Zenith Bank Customer Care WhatsApp Number, Phone Number, Email Address, And Office Address

Zenith Bank is one of the top-rated banks in Nigeria. Having been a former recipient of the prestigious Best Bank in Nigeria Award, Zenith Bank has built a reputation that only a few banks in Nigeria can boast of. Recently, they have had some network glitches which has led to Nigerians seeking ways to contact their customer care service for rectification. In this article, we would be going over the Zenith Bank customer care channels from the Zenith Bank phone number to its office address. Let’s get started!

Zenith Bank Customer Care Phone Number

ZenithBank Customer Care Phone Numbers are 01 2787000 and 07040857000. These contact phone numbers are to be called when you have problems concerning your Zenith Bank app or issues with your Zenith Bank ATM usage.

If those numbers do not connect when you need them, you can also try 0700ZENITHBANK. The phone numbers would give you access to a qualified customer service representative. They would offer you the help you need in accessing, deactivating your upgrading your account.

Zenith Bank Customer Care Whatsapp Number

Zenith Bank does not have a recognized Whatsapp number that you can reach them from. Those numbers outlined above are only for calls and not Whatsapp. Do well to avoid scammers telling you to message them on WhatsApp.

Zenith Bank Email Address

Zenith Bank’s customer email address is

When you compose an email and send it to this address, your questions and inquiries would be answered. It is best that when you compose your email, use the correct English language that can be understood. This is to make sure that you get a perfect response to your query.

To write a well-accepted email address to Zenith Bank Customer Care, you can use the format below:


Subject: The Heading (Title)

Body: ‘I hereby request that…..’


Make sure your account number and name are clearly stated in the body of your email.

An email address is one of the fastest means to get solutions to your banking problems. If you’re having issues with the Zenith Bank app, or your Zenith Bank ATM card, you can always count on the email address.

Zenith Bank Contact Address

Zenith Bank branches are scattered all over Nigeria. You can just walk into any Zenith Bank near you and go to the Customer Service unit and make your complaints or inquiry.

So far, we’ve seen the various contact channels of Zenith Bank. Now, let’s consider the top benefits of Zenith Bank’s customer service.

Benefits Of Zenith Bank Customer Care Service

They are many benefits of the Zenith Bank customer care service. Let’s examine some of them:

1. Helps In Intercepting Fraudulent Activities

When a fraudulent activity has been noticed in your account, the customer care service of Zenith Bank is capable of intercepting other transactions that may be done on your account. For instance, if your phone was stolen and your account is being tampered with, you can contact Zenith Bank through any of the channels above and inform them of your desire to deactivate your account and it would be done in a short time.

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2. Help In Resolving Problems

The Zenith Bank customer service is also capable of rendering solutions to your query. They help you by giving you recommended tips to overcome a problem in the Zenith Bank app. For instance, if you have issues transferring funds from one account to another account, you can reach out to Zenith Bank through the contact channels and the issues would be resolved.


Is Zenith Bank a good bank?

Zenith Bank is one of the best banks we have in Nigeria. Recently, they have had issues concerning the network. However, they had remained among the most used banks in Nigeria with one of the highest customer base.

What is Zenith Bank’s email?

To contact Zenith Bank via email, you can use:

With it, you can solve almost all your banking issues without even stepping out of your house.

Where is Zenith Bank located?

Zenith Bank branches are located everywhere in Nigeria. Just walk down to any Zenith Bank branch near you and go to their customer service unit.

Is Zenith Bank legit?

Zenith Bank is a legitimate bank that can perform all banking transactions.

Can I open a domiciliary account at Zenith Bank?

You can open a domiciliary account with Zenith Bank. Walk down to any Zenith Bank and ask for procedures on how to solve it.


Zenith Bank is also one of Nigeria’s most reliable banks. They have had a tough time in recent times but have found a way to remain one of the most used banking platforms in Nigeria. This article has helped you to know how you can contact them if you ever notice glitches of any kind.

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