How To Retrieve Lost BVN SIM Card in Nigeria 2023

How To Retrieve Lost BVN SIM Card in Nigeria 2023

In recent times, Nigerians have been making inquiries on how to retrieve their BVN SIM card, your BVN SIM card can be retrieved easily by following all the steps in this article.

This article will state almost all the solutions that can be made when your BVN Simcard is lost and how it can be retrieved.

How To Retrieve Lost BVN SIM Card in Nigeria 2022

For you to be able to continue with your mobile transaction you must act fast to retrieve your BVN SIM card, this article will explain how to retrieve your BVN SIM card with ease:

Steps To Retrieve Lost BVN SIM Card In Nigeria 2023

1. Obtain an affidavit before going to the bank to tender your request because the bank will surely ask for an affidavit and make sure your affidavit is accompanied by a sworn statement.

2. Secondly, you must take along with you any means of recommended identification either a national ID card, voter’s card, birth certificate, international passport, driving license, or any other means of identification.

3. Then visit your bank with all these documents and make a request of changing of BVN number, note: your BVN number may not be the same as your alert number you have the option of using the same or a different number.

4. Lastly, verify the validity of your BVN: you will be asked to confirm your BVN and your biometric will be captured throughout the process.

You can also dial *565*0# to confirm if your number had been connected to your BVN, and if not you are going to wait for about 24 hours to connect your BVN to your new number.

Below is the other easiest step you can take to retrieve your bank verification number SIM card:

1. Visiting your bank

The easiest way to retrieve your BVN SIM card is to visit your bank and explain the current situation to them about the retrieval of your bVN SIM card. But you must go through the verification process because giving away a bank verification number without proper reference will be difficult for banks because they don’t do what’s against their rule and regulation.

When you visit your bank make sure you take along with you, your national ID card and at least two passports, they will be required, and make sure you follow all the processes you are asked to follow for a quick response. You will have to fill some form when you get there and make sure all the names you put down on your bvn form when you just open an account match with the new one you fill in the bank and note: you are not going to pay any fee, it is free.

2. Using the internet banking system

This is another easiest way to retrieve your lost BVN SIM card, what you need here is your mobile phone you just have to enroll your internet banking service at first by dialing *556# and make sure you follow all the steps you are asked to follow, it may require some of your details make sure the details are the same with the ones you use for registration in the bank.

Then login to the bank internet banking page using your user name and password to the banking page, you should find your BVN on the top/side of your menu if not, check your menu list.

So if you need to retrieve your BVN just go straight to the internet banking service and follow all the steps mentioned early, your bvn SIM card will be retrieved easily. This part is free just that you will need a good data connection for the internet.

3. Making use of bank mobile app

Here is another effective and easy way of retrieving lost BVN Sim cards.

The fact is that you just need to download the bank mobile app on Playstore, Chrome, etc., and register your account on the app after completing the registration process.

You will be issued a password and user ID that you are going to be using throughout the registration procedure.

Sign in with your user ID and password when you are done with the registration process go through the app carefully and look for your BVN, your bvn may appear at the top or elsewhere just make sure you also check the menu settings.

You can go to the account settings and BVN and examine it very well you are going to see your BVN in any of these settings.

If you don’t know the name of your bank mobile app you can also make inquiries for it, so you won’t download another app and make mistake, this section is also free, you only need data to go to the internet.

In conclusion, if you have lost your BVN sim card, these are the step you can follow to be able to retrieve your BVN SIM card, regardless of the method or step, you are not paying any amount it is free only for the ones that require data to get to the internet.

Before the introduction of the BVN you may misplace your bvn Sim card and it won’t affect your transaction but note, nowadays technology has changed a lot, so your account can no longer function without a BVN

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