How To Create Kuda Bank Account And Make Money In Nigeria

How To Create Kuda Bank Account And Make Money In Nigeria.

Kuda Bank is a mobile banking application that has so far transformed the banking section in Nigeria.

The Microfinance Bank Licensed by the Central Bank helps their customers to transfer and receive money without overcharging.

In just 5 Minutes, you can create Kuda Bank Account, monitor your spending, Transfer funds, Buy Airtime, Receive Money, and also make money from the App.

How to create Kuda Bank Account And Make Money In Nigeria

The main mission behind Kuda Bank is to enable everyone to create an account without going to the bank.

In Nigeria, Kuda is Popularly called The Bank Of The Free because of the unlimited and free features it has installed for its users.

When you successfully register as a verified user on Kuda, you will be given a physical debit card and Naira Card, transfer, and send money for free. In fact, Kuda will make moving funds from one account to the other easy for you compared to other commercial banks.

How Kuda Bank Works

Kuda is a certified Microfinance Bank that makes banking easier in Nigeria. It allows customers to Operate and own an account within 5 minutes.

How To Create Kuda Bank Account

You need to download the Kuda Bank App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store in other to create an account. After downloading the app, provide information like your name, Date of birth, BVN, Phone Number, email address, and other vital info to get your account up and running in minutes.

Immediately after providing the information, Kuda will create an account for you giving you access to unlimited banking services like Savings, Withdrawals, Debit cards, and many more.

As a customer, you are entitled to a free debit card by Kuda, all you have to do is make a request, choose your location and the Debit card will be delivered to your doorstep.

With Kuda, you don’t have to visit the Bank branch, you can manage and make transfers with just the Kuda App.

Thinking of how Kuda makes money? Well, they make most of their money from commission on the Purchases of Airtime, Service Fees, and also from investment too.

Free Financial Services you will enjoy as a Kuda Bank Customer

Here are free services you will enjoy as a Kuda Bank Customer. There are numerous services you will get when you successfully create an account with Kuda.

1. Free Debit card To Your Doorstep

2. Unlimited cash withdrawal on more than 250 ATMs

3. 25 free transfers to other Banks every month

4. On Kuda no fee for card maintenance

5. Block your debit card from the App

6. Savings

Is It Safe To Use Kuda Bank?

Yes, Kuda Bank is Safe to use because they have already been verified and certified by the Central Bank Of Nigeria to carry out different transactions.

Like every other Bank, Kuda Protects and secures each account with high-security encryption.

Below are the requirements Needed To Operate An Account With Kuda

1. A smartphone

2. Email Address and active phone number

3. Must be around 18 years old

4. BVN

To enjoy more benefits on Kuda, provide your BVN number, this will enable you to make unlimited transfers on the App.

How To Make Money On Kuda Bank App

Do you know you can actually make money on Kuda Bank App? Yes, it’s very possible.

Asides from making transfers, and receiving and saving money on the App, Kuda Bank has a referral program that pays as high as N1000 per Referral.

This means, if you share your referral Code or Link and someone registered, you will make N1000.

So imagine 10 people joined Kuda Bank App using your referral Code, that’s about 10 thousand naira daily.

What are you waiting for? Go to the play store and download the App

Register and verify yourself on the App, now go get your Referral code and share it with your friends to make cool cash on Kuda Bank App Instantly.

How do I get my Kuda account number?

On your Kuda Bank App, click on the profile and the account number will be displayed.

Can I add money to my Kuda account without BVN?

Yes, you can add money to your Kuda account without BVN

Can I send money to Kuda to Kuda without BVN?

Yes you can, but providing your BVN will make transfers on the App more easier

Is Kuda Bank registered with CBN?

Kuda Bank is Registered by The CBN

Does Kuda Bank have ATM card?

Yes, Kuda Bank offers free ATM cards to its customers

How can I open Kuda without BVN?

Well, you can open Kuda Bank Account without BVN but the account will be limited to certain features on the app.


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