How To Apply For KashCash Loan: KashCash Loan Interest Rate, Customer Care, WhatsApp Number, Phone Number, Email And Office Address

KashCash is one of the fast-rising loan apps that helps customers borrow money hassle-free and fast. With KashCash, you can get loans up to 200,000 naira with a juicy interest rate and repayment time. Isn’t that what you always wanted? That’s not all, there is other information about the KashCash loan that when you find out, you’ll be amazed. This article uncovers them all. In this article, you would read about KashCash interest rate, customer care, Whatsapp number, phone number, email, and office address. Let’s get started on this!

KashCash Loan Interest Rate

KashCash has a very juicy rate and a nice period of repayment. KashCash just charges an interest rate that ranges from 12% – 24%. This means that depending on the loan you want, the least interest rate you could be charged is about 12%.

That is, for a loan of 10,000 naira, you should expect an interest of 1,200 naira. So, when you want to pay back, you would be required to pay a loan of 11,200 naira only to complete your repayment.

Now that we’ve seen the interest rates employed by KashCash, let’s examine the steps required to obtain a loan from the app.

To apply for a KashCash loan is relatively easy, all you need to do is to meet the requirements and you are good to go. But, what are the requirements needed to obtain a loan from KashCash?

KashCash loan Requirements

Here are the requirements needed to be met to successfully apply for a KashCash loan:

1. Proof Of Identification

Proof of identification shows your date of birth and other details about you. Your proof of identification helps KashCash ascertain that you are a real person and not just another person hiding under a fake profile. That’s why this is important to have.

2. Proof Of Address

Your address should be displayed in the form of utility bills such as light and water bills. This would also be required from you during the application process.

3. Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Your BVN would be needed to successfully have your request granted by KashCash. This would help them keep track of your account and possibly make repayment possible.

So far, we’ve considered the requirements involved in obtaining a loan from the KashCash loan app. Now, let’s consider the step-by-step process of how this is done.

How To Apply For KashCash Loan

Step 1. Create A KashCash Account

For this, you would have to download the KashCash loan app and sign up with the required information. Information such as your name, and phone number would be needed at this stage. You would also have to verify your identity too.

Step 2. Apply For Loan

On the app, an icon where you can apply for the loan would be displayed. Tap it. A form would then be opened for you to fill out. Fill out the form correctly and put in the correct information that is needed.

Step 3. Attach Your Credentials

The next step is to attach documents such as the utility bill, government-issued ID, and other scanned documents that are asked on that page. This would help your application process faster and easier.

Step 4. Wait For Approval

After a short time, your request would be approved. After it has been approved, the money you request would be credited to your account.

We’ve seen so far the steps needed to obtain a loan from the KashCash loan app. But, what if at one point, you need to get in touch with a customer service representative of KashCash in the application process? How do you go about it? The next subheading gives detailed steps on how to do that.

KashCash Customer Care

KashCash Customer Care Phone Number

KashCash Customer Care Phone Number is 018883539. These contact phone numbers are to be called when you have problems concerning the KashCash loan app.

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KashCash Customer Care Whatsapp

Number: KashCash does not have an existing Whatsapp number you can contact as of now. In the future when this is available, we would be the first to let you know.

KashCash Email Address

KashCash customer email address is When you compose an email and send it to this address, your questions and inquiries would be answered. It is best that when you compose your email, use the correct English language that can be understood. This is to make sure that you get a perfect response to your query.

To write a well-accepted email address to KashCash Customer Care, you can use this format below:


Subject: The Heading (Title)

Body: ‘I hereby request that…..’


KashCash Contact Address

KashCash headquarters is located at Room 301, Jopebi Road No. 62, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. This is where all activities regarding KashCash operations in Nigeria are carried out. So, feel free to walk down there to resolve all of your issues.


What is the KashCash loan interest rate?

When you obtain a loan from KashCash, you should expect an interest rate of 12% – 24%. This is, however, depending on the amount you wish to obtain a loan from.

How can I contact KashCash on my phone?

To contact KashCash, you can reach out to them via their customer service phone number which is:


Once you dial that number, you would be connected to a qualified KashCash representative who would be glad to rectify any pending issue you may have.

What is KashCash email?

KashCash’s email is Via this email channel, you can get inquiries on the latest packages and offers on KashCash. They are also responsive through this medium too.

Is KashCash legit?

Yes, KashCash is one of the legitimate loan apps you can use to get loans of all amounts.

What are the requirements needed to obtain a loan from KashCash?

To obtain a loan from KashCash, you would need a smartphone, a government-issued identification number, proof of address, and a bank Verification number.


KashCash stands out for its amazing speed of operation and simple interface on the app. With the KashCash loan app, you could carry out all basic transactions that can be done on any regular loan app. Don’t sleep on this loan app, use KashCash for quick loan disbursal today!

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