How To Close, Delete, Or Deactivate Your Fairmoney Account Easily

FairMoney is a platform that offers its customers loans with a considerable period of repayment. Along with that, it boasts a strong customer service system that makes it stand out from the other loan platforms. Despite all that it offers, some may wish to close their Fairmoney account in order not to receive a loan from Fairmoney. How can this be done? In this article, you will be reading how this can be done. This write-up will be focused on guiding you on how to close, delete, or deactivate your Fairmoney account easily. Without wasting time, let’s delve into it.

How To Close, Delete, Or Deactivate Your Fairmoney Account Easily

This section will be centered on outlining the procedures required to successfully close your Fairmoney account. Below are the steps:

Step 1. Clear Your Wallet

The first step to follow on how to close, delete, or deactivate your Fairmoney account is to begin by clearing all the available funds in your wallet. Some people find it helpful to transfer all the funds they have to their regular bank account. This would make sure that you do not lose your funds when the deactivation of your account is over. However, if you do not have a significant amount of money there, you may decide to leave it.

Step 2. Repay Your Loan

If you still have outstanding debt to pay on Fairmoney, then you need to pay up before attempting to close your Fairmoney account. The reason for this is that when all checks on your account are done and you are found to still be owed, you won’t be successful in closing up your account. So, as important as you take clearing your funds off your Fairmoney account, do likewise to clear your debt.

Step 3. Head To Email

To begin deactivating your Renmoney account, you would have to go to your email. This is because email is one of the fastest ways to reach Fairmoney customer service. When you are in your email, type the Fairmoney customer service email ( in the space provided after the “To” label.

Step 4. Input The Subject And Compose

After you have entered the Fairmoney email address in the space provided, next, you need to input your Subject. The Subject can be “Request To Close My Fairmoney Account” or “Application For Closure Of Fairmoney Account”. If you have any other suitable Subject, you could use that too.

In the composing of your email, you need to clearly state your desire to delete your Fairmoney account. Also, your full name registered Fair Money phone number, and email address should also be mentioned. If you wish, you may also tell the reason why you decided to close down the account. Here’s a sample:


Subject: Application For Fairmoney Account Closure

Dear Fairmoney,

I hereby wish to apply for the closure of my Fairmoney account. The reason for this is that..”

Step 5. Wait For Response

After you have made sure your email has been successfully sent, the next thing to do is to wait for a reply. The reply from Fairmoney would tell you the instructions to follow to assist in the closure of your account. It may also be a confirmation email telling you that your request for closure would be worked on and how long it would take.

Step 6. Follow Up

When you have waited for some time and see no effect being made, that’s where this step comes in. You could go ahead to contact the other customer service channels of Fairmoney to declare your intention of closing your account or tell them to help see the progress made so far as regards closing or deleting your account. If you don’t have the Fairmoney customer service phone numbers saved on your device, you can get that information by looking up through our blog posts about Fairmoney.

In this article so far, you have seen the steps involved in closing down your Fairmoney account. It just involves clearing your debt and dropping a text or email about it. Have you ever wondered why many may choose to close down their Fairmoney account? The next subheading discusses that.

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Reasons For Closing Fairmoney Account

Below are several reasons why may may wish to deactivate your Fairmoney loan account.

1. Financially Stable

As you know already, Fairmoney is a loan app that helps users get loans at a fast rate. You may also know that people take loans when they are in a difficult financial position. However, when you become financially stable, you may not need the Fairmoney loan account anymore. This may lead to you wanting to delete your account with them. So, this is one of the leading reasons why many may choose to close their Fairmoney account.

2. Better Alternatives

Three are over 50 well-known platforms that give out loans to their customers. So, these apps may offer nicer interest rates or longer repayment periods. This could also pose a reason why some may want to delete their Fairmoney account.


Can FairMoney remove money from my account?

FairMoney can only remove money from your account if the funds in your account are from fraudulent or erroneous transactions.

What happens if I don’t pay FairMoney?

If you don’t pay FairMoney, your credit score will become low. This would prevent other loan apps from giving you loans because a low credit score is a bad record for a customer to have.

Does FairMoney send messages to your contacts?

According to the Fairmoney privacy policy, Fairmoney would never communicate with anybody from your contact list. It is not how they operate.

How do I delete data from the loan app?

To delete your data from the loan app, go to the Settings section of your loan app. After that, an option that allows you to erase your data from your loan app will be displayed to you. Tap on it and follow the instructions.

How to block my Fairmoney account?

To block your Fairmoney account, send an email to the Fairmoney customer service. After that, wait for a response and follow the instructions contained in the response email.


The steps outlined in this article are one of the way ways to close your Fairmoney account. This is because Fairmoney pays special attention to their email address channel. This means that your request to close your account would be responded to within a short time than when you use other Fairmoney customer service channels.

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