Best Loan App In Nigeria With Low-Interest Rate 2023


These days obtaining finance from loan platforms is quite difficult. In that vein, many loan apps in Nigeria have tried as much as possible to increase interest rates. On the other hand, there are a lot of counterfeit loan apps in Nigeria. This has created a lot of issues in borrowing funds. Fortunately, there are a lot of legitimate loan apps in the country. This loan appears to have low interest. In this article, we will be discussing the Best Loan App in Nigeria with an interest rate in 2023.


Carbon is one of the top loan apps in Nigeria. It is one of our list of Best Loan Apps in Nigeria with Low Interest Rate 2023. When you list the best banks with low interest in Nigeria then Carbon should be there. Many times customers prefer to use the Carbon app because of its incredible features. One of the features is that you can use it to pay bills even without a debit card.

Carbon is a renowned platform in Nigeria. This app does not just offer you access to loans. Additionally, you can use it as an investment tool to invest your funds. These funds can be used to finance loans in the future.


FairMoney is one of the most used platforms in the country. They are known for their loan feature in the Nigerian economy. You can tell that they have low interest rates from the way many people prefer them. When it comes to downloads, they have over one million downloads in the Google Play store.

With Fairmoney you can obtain small and large loans in minutes. Yes. Without a doubt, Fairmoney would offer you money immediately. If you use a smartphone you can use it to recharge your phone. Also, you can access the bill payments option to pay your utility bills.

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P2Vest is another great platform in our list of Best Loan Apps in Nigeria with Low Interest Rate 2023. P2Vest is a fast-rising Fintech organization that aims to alleviate the common man from Financial slavery. With P2Vest, you can obtain large and small-scale loans for yourself. If you are a student in any University, this is an opportunity for you.

The objective of P2Vest is to connect lenders and borrowers to get loans. The most beautiful part about P2Vest is that they have a very low-interest rate. This low interest rate attracts clients of different kinds to access loan amounts. For businesses, this is another legitimate opportunity to obtain capital. It allows you to borrow loans as low as N5,000 and as high as N2,000,000. Additionally, you can pay back within 1 year.

Aella Credit

It would be unfair when writing about the Best Loan App in Nigeria with an interest rate in 2023 without including Aella Credit in our list. This platform allows clients who meet the requirements to obtain loans. Aella Credit will approve your loans in minutes after you have completed the full requirements. The most beautiful thing about Aella Credit is that they pay the money into your account immediately.

Aella credit gives you a loan as high as a million naira. This loan offer has an interest rate of 6% to 20%. However, you have the leverage of paying back between 1 to 3 months of your collection. The most beautiful thing about Aella Credit is that they do not have rollover fees. You can find Aella Credit on Playstore. Simply search for ‘Aella Credit’ and tap the install button to proceed.


Branch is one of the most renowned banks in Nigeria. For most people, Branch is a new platform. In a real sense, Branch has been in existence in Nigeria for some time now. The branch claims to give low-interest loans to its clients all over Nigeria. It is a good platform in that it gives loans ranging from N1000 to N200,000.

The branch also has no rollover fees for clients who fail to pay within the stipulated time. It has a monthly rate of 3% to 21% for borrowed funds. Annually, they have an interest rate of 15% to 24%.

Palmpay Loan App

Palmpay is another good legitimate platform which you can borrow funds from. Palmpay is a Fintech organization that helps people to access funds without issues. Additionally, the Palmpay allows clients to obtain point-of-sale terminals for their businesses. The beautiful thing about this platform is that there is no contractual agreement.

The Palmpay Loan app allows clients to get loans without issue. Palmpay interest is very low. This interest rate encourages small and micro-scale businesses to access funds without having to worry about interest rates. You can al a higher amount when you get a good credit score on their platform.


Okash is another legitimate platform. With Okash you are assured of safety. You can borrow as much money as you want. Okash is an associate organization under Opay. Talking Opay, they are owned by the Opera Group. With Okash, you can borrow funds without any paperwork or contractual agreement.

The reason why Okash is in our list of Best Loan Apps in Nigeria with Low-Interest Rate 2023 is that they offer low interest on client clients. They offer loans of up to N200,000. Palmpay interest rate falls within the rate of 15% to 30%. You can also get a higher amount when you get a good credit score.


Which loan app is owned by Opay?

Okash loan is a loan app approved by Opay. It is owned by Opay Group.

Is okash legit?

Okash is legit. They are a platform owned by Blue Ridge Mfb. It is registered under the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Which type of loan is legit?

A secured loan is the best because they have a low-interest rate

Which apps are legit in Nigeria?

According to the Google Play store, here are the most legit ones based on their rating.

Branch – 10M+ installation

FairMoney MFB – 10M+ application installation. …

Kuda – 5M+ app installation. …

Carbon – 1M+ app installations. …

Does the branch have rollover fees?

The branch also has no rollover fees for clients who fail to pay within the stipulated time.


You have seen the seven platforms that boast of low-interest rates. This interest rate is very low and you can pay them in the space of 2 to 3 months. However, it is also worth noting that you need to read the loan offer terms and conditions before applying for a loan. In some cases, some loan apps have rollover fees if you don’t pay up in time. You can do your findings on the topic: Best Loan App in Nigeria with Low-Interest Rate 2023

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