Sportybet Signup And Registration, Sportybet Login With Username, Phone Number, Email Address; Sportybet App Download, Sportybet Customer Care Phone Number 


Sportybet is a betting platform that allows users to bet on various sports. With the Sportybet platform, you can bet with as low as N100 and earn a lot. All this can be done all by using the Sportybet app. Your sportybet account can be accessed through phone number and username. In this article, you will be reading how that can be done and many more.

Sportybet Signup And Registration

To sign up on Sportybet, you’ll first need to download the app of Sportybet from your app store. Let’s go through that process:

Step 1. Navigate To the Google Play Store

When you are on your Android phone, find your way to the Play Store by tapping the silver pause icon on your smartphone. When you tap on the app, wait for it to be fully launched then follow step 2.

Step 2. Search for ‘Sportybet’

When the Google Play Store successfully launches, tap on the search bar type ‘Sportybet’, and click on Search. After the search has been concluded, a list of options containing similar apps will be shown.

Step 3. Select The Verified Sportybet

Tap on the option with the Sportybet logo and label it, when you’re done, click on the Install button beside it. When the installation process is all over, tap on Open and wait for the app to launch.

Step 4. Verification (For iPhones Only)

To proceed with the installation, you’ll need to complete the installation process of the App Store. You can verify by using the Apple ID, Face ID, and other verification processes.

Step 5. Open The App

After you have installed the app from your respective app stores, the next step would be to open the Sportybet app. Wait for the app to completely launch and follow the next step.

Step 6. Tap On Register

On the screen, you would be presented with a login page. If you don’t have an account yet, tap on the Register or Sign Up option to register on Sportybet.

Step 7. Enter Your Information And Confirm

You would be asked to input certain information about yourself. Do well to enter the information regarding yourself such as your gender, phone number, etc. After that, tap on Confirm to confirm your selection.

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Sportybet Login With Username

With Sportybet, it is possible to log in with a username. The username you should enter is one that was created during the signup process. Sportybet supports username signing in. However, you should be careful when entering the details. For instance, do not ignore the uppercase and lowercase letters when inputting your username. Also, make sure not to misplace the symbols (that’s if you added symbols to your username).

Sportybet Login With Phone Number

Along with logging in with your username on Sportybet, you can also log in with your phone number. The phone number that you should enter should be one that was entered during signup and not just any random phone number. If you don’t input that one, you may not be allowed to gain access to your account.

Sportybet Login With Email

To log in to your Sportybet account with your email is not supported. When you use Sportybet, you may not be allowed to log into your account using your email address. So, to be on the safe side, just opt for using your username or your phone number only.

So far, you’ve seen the steps to successfully download and register your Sportybet account. You’ve also seen the methods on how to log in to your Sportybet account. Now, let’s check out the different methods of reaching out to Sportybet Customer Care service.

Sportybet Customer Care Phone Number

With your smartphone, you can reach out to Sportybet Customer Care to make inquiries or make complaints. The phone number channel of Sportybet makes it easy for customers to have a 1-on-1 chat with customer support who would render help with the situation.

To reach out to Sportybet customer care through their phone number, dial: 0818198888

Sportybet Customer Care Email Address

If somehow, the customer service phone number of Sportybet is not connecting, you can use the email address channel to reach out to Sportybet. To reach out to Sportybet using the email address, use this email:


How do I register my number with SportyBet?

To register your number on Sportybet, tap on the Register button on the Sportybet home screen. After that, input your Phone Number and Password in the space provided, and automatically, your number is registered.

How do I download the SportyBet app on my Android phone?

To download the Sportybet app on your Android phone, navigate to the Google Play Store and search for the Sportybet app. When you find the verified one, then proceed to install it.

How can I change my SportyBet phone number?

Your phone number cannot be changed. It is not possible to change your Sportybet phone number.

What password is accepted on Sportybet?

Your password must be at least 8 characters long. It must include an uppercase, lowercase, and a number.


Sportybet allows to bet and reach out to their customer care service when there is a problem. Have you contacted the Sportybet Customer Care service before? What was the experience like? Share your thoughts below.


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