bills, transfer and receiving of funds, etc.

Another way they promote financial solutions is by not adding the daily target features to their services. So, as a customer of OPay using the POS to carry out transactions, you would not need to bother about meeting a daily target.

The benefits offered by OPay does not stop there, you can get the OPay POS at low prices compared to other. The OPay POS is of different sizes. Depending on the type of business you have, you get anyone you like.

KippaPay POS

The KippaPay POS is also another POS machine with no target as of 2023. With the KippaPay POS machine, you can perform transactions easily and fast. This is because of the user interface and the ever-friendly design of the POS machine.

The KippaPay POS machine enables you to carry out your transactions without worrying about reaching a particular target. It is also affordable and comes with a lot of features.

With the KippaPay POS, you can manage inventory management, receives all kind of cards, and makes reports and analysis. The KippaPay POS is all you need as a business owner, no doubt about that.

Paycenter POS

The Paycenter POS machine is helpful to get transactions at a fast rate. Though not all that common, is one of the best POS machines in Nigeria. With the Paycenter POS machine, you can remove the thought of making target savings at the end of a business day.

All you need to do while using this POS is to focus on providing seamless service to your business. This you can carry out using the features that this POS machine comes with. The features include Acceptance of all kinds of cards, cash transfers, airtime recharge, etc.


Which POS machine does not have a target?

The Baxi POS machine doesn’t have a daily target. With Baxi POS, you can make transactions for as long as you want without worrying about reaching a target.

Which POS is the best in Nigeria now?

The POS that is best in Nigeria are Moniepoint POS, Palmpay POS, and OPay POS. These are commonly used and are known for their durability and sweet offers.

What is the daily target for Moniepoint POS?

There is no daily target for Moniepoint POS. Moniepoint is commonly used because of its no daily target feature.

Which is the best between Opay and Moniepoint?

The two financial platforms are good. However, Moniepoint and OPay would tie because they are similar in operations and are alike in several ways.


No doubt, you’ll agree that this article has indeed been an eye-opener for you. You’ve seen the different POS brands that do not demand daily savings from their customers. You can purchase these POS if you think that they’ll be ideal for you.

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