How To Open Jaiz Bank Account With USSD Code On Phone

Opening of account is now more easier than ever before. We say this because Jaiz Bank has made it simple to open an account with the platform. Jaiz Bank’s banking system is very easy and stress-free. Opening an account on Jaiz is very easy.

This article is designed to show you the rules and regulations on how to open a jaiz bank account with a USSD code on your phone. Let’s delve into the thick article.

Requirements to open a Jaiz Account

1. Fill the Opening Form:

The first step is to fill out the account opening form on Jaiz. Jaiz’s bank account would be easily opened if you duly complete this form. This form can be said to be a registration form. This account opening form collects your phone number, address, name, and other important information.

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2. Proof of Identity:

The next step is to provide proof of Identity. This proof of Identity would enable you Jaiz know that the owner of the account is a legitimate citizen of Nigeria. Also, this proof of Identity is pertinent in knowing the place you live. You can provide your utility bill, international passport, identity card, etc.

3. Passport Photograph:

The next requirement for the Jaiz bank account is the passport Photograph. This passport Photograph enables you to complete the form easily. You can carry passport photographs of different sizes just in case need be.

4. Signature Card:

Jaiz may also ask you to fill out a signature specimen card. This card captures the signature of the owner of the account.

How to open a jaiz bank account with ussd code on phone

Do well to follow the steps below to open a jaiz bank account with ussd code. The steps are not hard rather they are easy to follow.

Step 1: Input the USSD code

The first step is to input the USSD code to your phone. You can input the USSD mobile code to any phone in Nigeria. As long as the phone has the dial-pad feature, it is easy to follow through. Do well to dial *773#.

Step 2: Provide your BVN:

The next step is to provide your BVN. Your Bank Verification Number is very important in this process. The Bank Verification Number is a code that allows you to recognize your bank account easily. However, it has come to the bank’s notice that many do not have a BVN. The best thing to do in this case is to walk down to the bank and create a Bank Verification Number.

Step 3: Complete the verification procedures:

This part of the registration would enable you to complete the other part of the registration. The next screen that would pop out is for you to fill in important information about yourself. You can fill in information regarding your name, date of birth, and also your surname.

Step 4: Receive your Account Details:

The next step is to receive your account details. These details would allow you to perform banking transactions anytime you want. You wouldn’t need to go to a conventional bank to complete this process. All you need do is to input the bank details you receive from Jaiz and you are good to go.

These details will be sent to you via an SMS message. It might also be displayed on your home screen. The account will remain inactive until you deposit into the Jaiz account. Thereafter, Jaiz would make the account active.

How to Delete jaiz’s Account Easily

Step 1: Contact Customer Service:

You can reach Jaiz Bank’s customer service department via customer care assistance.

Step 2: Provide Account Information:

When contacting customer care, be prepared to provide your account information and any other relevant information.

Step 3: Complete the Closure Form:

Jaiz Bank may request you to fill out an account closure form.

Step 4: Settle Outstanding Obligations:

Before closing your account, make sure that all outstanding obligations, such as pending transactions, loans, or overdrafts, are resolved.


How do I check my Jaiz account number?

You can check your Jaiz account balance with *389*301#.

Does Jaiz Bank give loans?

Yes. Jaiz Bank give loans to people.

What is the full name of Jaiz Bank?

Jaiz Bank PLC JAIZBANK (Nigerian Stock Exchange)

How do I check my Jaiz bank account balance?

You can do this by simply dialing *773#

How can I recharge my line through Jaiz Bank?

Simply dial dial *773*Amount#.


This article has discussed extensively the process of opening a Jaiz account without stress. Jaiz is one of the leading microfinance banks in Nigeria. Jaiz performs all other functions like a conventional bank. However, you have to play with the rules of Jaiz. Jaiz also makes it available for you to borrow money without interest. They strictly follow the law of the Holy Book when it comes to banking. To open an account with Jaiz through USSD can be done with your fingertips. Do well to scroll up for more information.

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