Okash Loan App: How To Apply For Loan And Borrow Money From Opay Loan App Okash

In today’s world, it is now easier to borrow funds without going to a physical bank. Even though people can get loans from local saving bodies, things have now become digital. The digital innovation of the banking world has made things easier for customers. At the ease of your parlor, you can quickly apply for and borrow a loan easily.

OKash is a platform for people to borrow loans. Thanks to OKash, Opay has now been relieved of the stress of offering loans to customers. When talking about OKash, is one of the best platforms for loans put there with little or no interest charge. The scope of this article would be covering OKash Loan Requirements, OKash Customer Registration, Okash Loan App Registration, and others.

OKash Loan Requirements

OKash is available for citizens of all states in Nigeria. As a Nigerian, you stand a chance of accessing the loan provision made by OKash. However, to qualify for this loan offer by OKash you need to fulfill some requirements:

1. A Nigerian Bank Account

Possessing a real and active bank account to avail you of the opportunity of receiving the money straight to your bank account. When possessing a bank account do well to notify your bank if you are going to receive a huge amount of money. This would save your account without it getting banned or blocked.

2. National Identity

You must link your National Identification Number (NIN) to your bank account. This would help you because it identifies you as a real account holder with Opay and OKash.

3. Bank Verification Number

BVN is an important part of the OKash platform. No matter the number of bank accounts you have, they must be linked to one Bank Verification Number. In the same vein, OKash needs your BVN so that they can track you in case you swindle away without payment.

4. Mobile Phone Number

Opay is a centralized platform that is created using just your phone number. Your phone number represents your account number and saves you the stress of memorizing a local account number.

5. Age

You must be at least up to the age of 20 before you can be able to request a loan on OKash. This means that if you are below 20 years, you would be considered a minor in the terms and conditions of Okash.

6. Source of Income

When talking about a source of income, you must keep in mind that it must be something legitimate. OKash would track you if you are not able to pay back your loan. Therefore, you must have a credible source of income.

OKash Signup and Registration: How To Open OKash Account

OKash has been known to be a credible source of capital for many small businesses. OKash Loan offers many features apart from the offering of credit facilities. Enough of the chatter, let’s see the simple step of registering as an OKash Customer

Step 1. Open Account

Of course, you should know by now that Opay Group is the owner of Okash. So, if you’re an existing Opay customer you may not need to open a OKash account. Therefore, just sign in with your Opay details.

Step 2. Terms and Conditions

Read through the terms and conditions of the platform. If you’re comfortable with it, you can click the ‘Accept’ tab. Once you accepted it, a six-digit code will be sent to your mobile device. Input the code in the space provided and proceed.

Step 3. Create a Security Code

For you to progress any further, you would be required to input a security code. The content of your security code should be something you would easily remember. You would be told to confirm the PIN you created by retyping it. Retype and Progress

Step 4. Grant Some Permission

The OKash Loan app would ask you to grant some permission. The permission may include accessing your contact list and sometimes your device location.

How To Download OKash Loan App

OKash Loan app is very easy to install. If you want to download the OKash Loan app, you can simply get it on Google Play Store. Google Play Store as you know is only available on Android phones.

As a prospective user, you can install the Okash app from the Google play store. It is very portable as it has a size of 9MB. It also has a good review on Playstore as over 155,000 customers have rated it as good (4.3/5.0 review) in the last year. Additionally, it has over 7 million downloads from Google Play Store. Follow these steps to download the OKash Loan app from Google Play Store:

Step 1: Launch the Google Play store on your mobile device

Step 2: Search for the term ‘Okash Loan’

Step 3: Press ‘Install’

Step 4: Give it some time to install.

Step 5: Accept the Privacy, Terms, and Conditions in the app.

Step 6: Launch the ‘Okash Loan App’

Step 7: Sign in

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Okash Loan App APK Download

If for some reason, your smartphone is unable to access the app store to download the Opay app, then you can opt for the APK version of the app.

The Opay apk can be downloaded here.

How to Apply and Borrow Money on OKash

The main purpose of downloading the app is to use it. Isn’t it? Applying for the OKash Loan app is not difficult. With the simple steps provided below, you can borrow money from OKash yourself

Step 1: Launch OKash App on your device. After that, Tap ‘Dashboard’

Step 2: Choose or input the amount you would like to borrow

Step 3: Input your details and your Bank Information

Step 4: Submit your application.

Step 5: A verification call would come in. Do not fret! This is just a call to confirm the details you inputted.

Step 6: If your loan application is approved by OKash you would receive an SMS to confirm this.

Step 7: Confirm loan agreement after approval

Step 8: The amount would be sent to you after you have confirmed your loan agreement.


Is Okash still giving loans?

Yes. They are still giving loans and financial services.

How do I qualify for OKash Loan?

OKash does not have any cumbersome requirements. The requirements include Being above 18 years of age, possessing an Android smartphone, data connection, and a means of identification.

How much can you borrow from OKash?

You can receive loans amount ranging from N3000 to N500,000. Meet the requirements and submit your application.

What is the highest loan amount in OKash?

The highest amount you can receive at any point in time is N50,000 in OKash.

Who is the owner of Okash?

The owners of Okash are provided by Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank.


This article has so far touched on the various ways where OKash can help us. OKash Loan app is very effective. With its help, you can easily get loans without hassle and stress. As said earlier, it is very difficult to get loans from the local saving platform but at the same time, the interest rate would be very high. On the other hand, the Okash app is far better with its interest rate being very low.

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