How To Get Airtel Smartcash POS – Airtel Smartcash POS Charges, Customer Care Number, Machine Price


Airtel Smartcash POS has been in circulation for a while now. This is because it is relatively easy to get and comes at a cheap price. However, there is some information you need to be aware of if you intend to get the Airtel Smartcash POS for your business. In this article, you will be reading about all you need to know about the Airtel Smartcash POS. This includes the Smartcash POS charges, customer care number, machine price, and a lot more.

Let’s get started by first considering the features of the Airtel Smartcash POS.

Features Of The Airtel Smartcash POS

The Airtel Smartcash POS comes with amazing features that you would love. Here are some of them:

Ease Of Registration: To be eligible to own an Airtel Smartcash POS, you only need a registered ID card and your phone number. That’s all. No long procedures.

Transactions Made Easy: With the Airtel Smartcash POS, you would be able to make transactions such as transferring your funds and also make deposits easier.

Pay Bills Faster: You can also pay bills such as your PHCN, water bill, cable, and other bills faster without hiccups.

Purchase of airtime and data: Airtel Smartcash POS allows you to purchase airtime and data for your phone.

Benefits Of The Airtel Smartcash POS

Airtel Smartcash POS comes it benefits. When you get an Airtel Smartcash POS machine, you are open to:

1. Durable Battery Life

You’ll agree that it is difficult to find a device that would guarantee a long-lasting battery life. However, with the Airtel Smartcash POS, the battery life is guaranteed. The POS is capable of lasting for long periods without stripping off. Aside from that, you can do other things on the POS machine such as make calls, and surf the internet to mention just a few.

2. Easy To Operate

The Airtel Smartcash POS is easy to operate.Since it is made in such a way that it looks like an Android phone, you can easily navigate your way through the device. The responsive screen also helps you when you scroll up or down and to the sides.

3. Free SIM card

Another outstanding benefit of the Airtel Smartcash cash is the free SIM card it offers. Along with the free SIM card, you also would be eligible for data as long as you use the POS machine. Isn’t that nice?

Now that we’ve considered the benefits you stand to gain when you get the Airtel Smartcash POS, what are the steps involved in obtaining the POS machine? The next subheading discusses that.

How To Get An Airtel Smartcash POS

The procedure is easy and convenient if you’re interested in purchasing Airtel SmartCash POS equipment for your company.

You may easily access these gadgets as they are widely available at Airtel locations around the country.

Step 1. Contact Airtel Smartcash Customer Care

You can reach the Airtel Smartcash customer service team by calling 09125-939-939, which is their help number. They will have personable and well-informed staff on hand to help you with any problems or questions you may have. If you would rather communicate by email, you can reach

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Step 2. Declare Your Intention To Own A POS

Once you get in touch with Airtel Smartcash Customer Care, the next thing to do is to state clearly your intention to own an Airtel Smartcash POS.

Step 3. Provide your details

You would be asked to provide some information about your self which may include your name, phone number, or email address.

Note: You can email with any issues you have about security or if you detect any fraudulent activity. To protect their consumers, the Airtel Smartcash team will look into any reports and take security seriously.

Airtel Smartcash POS machine Price

The Airtel Smartcash POS machine typically costs 10,000 Naira. In addition, configuring and activating the POS equipment for use normally entails paying an activation charge of about 5,000 Naira.


What Is Airtel Smartcash?

Airtel Smartcash is an innovation by Airtel to offer interested customers a POS at a cheaper price to aid their business transactions.

Can I use the Airtel SmartCash POS for online transactions?

The Airtel Smartcash POS can do online transactions such as transfer of funds, withdrawals, and other basic operations.

Can I use the Airtel SmartCash POS machine with other networks?

You cannot use the Airtel Smartcash POS machine with other networks. It is only eligible for use with the Airtel SIM card.

Would I need my NIN during registration?

You may be asked to provide your National Identity Number (NIN) to successfully apply for the Airtel Smartcash POS registration.

Would I be given only the POS?

You would not only be given the POS. Other stuff such as stickers, t-shirts, and umbrella may also be given to aid your startup.


Airtel Smartcash is an innovation from Airtel Network. With it, they have given employment to young Nigerians and elevated their status. You too can get yours, just follow the procedure listed in this article.

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