How To Contact Sunking Customer Care In Nigeria – Sunking Customer Care Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email And Office Address


Sunking is a very renowned platform. The first thing that comes to your head when you hear Sunking is its ‘Solar services’ right? It is pertinent to note that Sunking solar panels are very durable and last a long time when you take care of them. You should also note that nearly all Sunking products have a warranty date. Therefore, make sure to always make inquiries as to the warranty date. However, this article will discuss the possible ways of contacting Sunking Customer Care in Nigeria.

Firstly, let’s see some of Sunking’s products.

Sunking solar products

Sun King is a company that specializes in solar products and solutions. They specialize in designing, distributing, and installing solar for individuals and organizations. They do this to people and organizations who cannot rely on the electricity distribution in their area. Some of the products include:

Sun King Solar fan

The sunking solar fan is 16 inches long. It has a mega ampere battery 5100. This has a portable 30-watt. This is common among the solar fan products. It can last up to 18 hours without interruption. The solar is designed for an internal housing setting, office setting, and another indoor setting.s It charges at a low-speed rate. The fan is powered by a 20W solar panel. It features a brushless DC motor technology. It provides coolness and comfort throughout the day.

Sun King Solar freezer

Sunking offers solar solar-powered freezer that enables people to have access to chilled items without a steady power supply. These freezers come with complete accessories and power panels for efficient production. They are provided to store cold for even long hours without light. They come with warranty production.

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Sun King Solar TV

The solar TV is enabled so that you can enjoy the TV experience without lighting and power. They offer various electrical services to people. They assist people in installing this electrical feature. It features a 32-lead TV with solar power backup. It features an electric tube light, a rechargeable light, and a power outlet for a set-up box unit.

The TV provides bright and clear enjoyment pleasure for its users. It offers a 24-hour viewing pleasure for its audience without interruption.

Sun King Inverter

It also provides solar inverters that link to two sources of electricity, giving a solid backup during power outages. These inverters are a game changer for anyone looking to avoid the need for costly generators.

Sunking solar price in Nigeria

Sun King Home 60:

The Sun King Home 60 solar system costs around N33,500.

The Sun King Home 600:

It is a bigger version of the Home 60 system that includes a 32-inch Sun King digital TV with an in-built decoder. The cost is N222,500.

Sun King Home 200:

The Sun King Home 200 has three lamps, one panel, and a phone charger. The current pricing is between N75,000 and N78,000.

Sun King Home 8000:

This model includes four large-sized panels. The entire price for installment payments is N1,119,000, whereas the outright purchase was N784,000.

Sun king solar panel customer care in Nigeria

Sunking website

The website address for Sun King is

Sun King Solar Office Address

Sun King has a different office address in Nigeria. Here are some of their office locations:

Benin: You can visit their outlet at 162, Uselu Lagos Road, opposite Zenith Bank, Benin, Edo state.

Lagos: Sun King has a store on the 1st floor of Kings Plaza, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos.

Sun King Customer Care Email Address

If you prefer email messages, you can contact Sun King’s customer care team at


Who is the owner of Sunking?

Patrick Walsh is the Founder & CEO of Sun King.

How do I retrieve the Sunking code?

No need to worry, just. dial *305# to retrieve

Can Sunking be charged with electricity?

Yes. If the weather is cloudy or rainy, you can charge with a Nokia charger.

How do I pay for Sunking?

You can pay via your mobile phone, your Field Team Agent, or in your local Sun King shop to enjoy uninterrupted solar power.

How much is Sunking Home 600?

The cost of Sunking home 600 is N222,500


The article has touched on various items Sunking produces. Apart from producing them, they offer after-sales service in Nigeria. This is because they know that not many people know how to install the devices or gadgets in their various houses. Also, you have seen the customer care representative of the organization. Sun King is one of the most reputable organizations when it comes to offering quality products.

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